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Symptoms Of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Herbs

Patients usually asked us: I was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and now may creatinine level is high, what should I do?For this question, we should know the progression of this disease.

Indeed, the hazards of PKD are caused by the cysts of the kidneys and the enlargement of cysts and the complications. As the cysts accumulate fluid, they enlarge, separate entirely from the nephrons, compress the neighboring renal parenchyma, and progressively compromise renal function. This is the reason why we say that PKD is a kind of late-onset disorder characterized by progressive cyst development and bilaterally enlarged kidneys with multiple cysts. And the renal cells will be damaged gradually.

Besides, as our kidney have strong compensatory ability. At the beginning, there is no symptoms and even abnormal in the blood test report. But when the creatinine level is high, that means more than half of the kidney function is lost.

For the question: I was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and now may creatinine level is high, what should I do? We should proceed with controlling the cysts enlargement and protect the kidney function.

Except the traditional western medicine, Chinese medicine is a better choice for the disease of polycystic kidney disease. On the basis of traditional Chinese medicine, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital has developed out the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy after years' research and experiments. This therapy takes advantage of the thought of curing inner disease by outer therapy of our traditional Chinese medicine and uses the effective Chinese medicine which is processed by advanced technique and especially for PKD. After been micro-proceeded, the medicine with extremely strong bioactivity and targeting positioning ability can conduct treatment on the certain cyst lesion. This type of therapy possesses two curative effects:

The first one is: expand the vessels on the vascular wall surround the polycystic kidney disease, accelerate the blood circulation of cyst wall, promote the permeability of cyst wall, promote the inner press decrease of cyst wall vessels, reverse the differential pressure caused by intravascular pressure higher than cysts pressure, accelerate the vessels adsorption of the cyst liquid.

The second one is: the active substance of Micro-Chinese Medicine can restrain the secretion of cyst wall epithelial cell; prevent the continue expanding of bursa wall vessels and cyst.

By this, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can treat this disease by shrinking the cysts and controlling the enlargement of the cysts. At the same time, Micro-Chinese Medicine can repair the damaged kidney and protect the renal function by following functions: by blood vessels expanding, anti inflammation, anticoagulation, anti blood viscidity and fibrosis substance degradation, achieve the goal of blocking the process of renal fibrosis, recovering damaged inherent renal cells and renal function, and rebuilding the proper structure.

symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome herbs