Ovarian Cyst Surgery Incision Scar

Surgery such as open heart is one of the crucial operations any patient could go through. Although there are minimally invasive operations but Open Heart Surgery is not one of them as it involves the heart and the vessels around it, it will always be crucial.

With open heart, your chest will be opened to have a better view of the heart and to directly check the internal parts of your heart. This way, your heart will be assessed and treated accordingly. And yes, the surgery will be intensive and the incision made will have a scar that will be a constant reminder that once in your life, you went through a tough stage.

After the open heart surgery, all you wanted to do is to recover as soon as you can. You wanted to go back to the things that you usually do as soon as you can. But it will not be as simple as you wish, it will take time. You have to wait. It would take about 6 to 8 weeks from the day of surgery. You have to wait until incision heals. And you have to take one step at a time. Try not to over work your heart because it may not be healthy and your heart may not be able to compensate the workload.

In terms of the incision, you have to keep it dry as much as possible. Allowing it to be wet or moist would harbour microorganisms that can cause infection. You should be aware that bacteria loves wet environment and it supports their multiplication. And you dont want infection to complicate in your present condition. You cant afford to feel any complication after open heart, not at this time while you are on recovery. It will also be best that you avoid using cleansing agents around your incision. You can only use water and soap in cleaning the area near your incision. And after that, you should see to it that you dry your incision right away. Never leave it damp. Make sure and follow the doctors orders with the incision site. Also, the discharge nurse at the hospital should also explain the steps for healing of the incision.

More importantly, your diet will be a key to fast healing after open heart. Eating protein will aid the fast healing of your wounds. Protein has components that help repair body tissues which will fasten the recovery.
Now, lets work on your body after open heart. You should try increasing your physical activity one step at a time. You can start by walking few blocks then increase it until your heart allows. You just have to remember that you should avoid lifting heavy objects (Your doctor will give you a maximum amount you can lift). This could strain your heart and it will be dangerous. Taking a rest after every activity is important. This way, your heart will be able to regain strengths from time to time.

In the end, you will realize that recovering from open heart should take some time. This is not the part that you have to rush things. And yes, things will not be the same while on recovery. But it will never be the same if you ruin your recovery stage. That is why, it is important that you take your recovery seriously especially after open heart surgery.

ovarian cyst surgery incision scar