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Treatment For Polycystic Hysterectomy Ovaries Keeping

Renal Failure patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD) should keeping their mind in good shape, combine exertion and rest, set up confidence of conquering disease and coordinate with treatment. They should eat fresh and light food which is nourishing. They should eat more fruit, control protein intake properly, not eat stimulating and spicy food, stop drinking and smoking and keep their bowels open. They can participate in some entertainment activities properly. But they should avoid extrusion of lumbar and abdomen and prevent cyst from rupturing and bleeding. Patients whose disease is severe need rest in bed. Now we will talk about health care of patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease in detail.

1. Preventing cold

Patients with PKD are very painful in heart. Because PKD is different from other kidney disease. PKD is lifelong genetic disease. Patients will live with PKD for their whole life. Even patients pay more attention to their illness and their family members take care of them very carefully, they can not change the objective reality that cyst enlarges continually. If patients gets a cold at this time, especially they catch a cold repeatedly, renal damage will aggravate and it will speed up the progress of renal dysfunction.

2. Managing diet

The reasonable diet is very important for patients with PKD to control progress of renal function deterioration. They should pay attention to not eating salty foods. They should go on a low protein to low fat diet and should eat more food containing Vitamin richly. Also they should keep their bowels open.

3. Preventing trauma

The continuous enlargement of the cyst will lead to continuous increase of pressure within cyst. So double kidneys become big continually and intra-abdominal pressure increases. At this time, any slight trauma such as sprain, bumping will increase abdominal internal pressure and increase the impact of outside force to enlargement cyst, which promotes ruptures and bleeding of cyst with high internal pressure. And it is very easy to cause infection.

4. Controlling blood pressure well

Most of patients with PKD will have high blood pressure before kidney function is damaged. The appearance of high blood pressure will accelerate damage of kidney function. At the same time, high blood pressure also can cause cerebrovascular damage. So controlling blood pressure is very important for slowing the loss of kidney function and preventing complications.

Patients with PKD should pay attention to the above health care measures which are very important for their illness.

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