Ovary Surgery Tech

Scrub techs are people who assist in making surgical procedures go more smoothly. Scrub techs also go by the name of surgical technicians, surgical technologists, and operating room technicians. The responsibilities may vary from hospital to hospital and from country to country for a person who has this position. For the most part, a scrub tech acts as the surgeon's right hand and an extra set of eyes when necessary. This person is present in the operating room at all times performing a plethora of activities. A scrub tech is constantly learning new things and gaining new knowledge within the medical field.

Scrub Tech Responsibilities
Scrub Tech responsibilities change depending on the facility, supervisor, and needs of the hospital. A doctor may need a scrub tech to prep the patient before surgery. This may include cleansing the patient, disinfecting the patient, or shaving the patient. The Scrub Tech may also be required to sterilize the surgical equipment or prepare the operating room. Preparing the operating room may include searching for unsanitary tools and equipment, disinfecting, and laying out sterile pads. The nickname "scrub" comes from the part of the job where the technician has to make sure things are clean.

Scrub Tech Education
A person must acquire a certain amount of education to be hired as a scrub tech. First, in order to start a career as a surgical technician, an individual must attend a surgical technician program. Some courses can take that person up to two years to complete. After completing the appropriate course, the individual must also acquire surgical technician certification as required by the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting. These two requirements are non-negotiable. A medical institution will not hire a person who has not received the proper training and certification.

Job Requirements
In order to become employed as a surgical technician, an individual must have a certain level of experience. He or she should be skilled in operation room procedures and have knowledge of the institution that he or she is applying for. Some institutions will hire a new graduated who has no on the job experience. However, such an institution may require that person to work as an assistant surgical technician for a certain amount of time. This requirement will be lifted once the person learns the proper procedures and techniques of his or her employing establishment. The rate at which a person advances to scrub tech will depend on his or her ability to learn.

Scrub Tech Salary
A scrub tech has a very rewarding career from a financial aspect. The average pay for this type of position is ,000 per year. Salary can be as low as ,000 or as high as ,600. The difference in pay depends on the country and state, experience, and the individual institution the person works for. As the technician becomes more seasoned in his or her position, higher pay rates will become available. Eventually, that person may want to continue his or her education and move up to a different position.

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