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Start a collection to pass down to your children

Of course you don't need an Easter tree to enjoy these great ornaments. I also like to hang them in windows, especially the glass ones that pick up the sunlight.

I've picked out a selection of different Easter ornaments to cater for every taste. There are pretty inexpensive ones you can hang in the garden, collector's items for keepsakes and to pass down as heirlooms and special ones just for children. Scroll through and see if you find anything you would like to use to decorate your home this year.

Featured Easter Ornaments

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Easter Egg Decorations

Set of 48 Decorative Easter Egg Ornaments Spring Colors and Designs

Set of 48 Decorative Easter Egg Ornaments Spring Colors and Designs

This is a great start to collecting decorative Easter eggs. The eggs are made of plastic and each one is hand painted. Use them to decorate an Easter egg tree or around the house.

My favorite Easter egg ornaments

Glittered Easter Egg Ornaments

RAZ Imports Easter 5" Glittered Easter Egg Ornaments (Set of 6)

You get 6 pretty eggs accented with lots of glitter in this pack, two of each color.

You can hang them around but I like them nestled in twit nest and used as a centerpiece for my Easter dinner table. You can pick up twigs on a walk, line the nest with the moss you buy for hanging baskets. It is easy to hide the hanging loops.

More pretty hanging ornaments for Easter

Glass Easter Ornaments

Kitras Mini Easter Egg Glass Ornament

Kitras Mini Easter Egg Glass Ornament, Sunrise

Kitras craftsmen make lovely hand blown glass with vibrant colors from recycled glass.

Because they are hand crafted each one will be slightly different.

This one is a small egg measuring only around three and a half inches long.

Start a family tradition collecting glass Easter eggs every year - you'll soon have a collection to be envied and one you can hand down to future generations.

Collectible Glass Easter Ornaments

Blue Easter Egg with Flowers Polish Glass Ornament

Blue Easter Egg with Flowers Polish Glass Christmas Ornament

This beautiful glass ornament was made by Polish craftsmen. The glass is mouth-blown and it is hand-painted.

Each egg is around two and a half inches long and comes with it's own presentation box.

This is a great ornament to add to a collection or to give as a gift and after Easter, you can pack it carefully away and bring it out to display at Christmas.

Selected Faberge-Style Egg Ornaments

Assorted Easter Ornaments

Keeping a Secret Collector's Plate Easter 3rd in Series 1996 Easter Hallmark Ornament

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Some of the collectible ornaments available on Amazon

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Religious Icon Ornaments for Easter and Christmas

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