Cyst Removal Liposuction Without Surgery Patients

Liposuction is a very common surgical procedure done to patients who wants to achieve the perfect body they dreamed. This cosmetic procedure involves the removal of excess body parts on certain parts of the body where fats accumulate easily such as the abdomen, thighs and buttocks.

Liposuction involves modernized medical surgical procedures in order to ensure the safety of the patient during and after the procedure. However, due to the differences of people in terms of their physical resistances, different people respond differently to the procedure. Side effects may be experienced by others, and some may not exhibit anything at all.

In worst-case scenarios, especially if the procedure is done incorrectly or done by an inexperienced surgeon, complications may occur that may lead to life threatening situations and even death.

Common Side Effects after undergoing Liposuction

Side effects, compared to complications are minor medical situations that usually diminish on the course of recovery, though it can be annoying, uncomfortable and even painful.


Bruising is a minor side effect that may occur after the procedure and may appear near the incision where the cannula has been inserted. Bruising is caused by damaged capillaries where blood leaks around the tissue giving a slight pain when applied with pressure.


Swelling is another common side effect of liposuction. It should subside within a month or two of the patient's recovery period.


Scars are dependent on the healing ability of the patient's body. Some may heal the scars over a few months, and some may even take as long as 2 years.


This is a common side effect due to the fact that a foreign material entered the body and stimulated the pain receptors of the body. This can be reduced by the attending physician's prescripted pain reliever.

Limited Movement

This can be experienced by patients who undergone liposuction on critical movement parts of the body such as arms, thighs, legs and neck. This should diminish during the course of the patient's recovery.

Common Complications after Liposuction As with many medical-surgical procedures, there are risks involves especially when it involves penetration and opening of certain body parts. These complications may range from minor complications that can be remedied by other procedures, or to major life threatening situations.

Infection or Sepsis

This is one of the most common complications involved in liposuction. This is usual especially when the procedure is done in a non-sterile or compromised environment, or contaminated equipments, where living bacteria invades the body through the incisions and punctures. This is usually remedied by taking strong anti-bacterial medicines.

Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions are patient-dependent; therefore, some may experience this complication while some may not. However, allergic reactions are considered life threatening especially when triggered acutely.

Skin Necrosis

Necrosis or death of body tissues is often caused by improperly executed procedure. This may vary in degree, though extensive necrosis can lead to life threatening infections.


Death is a very rare and the worst possible complication after liposuction. There are confirmed situations where a patient died after liposuction. This usually caused by improper execution of the procedure, severe complications such as allergic and bacterial infection, or even by incompetent, inexperienced and negligent surgeons.

Information regarding such surgical procedure is very important to avoid being misled by false advertisement. Liposuction may offer great results; however, it must be done properly in order to achieve your perfect figure safely.

cyst removal liposuction without surgery patients