Ovarian Cysts What Causes Vaginal Itching

There are countless situations that place most of us in very tight spots where we risk being put on the spotlight for every citizen to know what on earth crime we are accused of committing. Vaginal itching is regrettably one of them. If you want to catch those buzzing drama stories and you are a lady then you need not miss your girlfriends' brigade meeting. That is where the power of femininity lies because there is fun and privacy to talk about issues in detail without fearing that an undeserving intruder may listen.

Recently I met a young lady wearing a long T-shirt with the word "BITCH" inscribed on the front and I wondered why the heck she could not get a better outfit to wear as she walked passed me briskly swinging her hip from side to side. Little did I know that I was to get my answer the following day as my other friend invited me to her girlfriends' brigade? What was astonishing is that I found the same girl I had seen among them and they were all dressed in the same outfit as her including my own friend who had one in her bag.

Well I was puzzled by this at first before the rest of the drama unlocked to welcome the new face in the cluster of bad girls. It was not long before the hot topic of discussion to be covered that day was introduced by the same girl: the vaginal itching dilemma. Now the confusion was declining as I got to learn the usual procedure with these untouchable queens. "So why choose the word bitch in your t-shirt" I posed fretfully, only to be answered by a quick but loud giggle that left me more frustrated than before.

Then the same girl told the others that a saint like me was not worth their time anyway as she launch her vaginal itching dilemma story. Every lady now is attentive, as she explains how the little "pocket book" between her legs caused turmoil in the middle of a company meeting she preceded earlier. The 'bitch thing dared to itch while every gorgeous gentleman eyes where glued to my elegant look as I read those scripts for them!" she lamented angrily.

Then as if this was not enough pain already to this sister, the others just laughed it off her face as if it was nothing and I felt sorry for her. It seemed I had not grasped the agenda of the meeting yet when another who is student expressed her vaginal itching dilemma in the classroom earlier that week. I literally kept rubbing and rolling my little butt round and round on my seat, but little did I know that this remedy was for the pin worm variety.

The vaginal itching was so intense that even my teacher asked me what the matter was but before she could complete her story the squad burst in to another cheerfulness that opened my brains and eyes wider. As much as these bad girls do not give a hoot about what vaginal itching does to them in public, they were keen to mention some remedies like the health check, yogurt tampons to insert in vaginas and also to paint the covers of the so called vaginal walls with pure yogurt, personal hygiene and rubbing some garlic cloves on the yeasty thing! Well, the virginal itching was soon a passing cloud and they were off to the next agenda. As I left that place for home I realized the significance of the word bitch on their T-shirts that simply meant that these women have turned themselves into bad and brassy character so that they do not get intimidated by anything including the vaginal itching.

ovarian cysts what causes vaginal itching