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A cough occurs when there is inflammation or irritation in the lungs, throat, larynx, or bronchial tubes. There are two main types of coughs: congested and dry. A congested cough typically occurs when you have a cold, and is often accompanied by a stuffy nose or sore throat. A dry cough, however, will have a more raspy feel to it without any phlegm.

Causes of a Cough
A congested cough often occurs due to a cold, flu, or sinus/bronchial infection and is often called bronchitis. In this situation, you must usually wait at least 7 to 10 days until your body fights off the infection. However, a number of home remedies listed below can help boost your immune system to shorten an episode of bronchitis, while others can help to thin the mucus so that it is easier to cough up.

A dry cough often occurs due to smoking, asthma, dust, or pollution. Rapid temperature changes can also lead to a dry cough. In this case, the best solution is to moisturize your throat by drinking warm fluids, which helps sooth your mucus membranes.

There are numerous bad cough remedies that are easily available and inexpensive as they require common household items or cooking ingredients. A bad cough remedy is most effective when it uses natural ingredients. A severe or bad cough can be caused as a result of inflammation in the upper respiratory tract, generally because of a viral infection. Coughing is the body's natural mechanism to get rid of any foreign material or mucous present in the throat or lungs. When there is any restriction in the airways coughing is the most common symptom. A cough may be productive or non productive and can affect individuals of any age group. A bad cough can be very painful, with sudden, spasmodic and repetitive contraction of the thoracic cavity.

While some conventional and over the counter drugs and medication may help, but almost all have side effects and therefore best avoided. There are numerous home remedies that are completely natural and have absolutely lesser side effects. Here are some severe or bad cough remedies:
* Pepper has often been used for bad cough treatment. You can mix white pepper corn powder with little honey and eat this mixture twice a day to cure a bad cough. You can also try black pepper corn powder mixed with honey. You could also add pepper powder, a pinch of turmeric, and honey to hot milk and sip on it to bring relief from a bad cough.
* Pepper corns, cumin seeds, few garlic flakes can be boiled in water and the strained decoction can be mixed with honey and consumed to get rid of a cough. You can also simply increase your intake of garlic as garlic is very effective bad cough cure. * Sipping hot water mixed with honey brings cough relief naturally. However, do not make the water too hot.
* Take two inches of ginger, crush them and boil them in water and strain. Mix that with honey and drink the concoction. This is an effectual method to get rid of a cough. Ginger tea can also be drunk as a bad cough cure. The tea of holy basil leaves mixed with honey is also a good bad cough remedy.
* Steam inhalation with few drops of eucalyptus oil is a good bad cough cure. It helps in clearing the phlegm and other secretion and clearing the breathing passage. You can also place a humidifier in your room to get cough relief naturally.
* Small amounts of ground ginger can be mixed with apple cider vinegar and honey and sipped to clear a bad cough. This is a beneficial home remedy for a bad cough.
* Add a crushed onion and lemon juice to a cup of boiling water and mix with honey. Drink this for three days for cough relief. Drinking lots of warm water will also help get rid of a bad cough.
* Grind few white pepper corns and add a pinch to some honey. Have this mixture at least twice or thrice a day to completely cure your cough. This is believed to be one of the most effective cough remedies. Another popular bad cough remedy involves the use of long pepper, black pepper and dry ginger. Mix these ingredients in equal proportions and have the mixture along with honey at least twice or thrice daily.

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* Another extremely effective bad cough remedy can be made by making a paste with a small amount of red pepper, an equally small portion of ground ginger, some apple cider vinegar, a little honey and regular drinking water. Mix the paste well and have a sip of the mixture whenever afflicted with a coughing spasm. This is an extremely effective remedy for a bad cough.
* For a dry or non productive cough that is very severe, doing a gargle with warm spinach juice can help provide relief. Another herbal remedy that will help with a bad dry cough requires Cuscus grass and coconut milk. Mix some cuscus grass with four times the amount of coconut milk. You can also add some honey to this mixture. Drink this mixture every night before going to sleep.

types of ovarian cysts signs and symptoms whooping cough