Pain In Left Side Plus Bloated Stomach

Are you feeling bloated? If yes, then the reason for it could be many; like overeating, food allergy, menstruation, constipation etc. At times, some of us come across that dreaded day when our jeans wouldn't hitch up to our belly and it feels like we have gained extra kilos in our body. We feel irritable, uncomfortable and bloated.

The usual symptoms of bloated feeling are stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, chest pain and constipation. Our fast changing lifestyle is the main reason behind this problem. Due to inadequacy of time, we indulge in restaurant fast foods (full of saturated fats), sugary beverages and most of the times we overeat or don't eat at all for the whole day. In spite of all such unhealthy practices, we expect or body not to feel floated and have good digestive system. All this junk and unhealthy food was fast to get digested when we were young, but with the increase in age, due to over-work and unhealthy food our digestive-system becomes weak and as a result we face gas, obesity and stomach-pain problems. In other words, the amount of digestive acids, which is responsible for breaking down of food, reduces with the increase in age.

Bloating problem has different levels, at times it is solves within sometime but in few cases it may result in chronic injury which may require immediate medical treatment. Following are some methods to get rid of bloated feeling:

Healthy diet - Do not eat with your mouth open, improper chewing of food and passage of excess air in your body gives a bloated feeling. Chew the food thoroughly while eating, so that the digestive acids of your body can easily break down the food to avoid bloating problem. Apart from this, try to avoid excess gum chewing and sipping beverages through straws as these are considered to be the main reasons behind passage of excess air in the body, leading to bloated feeling.

Exercise Daily - Try to exercise for at least 30 minutes everyday, it helps in reducing bloating problem. You can start with some very simple exercises like regular walking around your home and workplace or yoga after a big meal. This exercise will improve your digestion by moving the food through your intestine, resulting into relief from bloating pain.

Drink Plenty of Water-Drink at least 8-10 glasses of plain or lukewarm water everyday in the morning. This exercise is very effective in getting rid of bloating problem.

Avoid salty food and alcohol during menstruation period - Do not put too much salt in your food during menstruation period as salt causes high water retention, which results in gas problem. Besides, try to avoid alcohol consumption during your PMS as it may swell your digestive tract, resulting in bloating problem.

Avoidance of known allergens - Some food items do not suit everyone and consumption of these food-items might result in bloating problem. Thus, we should try to identify and reduce the consumption of such food-items which causes us allergy. The best way to evade this problem is by completely avoiding food products to which you are allergic.

pain in left side plus bloated stomach