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Wholesale TENS Inc and its parent company have been serving the medical community for over 20 years offering superior service and quality products unmatched by others. We offer these products and services through a variety of channels Chiropractors, Orthosurgeons, Neurosurgeons, Physiatrists, Pain Clinics and Rehabilitation Centers around the world. For the last 20 plus years we have built of loyal following of clients, everyone from doctors offices, individual patients, wholesalers, retailers and hospitals with quality medical equipment and dedication to 100% customer satisfaction.

Through our friendly, knowledgeable and dependable staff we are committed to providing expedited, reliable and timely shipments for all of our customers.

Knee Braces are supports that your wear for an injured or painful knee. They can also be worn to prevent knee injuries. The braces can be as simple as a stretchy neoprene sleeve or as complex as a solid and sized support cage..

Knee braces work by providing extra support to the ligaments and muscles that act on the knee. The knee brace should be worn if the knee is too weak to support itself or the activity is more vigorous than the knee can tolerate.

A more technical knee brace is designed to keep the knee joint in a certain position to help promote healing or to prevent misalignment. Sudden twisting or severe bending can over stretch ligaments and can even cause tears in the muscle fibers. Athletes are sometimes prone to knee pain and misalignment, by using a knee brace it can prevent further injury whole allowing them to remain active. tens units best prices.

Traction is a type of a medical treatment in which force is applied to the spine in a pulling motion in order to relieve pressure from injuries. Cervical traction is a light stretching of the neck. Cervical traction helps create space between the vertebrae that helps aid to keep the spinal discs healthy. The cervical spine has seven vertebrae. Any of the seven can be injuried from whiplash or even sitting for a long extended period of time. If untreated the neck pain or discomfort can easily worsen and create a chronic long-term complications or stiffness. The best prices on Wholesale tens units, dont forget to check them out!

pain in ovaries over and back inc

Cyst Ovary Hospital For Special Surgery Nyc

Sagging breasts are a major concern for women and have a negative impact on their self confidence. Breasts tend to sag for a variety of reasons, aging, weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, heredity and gravity. So, many women wish to undergo surgical enhancements to improve the appearance of the breasts. Breast lift surgery has come to be accepted as an effective procedure to lift the breasts and give them a much younger look. Breast lift or mastopexy cannot change the size of the breasts significantly; it can raise the breasts and tighten the surrounding tissue. In this procedure, excess skin is removed and a younger shape and firmness can be achieved for drooping, limp or sagging breasts.

The Procedure

A series of incisions are made by the physician and excess fat or skin that contributes to sagging is removed. Different techniques may be used by the surgeon depending on the patient's needs and aesthetic goals. Women mostly prefer the vertical mastopexy/breast lift that leaves fewer scars while improving the breast contour. In this procedure, the nipples are brought to a more youthful position. Mastopexy is not very effective for women whose breasts are naturally positioned too low on the chest.

Find a Reliable Plastic Surgeon

Once the decision to undergo this cosmetic surgery procedure is taken, you should try to get all details regarding the same. Breast lift surgery in NYC is definitely a great option as there are reputable plastic surgeons and plastic surgery centers providing services there. These surgeons will ensure that you have a safe and pleasant experience.
When it comes to going for this cosmetic surgery in NYC, a reputable plastic surgeon should be located, who has the capability to carry out breast lift surgery flawlessly. Given below are some tips that will help in narrowing down the search:

  • Details of plastic surgeons practicing in New York City can be obtained from the internet, local directories and yellow pages. Make a list of the plastic surgeons practicing in NYC. Their contact details should also be listed down. Request your neighbors, relatives and friends to recommend plastic surgeons they may know. Compare the different surgeons and make a wise selection.
  • Visit the websites of reputable plastic surgeons and their plastic surgery centers. Check for the qualification and experience of the surgeon. Next, the list of services that the surgeon provides should be checked out.
  • Once an experienced and qualified surgeon is located, schedule an appointment for consultation. Your requirements should be discussed in detail with your surgeon. Depending on your individual conditions, he would recommend the most suitable breast lift procedure.

cyst ovary hospital for special surgery nyc

Cyst Removal From Ovary Storz Laparoscopic Instruments

The LAP-BAND System originally received its approval from the FDA to be used within the US back in June of 2001. The lap band surgery or adjustable gastric band procedure is employed in serious desperate situations and is performed with laparoscopic instruments. This suggests the surgery is minimally invasive with a terribly short recovery time. Adjustable gastric banding, as well as the Lap Band system, may be a kind of restrictive weight loss surgery designed for obesity patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more or between thirty five and 40 for those who have conditions that are medically known to improve with weight loss.Hypersensitivity to materials in the band or pain intolerance to implanted devices are each contraindications for having lap band surgery. Those who are eligible are those between ages eighteen and fifty five years, although there are doctors who will work outside these ages, some can be as young as 12. The surgery is not a sensible plan when severe cardiopulmonary diseases or other conditions exist that create them poor surgical candidates.A prospective surgical patient must be a smart operative risk. The surgery is sometimes not performed if the patient has an untreated glandular disease like hypothyroidism - low thyroid, where other measures could still be used.The location of the adjustable gastric band makes a tiny pouch at the very prime of the abdomen which holds approximately fifty ml. This pouch 'fills' up with food quickly and also the passage of food from the prime to the underside of the stomach is slowed down. The port membrane may be sutured neatly in place. The band is inflated and adjusted by method of a little access port placed just beneath the skin (subcutaneously). Then radiopaque isotonic answer or saline is introduced into the band by manner of the port.The adjustable gastric band or Lap Band is an inflatable silicone prosthetic equipment that is placed round the high portion of the abdomen using the finite keyhole laparoscopic surgery. The gastric band placement, that is not like the traditional malabsorptive weight loss surgery (these are Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, biliopancreatic and the duodenal switch) does not cut into or take away any part of the digestive system. The reported gastric dumping syndrome issues or issues do not happen in lap band surgeries because none of the intestines are removed, cut out or re-routed.Following surgery the patient ought to think regarding eating less, eating more slowly and chewing food thoroughly. A number of the patients might notice that that before their 1st fill they are in a position to eat fairly giant portions. Following surgery the initial weight loss in gastric banding could be a very little slower than with Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery but statistics show that in a five-year-amount the load loss results are similar.Regaining weight can happen with any surgical weight loss procedure and that includes the novel procedures that end in a speedy weight loss within the beginning. The quantity of weight that is lost the months following surgery depends on the patient and their personal state of affairs, their motivation, and their mobility.Alternative possible complications of gastric band surgery embrace the ulceration of and irritated stomach tissue. And erosion will occur, that's where the band could wear on a tiny area on the skin of the stomach. And this may lead to the migration of the band to the inside of the stomach.For some of the adjustable gastric band surgery complications involving the band itself and port, they embrace: some band slippage, possible pouch dilation, esophageal dilatation or some dysmotility and possible erosion of the band into the gastric lumen for example. A real common prevalence for patients is the regurgitation of some non-acidic swallowed food from the higher pouch, which is commonly called productive burping and is not normal.If you're considering surgery it is important that you find a weight loss team with a sensible post-surgical plan as a result of recommendations will vary drastically. Some post-surgical weight loss surgery teams provide sensible support groups, however a number of them combine gastric bypass surgery patients with gastric banding patients and you wish to search out a support cluster for gastric banding patients only. Several patients have chosen to travel to other countries for low value lap band surgery and there are many countries currently including Mexico that are providing the load loss surgeries.

cyst removal from ovary storz laparoscopic instruments

Can Cyst Can Back Pain Cause Pain Elsewhere

Studies have shown that around 15% of the US population suffer from the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), also known as spastic colon. Elsewhere situation is different, Canada has the least percentage of population affected (6%), and Mexico the most (40%). It is a disorder of the bowels which is characterized by bloating, abdominal pain, overall discomfort and it can cause stool problems. It's a serious condition which makes life rather difficult for the person who suffers from it, so how can someone cope with this illness?Well the first thing is that you shouldn't do is give up right after you hear the diagnosis from your doctor with a mindset of " i can't do it, it's hard". A lot of diseases are hard to handle, but IBS can be managed rather well, and symptoms can be decreased, but since the selection of treatments is rather large, it's important to try and find the one best suited for you situation.When it comes to treatments you can choose from non conventional means of treatment, such as acupuncture, yoga, different kind of herbs. You can change your diet to include meals that aren't harmful for your situation, or if none of those help, you can try to ease your situation with medication.There is an opinion among experts that soluble fiber in diet can be helpful in managing the symptoms of IBS, soluble fiber can be found in brown rice or psyllium husk. There is a wide variety of medications you can choose from. If you are suffering from constipation, you can use laxatives to help the situation. If you are on the other hand suffering from cramps or diarrhea you can use antispasmodics medication. Herbs have been very beneficial when it comes to handling of IBS. Peppermint oils are a good thing to try, they can be found in the form of capsules in most drug stores.It's not a bad thing to try yoga or acupuncture, there is possibility that it can help, it most certainly can't harm you, so why not give it a try and see what happens. The most important thing of all is your mindset, IBS is a serious condition and you shouldn't take it as anything else, but you also shouldn't allow it to run your life.Read more interesting articles - Health realted articles

can cyst can back pain cause pain elsewhere

Dermoid Cyst Symptoms In Adults

Many children and adults suffer from peanut allergy symptoms, as a result of peanut allergies.

A peanut allergy symptoms are caused by our bodys reaction to particular substances. When the body comes into contact with a substance that it considers as harmful, it begins to release histamines to fight off the allergens. As the body fights the allergens, the person exhibits the classic symptoms of an allergic reaction. Aside from eggs, shellfish and fish , allergy to peanuts is the most common.

Generally, peanut allergy symptoms can include:

Skin reactions such as hives, redness or swelling

Itching or tingling in or around the mouth and throat

Shortness of breath or wheezing

Tightening of the chest

Digestive problems such as diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea or vomiting

Runny or stuffy nose

Regarded as one of the deadliest types of food allergy, peanut allergy affects around three million Americans. Since this type of allergy can cause death, it is very important for you to know the facts surrounding this reaction especially if you or any of your family member is allergic to peanuts.

This type of allergy can be triggered by even the smallest of doses. Peanut allergy is characterized by severe symptoms including anaphylactic shock. The particular symptom causes breathing difficulties, severe swelling, heart failure, circulatory collapse and eventually death. Moreover, the person also suffers from gastrointestinal discomfort.

Since there is no available treatment for allergies, the same is also true for peanut allergy. Medications for allergies that are available are only created to treat the symptoms of the allergic reaction. In order to prevent any episode of the reaction, people with peanut allergy should avoid peanuts or peanut ingredients. In case of an allergic reaction, the person must be injected by adrenalin or epinephrine, which could reverse or prevent the anaphylactic shock. Adrenalin can increase heart rate, reduce swelling, constrict blood vessel and relax muscles. As soon as the symptom subsides the individual must still be taken to the hospital to be checked thoroughly.

Nowadays, persons with peanut allergy are given extra consideration. Due to the possible severity of the illness, you should also make sure that you do not endanger yourself. Persons with peanut allergy symptoms have found themselves having problems while traveling by air.

Peanuts are considered to be a staple in most airlines and having an allergic reaction while on air could be just a difficult situation if you are not careful. To avoid this situation, you should first check with the airline and find if they do serve peanuts or peanut ingredient during your flight. Also, you should ask your doctor to give you a document stating your peanuts allergy.

Before you go on your trip, you should discuss with your doctor the need for carrying with you extra adrenalin. You need to plan on what food to bring so you are assured of peanut-free food. If you are traveling with your child who has contact sensitivity to peanuts, make sure you wipe the seat, arm rest, tray table and window area. In case an allergic reaction happen during the flight, you should stay calm and follow all instructions your doctor gave you for cases like this. Alert the airline crew of the emergency situation as fast as you can so they could immediately contact and request professional medical assistance that would be on standby as soon as you landed.

Like you can see, the this type of allergy can be very dangerous and if you have it, its a good idea to just be aware of it, so you can react in the proper ways to diffuse the allergic reaction. Be alert to especially any peanut allergy symptoms that might arise.

dermoid cyst symptoms in adults

Ovarian Cyst Removal Breast Lift Without Surgery Guarentee

Every woman needs to set aside time each week to do things simply because she enjoys them. Life is far too stressful to be spent only on tasks that give productive results. For many women, arts and crafts is a great way to enjoy a few hours and to leave the pressures of life behind.

I guarentee that no matter what kinds of arts and crafts interest you, there are many ways to enjoy them and even learn new arts and crafts. If you have the time and a little bit of extra money, I'd suggest singing up for an arts and crafts class. Look in the newspaper or do an online search for arts and crafts classes in your area. Grab a friend and try out a new class together. Many local arts and crafts shops will offer classes where you can learn a new skill in just a couple of hours a week. Go out on a limb and try something you have never done before. Have you always wanted to knit? Get to an arts and crafts store and take a knitting class.

For women who know all there is to know about arts and crafts, consider opening your home and hosting an arts and crafts class for neighbors and friends once a week. Allow women to gather and enjoy the pleasure of teaching them a new skill or hobby. You will enjoy the time spent with other women. And what a blessing to be able to share your talents with others.

If you do not have the time or money to enroll or host an arts and crafts class, you can still learn and enjoy new skills. Take some time to visit a library or bookstore and find a book that teaches the skill you want to learn. No woman should miss out on the fun and relaxation of arts and crafts simply because of money. Make some time in your schedule each week just to get away and learn about new arts and crafts until you can focus in on one that you want to learn. You can also search the internet for resources on many arts and crafts.

A great thing about spending your free time doing arts and crafts is that you can beautify your home and prepare amazing gifts at the same time. Many hobbies are an end in themselves, but with arts and crafts you get to keep something amazing each time you create. Think about all of the birthday gifts or gifts for holidays that you could make rather than purchase. You will have fun, enjoy relaxing, and save money on gifts all at the same time.

Get out and make arts and crafts a part of your busy life. The relaxation and fun will be worth it.

ovarian cyst removal breast lift without surgery guarentee

Pain In Ovaries Topeka Area Homes

Relax Mentho Balm is very effective and is a quick pain reliever. This balm is a medicated balm and is available in the market at the cost-effective prices. Herbal Relax Heat Rub (35 Gms) is highly beneficial for easing the pain. These are just for external uses and shall not be taken internally.

Relax Mentho Balm is a highly beneficial and efficient balm that is used for quick relief. It can be used for all types of Aches and Pains. Using the balm is quite easy as you just have to rub it gently on the affected muscles; veins or joints till it is absorbed. One should repeat the process at regular intervals as needed. Relax Mentho Balm is an Ayurvedic Balm. This balm is highly beneficial for Relaxing Strained Stiff; Tiredness; Cramped & Stressed Muscles & Veins of Forehead; Neck; Back; Shoulders; Knees & Joints and also releases Nose & Chest congestion. It is highly effective for prompt relief. This balm is highly useful for Common Cold and Cough as well. One can inhale the balm directly into the nostrils or can dilute in boiling water and inhale the vapor for overcoming the problem of Nose Congestion. Relax Mentho Balm is an effective house-hold remedy. This balm is a medicated balm which is made from Pure Natural Herbs & Ingredients & is tried & tested with years of extensive research. The balm spreads easily and absorbs very quickly for providing lasting effect to the pain area. It should be stored in a cool & dry place at less than 28*. While using it one shall always avoid contact near eyes.

Herbal Relax Heat Rub (35 Gms) is an effective house-hold remedy that is herbal in nature. It do not causes any side effects and is just for external usage. It is an indispensable handy therapy for homes; offices; factories & travelling. Using it is quite easy, which involves rubbing it on the affected muscles; veins or joints till cream absorbs. One can also use it repeatedly till it is needed with a proper time gap. Herbal Relax Heat Rub (35 Gms) gives Quick Relief from bruises, Arthritis, sciatica, rheumatic pains, Back, Neck, Shoulder, Knee, Ankle, Lumbago, Fibrositis, Chiblains, Joints and Muscular Pains, etc. One shall wash hands thoroughly after each application. Avoid the contact near the eyes and sensitive areas of the skin. Herbal Relax Heat Rub (35 Gms) is highly beneficial for easing the pain. Often we get pain in our joints, back, shoulders and knees while we sit and do our work or travel in car, bus and airplane. This is simple in application and is highly convenient to carry. People with sensitive skin shall first test on a small part of the skin before using it.

pain in ovaries topeka area homes

Ovary Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

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About The Child Health Site

Making a difference in children's lives click-by-click

Tim Kunin and Greg Hesterberg own and operate the Child Health Site. They are co-owners of which is the parent company of the GreaterGood Network.

Tim and Greg have been long-time friends and environmental activists and launched The Child Health Site in October 2002. They merged the original Kids AIDS site, Child Survival site and Landmine site into one in order to help save and improve children's lives. distributes 100% of the funds received through clicks and donations directly to their partner charities. It is a charitable organization which devotes itself to helping people in need (especially women and children), abandoned animals and protecting the environment.

The Child Health Site

On average, over 70,000 supporters from across the world visit the site every day to click the blue "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button. Thus far, over 100 million visitors have helped more than 2,161,000 children.

In 2012, clicks from supporters of The Child Health Site helped fund basic, vital health care services for 455,826 children in need around the world. Also, purchases made by visitors at The Child Health Site store provided additional support for children's health.

In case you have doubts that The Child Health Site is legitimate, you can visit the Wikipedia Site or contact their charitable partners directly:

- Mercy Corps,
- Prosthetics Outreach Foundation,
- Helen Keller International,
- Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

About the Owners of "The Child Health Site"

Leaders in online activism

Tim Kunin is an individual who has a deep interest in reaching out and helping the needy, especially children, women and abandoned animals. He has worked towards raising funds to help these causes in innovative ways.

He has traveled extensively to visit charity partners and purchase some of the fair-trade products available on the Hunger Site. He has been involved in protecting the environmental in many ways be it hiking, canoeing or walking for causes.

Travels have taken Tim to Canada, South America, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Tim has purchased unique products in each of these places which can be purchased from the Hunger Site stores.

Greg Hesterberg ran a successful publishing firm, SGI Publications for two decades. During his college years, he was chairman of MaryPIRG and PIRGIM which are consumer and environmental organizations. One of Greg's passions is finding innovative ways to make the world a better place.

Greg is co-owner of which is the parent company of the GreaterGood Network, a charitable organization which helps people in need, rescuing animals and protecting the environment. He adopted two sister kittens in 2007 named Callie and Chloe, as well as their younger brother, Casey.

Borders Courtesy:

How Does the Child Health Site Work?

You can click once a day, every day of the year...

The Child Health SiteSupporters visit the site and click everyday on the "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button. These clicks are recorded by their servers and a Thank You page is displayed after each click displaying ads from their site sponsors.

You don't need to click on the ads and there is no cost to you. 100% of the ad revenue generated through clicks is directed to the Child Health Site charitable partners. The more people click, the more children receive free healthcare.

All the clicks from supporters are tabulated and then site sponsors are billed accordingly for the appropriate amount. The funds generated are then distributed to the charitable partners like the Mercy Corps, Prosthetics Outreach Foundation, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Helen Keller International.

Supporters can click once daily, every day of the year at the Child Health Site. An internal system is set up to monitor one click per supporter, per calendar day. If you click multiple times in one day, only one click will count.

Different Ways to "Click-to-Give"

Many Ways to Help Children

The Child Health Site

There are different ways you can help as mentioned below:

- You can visit this lens daily and click on the above banner;
- You can link to The Child Health Site via Facebook or MySpace (see details below);
- You can visit The Child Health Site; and
- You can sign-up for a daily email reminder by CLICKING HERE.

Link to the Child Health Site
If you are on social sites, click the links below to become a fan. Together, we can spread the word on how to help children in need with each and every click.

My Space:

Tell Others About The Child Health Site

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You can share this with others by forwarding this lens or using the free e-card program.

While you're encouraged to pass along the message of The Child Health Site, please do not send unsolicited messages promoting The Child Health Site to people you do not know or post inappropriately to newsgroups or in other places.

Anything regarded as unsolicited e-mail (spam) will not help this cause but, in fact, will hurt it. Unsolicited e-mail can alienate people who might otherwise visit The Child Health Site and help protect children's health.

More Ways to Help the Less Fortunate

Hunger Site, Animal Rescue, Breast Cancer, Literacy, Rainforests

Click-to-Give Charity SitesThe Child Health Site is one of sites in the growing GreaterGood Network of cause-related sites, which includes The Hunger Site, The Breast Cancer Site, The Literacy Site, The Rainforest Site, and The Animal Rescue Site. Anyone with access to internet is empowered to make a real difference by visiting these do-good sites.

Each site is focused on a specific need and allows supporters to benefit leading charities with simple, everyday online actions such as clicking to give and shopping to give more. That goodwill translates to funding for established non-profit organizations that implement vital programs and initiatives.

In case you want to help further support the above causes, click the banner below:

The Hunger Site

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence
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Updated: April 22, 2013

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Fibroids Doctor Uk

If you have fibroids, you will probably have explored your treatment options with your doctor and realized that for most women, there appears to be no satisfactory solution. For women with mild symptoms, taking no action is an option as fibroids are rarely dangerous. If, however, your fibroids are disrupting your day to day life and well-being, you should certainly be proactive and healing fibroids naturally with a fibroid diet is worthy of consideration.

Firstly, it is important to understand that there is no one cause of fibroids, which is one of the reasons why conventional medicine is useless when it comes to treating the root cause. Medication can temporarily shrink fibroids, but is not a long term solution and surgery can remove individual or groups of fibroids. However, as these options do nothing to treat the root cause, the fibroids are very likely to return.

Healing fibroids naturally is only possible when you treat all the possible root causes simultaneously and a fibroid diet is one aspect of a holistic treatment. As it is impossible to isolate the precise causes in individuals, successful treatment will include dietary measures, detoxification of the liver, exercise, herbal remedies, supplements, measures to reduce estrogen, to name a few.

Most of us already know what makes the basis of a good healthy eating plan and a fibroid diet represents a further development on from this.

One contributory factor in fibroid growth is an excess of estrogen. Now although some of this is hereditary, there are also other sources, including from our diet and from our fat stores. Sources from our diet can include non-organic meats and from plastics and packaging, which bring us an undesirable level of estrogen mimicking compounds which the body finds difficult to eliminate. It is therefore advisable to stick to organic produce and try to buy foods which are not wrapped in plastics. Soft, microwaveable plastic wrap can be a culprit as the compounds can leach into the foods which are wrapped in them.

Drinking plenty of water is is important as not only does being well-hydrated keep us feeling better, but our organs depend on having a good supply of fluid to function well. It is known that dehydrated organs are more prone to disease and do not heal as quickly.

Eating lots of organic fruits and vegetables is an important element for healing fibroids naturally. If you can't always get hold of organic produce, ensure you wash and dry it well before eating. Try to include a mix of "colors" as bright and darker colored produce tends to have a greater concentration of essential nutrients. Include plenty of garlic and onions as these are well-known for their healing properties.

Peans, beans, nuts and lentils are also very beneficial for healing fibroids naturally and you should make these the basis of many of your meals.

Excess estrogen is partly stored in our fat cells so it makes sense to limit the amount of fat we eat, particularly animal fats. Try to stick to healthy, vegetable based oils for cooking and if you do eat meat, ensure that you remove all visible fat. Keep your consumption of higher fat dairy produce, such as cheeses, down to a minimum. The oils found in fish such as mackerel and salmon are very good for us and should be eaten a couple of times a week.

Fiber is also an important component of a fibroid diet as fiber helps to "mop up" impurities in our digestive system and prevent food from stagnating in our intestines.

There are also foods to avoid if you are trying to heal fibroids and you will probably not be surprised at what is included. You should avoid foods which are high in sugar, saturated fats, additives, alcohol, salts and over refined foods.

Fibroids are a condition which respond very well to natural remedies and they are an ideal condition to treat because as they are so rarely life-threatening. It makes complete sense to try out a natural treatment for fibroids before resorting to surgery or any of the hormonal drugs which can cause their own side effects.

It is important to understand that a fibroids diet is just one component for healing fibroids naturally and if you want to achieve success, you will need to follow a comprehensive approach which systematically eliminates all causes.

fibroids doctor uk

Ovarian Cancer After Hysterectomy No Hormones

Going through menopause is bad enough; the symptoms can be devastating as most women will attest. But if you are taking hormones prescribed by your doctor, are you also worried about ovarian cancer? Perhaps you may want to find out the facts, and take steps to avoid this dreaded affliction that will strike over 22,000 women in the U.S. this year alone. Over 60% of the women diagnosed will die of the disease.

Ovarian cancer is a cancer that forms in the ovaries (either one or both) of a woman, and is normally one of two types; either ovarian epithelial carcinoma, which is formed in the cells of the surface of the ovaries, or malignant germ cell tumors that begin in the egg cells. The fact is that ovarian cancer is now the 4th leading cause of death in women, but mainly strikes women over the age of 50 when menopause is either complete or well on its way. Is there a link between the two? This is where the facts get a little murky.

Although some research has been done on ovarian cancer, the few studies completed are not conclusive as to whether menopause is involved directly, let alone hormone replacement therapy. In 2006, the National Cancer Institute examined data pertaining to over 23,000 women that had hysterectomies and another 73,000 women that did not, and found that the risk of developing ovarian cancer was significantly higher in women who used hormone therapy than in women who never used such therapy. The main finding was that for women with intact uteri (no hysterectomy) , five or more years of sequential use of estrogen plus progestin (progestin for less than 15 days per cycle) was positively associated with ovarian cancer.

Of course there are other factors that can be at work here, such as genetic predisposition, general health, and external factors such as potential for exposure to other chemicals, such as pesticides, and tobacco use. The bottom line is that if you are considering taking a course of HRT, these numbers may be rather frightening. Can you minimize the risk somehow? Lets take a look at some alternatives, and how a healthy diet and exercise may be the key to avoiding this risk.

Here are some simple steps you can take to help minimize your risks of getting ovarian cancer:

Replace the red meat in your diet with soy and fish (low fat)
Eat a minimum of five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables daily
Use herbal remedies instead of pharmaceuticals to ease symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes
Drink at least 4-6 glasses of clean water each day
Exercise moderately for at least 30 minutes a day
See your doctor! Get a pelvic exam yearly, too
Dont use talcum powder (it has been linked to ovarian cancer)

ovarian cancer after hysterectomy no hormones