Cyst On Ovaries Symptom Blood In Stool

It is said that precaution is the best treatment for anydisease. You must take precautions to avoid occurrence of Hemroid. Though, hemroidis not serious in nature still it can give you pain and make you uncomfortable.Rectal bleeding is considered as main symptom of Hemroid. It is not necessarythat every occurrence of stool blood is hemroid symptom. However, such bleedingis indicative of some serious disease. Early diagnostic and timely treatmentcan give you relief from hemroids.

Hemroids are treated as per their type-internal hemroids andexternal hemroids. Hemroids which occur during pregnancy can be treated withminor treatments. Usually, Hemroids can be removed by minor operations.Generally, hemroid surgery is recommended for internal hemroids with severepain/bleeding.

External hemroids can be treated at home for immediatetemporary relief. One of such methods is method is warm water sittings. You canuse lukewarm water in a tub may add pinch of iodine- and sit in the tub. Youhave to repeat this procedure everyday. The results of this procedure willprovide you relief from irritation and itching caused by hemroids.

Dietary control is another way of getting relief from hemroids.Use plenty of fluid in your diet. Take fibrous diet. This liquid and fibrousdiet helps in softening and easy passing of motion. As a result of this dietcontrol, you need not to apply pressure for motion. Pressure is once of thecauses of aggravation and bleeding hemroids.

Regular exercise also helps in easy passing of tools. Thismethod is successful mainly in pregnant women. There is a simple exercise forpregnant women to get relief from hemroids. You have to just lie down on yourback for 15 to 20 minutes. This relieves the pressure on affected veins andreduces pain.

Apart from these home methods, there are certain methodswhich are non-surgical in nature and can be performed in clinics.

Rubber band method is considered easy way of hemroidtreatment. In this method affected veins are tied with a rubber band. This rubberband curtails the blood flow towards affected veins which results indisappearing of hemroid.

The other non-surgical treatment is coagulation therapy. Inthis method affected tissues are removed with the help of scalp. You can usescleo-therapy for getting relief from hemroids. In this method certainchemicals are injected to gain relief from hemroids.

Usually, for advanced and severely paining hemroids, surgeryis conducted to get fast relief.

Above information is only for education purposes. Yourdoctor will be the best man to guide you on right treatment of hemroid afterconsidering seriousness of the disease and other relevant factors.

cyst on ovaries symptom blood in stool