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Laminate Wood Flooring basically comprises of a high-density fibreboard which is inserted between a melamine laminate backing &high-quality photographic paper with an image of wood. Apart from this, there is also a melamine laminate top. One can choose from the various finishes available for Laminate Wood Flooring such as Oak, Pine, Mahogany, Maple, Tasmanian, black Walnut, Rosewood, Cherry, Beech and many more. Although Laminate Flooring looks just like Hardwood Flooring, it is comparatively much cheaper. Laminate Wood Flooring also doesn't require the maintenance of hardwood or carpeting. Being easy to wash and maintain, Laminate Wood Flooring have gained much popularity among house owners today.

Why Use Laminate Wood Flooring

The use of Laminate Wood Flooring in houses is a perfect option. It offers a modern, gorgeous and attractive look to the house and at the same time proves beneficial in various other ways. Some of the are-

  • Price

Laminate Wood Flooring proves to be a much cheaper option as compared to wooden flooring. Laminate Wood Flooring is made from composite wood pressed together at high temperatures and the image of hardwood is then covered over the composite wood to form the laminate. Its installation cost is almost 50% less than any other Wooden Flooring.

  • Durability

Laminate Wood Flooring is 90% (or more) synthetic, therefore it is more durable. It resists scratches and wear and tear. Being largely synthetic, moisture does not affect the Laminate Wood Flooring much. Laminate Flooring is also easier to maintain.

  • Repair

Flooring is one component of the house that has to be repaired at some of point of time. Right from minor accidents in the home, to excessive wear and tear, the floor suffers through a lot. At such times, Laminate Wood Flooring offers advantage because it is repairable. Laminate flooring suppliers also offer touch-up and chip repair kits for damage control.

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