What To Do For Ovarian Cyst Pain In Hip

What is hip joint pain and how can it be avoided? Hip joint pain is another common form of arthritis. This happens when the hip joint has been under a lot of stress due to a past sports related injury or even wear and tear over the years. Being overweight can cause hip joint pain because of the added stress of the weight. Most elderly people experience hip joint pain because their bones are so fragile and most of the cartilage has worn away. The cartilage around the hip joint slowly wears away causing the bones to rub together with no cushion or lubrication.

When there is no cushion to absorb the impact from walking the hip slowly deteriorates causing more and more pain. Sometimes the hip is so severely damaged that it will restrict movement and might have to be replaced with an artificial hip.

Many people experience hip joint pain . This is a very painful injury which most of the time ends up with surgery replacement of the hip if conservative action does not cure the problem. Most athletes experience this pain from past injuries such as muscle strains.

Muscle strains around the hip and groin are very common in athletes due to the pressure being placed on the hips from jumping, and running. This is even more common among football and basketball athletes because of all the contraction these muscles do in order to give the athlete more power and speed.

Most athletes often experience hip contusions better known as hip pointers. This is very painful because the outside of the hip takes a direct hit or blow causing the inner hip to bruise and restrict movement.

Sometimes the pain is so severe that they will have to relate to some form of arthritis pain treatment . Such treatment involves physical therapy and also rehabilitation depending on the seriousness of the injury. Another more conventional form is arthritis creams or even arthritis pain relief medication. This could eventually develop into a common form of Osteoarthritis.

There are many different types of treatment for arthritis available that one can purchase at a local drugstore or even online. Some are arthritis creams and others are medication you can take orally such as pills. Some creams when applied to the infected area can provide a hot yet cooling feeling on the joint. Arthritis pain treat can also be taken in pills.

The pills focus on soothing the joint itself and the muscles around it to promote healing around the joint. The more relaxed the joint is the better chance it has to heal which in turn lowers the pain.

Hip joint pain is a very painful form of arthritis and for the time being cannot be cured. Scientists are still looking for a cure and also trying to find a way to prevent arthritis from happening to patients in the future.

There are many different arthritis pain treatment and medication to temporarily cure the pain. The unfortunate problem is arthritis will affect everyone in some way or another. The best way to avoid arthritis and hip joint pain is to stay active with exercise and take care of yourselves.

what to do for ovarian cyst pain in hip

Cysts On Ovaries Gluten Intolerance Symptoms Foods

Ever wondered what imitation meats are made of? They're created with the help of a protein composite called gluten. Gluten is also used to give elasticity to dough, helping it rise and giving a chewy texture to the end product.

A source of protein, gluten is sometimes used as an additive to foods low in protein. Pet foods also contain it. The main components of this protein composite are wheat, barley and rye.

Despite its wide use in foods, there are people who suffer from gluten intolerance (not to be confused with wheat intolerance). This intolerance can be categorized into two - celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. To find out if you suffer from any of them, you will have to undergo a gluten intolerance test. Some of the more common symptoms include bloating, gas and flatulence, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, distension and weight loss or gain. There are many other symptoms you can check out on the Internet as the list is quite long.

As gluten is so widely used, it can be tricky cutting if off from your diet. Extensive investigation will have to be conducted to ensure any product you consume is free from gluten. Be wary of foods containing 'natural additives' or 'natural flavoring'. You best bet is to go for foods that are completely natural to avoid unknowingly consuming those containing gluten.

For healthy diet recipes, visit the many websites on the Internet that have information on organic, fat-free, gluten-free and low calorie diets. Knowing your body type, allergies and intolerances can help you choose diets especially for you. Of course, if money is not an object, you can also consult a nutritionist.

If you're a vegan or vegetarian suffering from gluten intolerance, you may need to do away with imitation meats. As a substitute, you can try soy curls, texturised vegetable protein (TVP) or texturised soy protein (TSP). Read the ingredients carefully before you purchase them, to be on the safe side.

Allergies and intolerances to something or the other are a part of every person's health. Though it may not be possible to test yourself for every possible one, knowing yourself and your reaction to certain products can go a long way in preventing unwanted intolerances. Coupled with healthy diet recipes, knowledge can save your health and at times, even your life.

cysts on ovaries gluten intolerance symptoms foods

Cyst Natural Treatment Thrush

Natural remedies for thrush are a blessing when you get that itch again but really dont want to have to take more toxic medicines and creams. Why do that to your body when there is a way to cure thrush naturally?

While it is true that an initial yeast infection should be diagnosed by a doctor, it is equally true for many women the world over that they know very well when they have a subsequent thrush infection. Many also dread the thought of continually using drugs and creams that are often toxic, and always expensive.

Another great reason for using natural remedies for thrush (yeast infection) is that it returns a sense of control to you over your body, especially if thrush infection has been plaguing you for an extended period.

How do natural remedies for thrush work? They work because they offer a two -pronged attack at a yeast condition.

Initially natural cures work at giving relief to the very aggravating conditions that a yeast flare up brings. In fact, natural health workers say that relief from itching, burning and swelling can be obtained in just 12 hours of beginning a natural treatment. Natural yeast remedies offer simple treatments made from readily available and relatively inexpensive ingredients that are naturally non-toxic (often the ingredients can be found in your pantry!)

Natural therapists actually say that it is possible for the acute, painful and often embarrassing symptoms of thrush infection to disappear within twelve hours of starting a natural cure for thrush.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, natural yeast cures work at finding the cause for the infection. If you have had more than one case of thrush you are sure to know the discomfort that the condition brings in the days of the flare up. Finding the cause of the thrush infection means that taking some simple steps to change lifestyle can usually effect a permanent cure for the condition.

Natural remedies for thrush do work, but there is certainly a big condition on this statement. That condition is that you really must make sure that the natural health worker giving the advice and treatments to you should be a professional in the field with a proven background in helping people with thrush infection effectively cure their condition. It is also important that the natural therapist offers a support network and also offers a point of contact if you need to ask questions.

cyst natural treatment thrush

Ovarian Cyst Canine Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis

Gastroenteritis means inflammation of stomach as well as the gastrointestinal tract. It is also known as stomach flu. It can be caused by an infection, virus, bacterium or parasite. These viruses can lead to condition like fever, diarrhea and vomiting. The different viruses that cause gastroenteritis are rotavirus, adenoviruses, caliciviruses and astroviruses. The signs and symptoms of gastroenteritis may vary depending upon the individual. It is very important that your doctor makes the proper diagnosis before writing down the prescription.

This condition may not cause too much harm if proper care is taken. You body takes quite a toll due to diarrhea and other symptoms. Without proper care it can be get severe. Adults as well as kids are not spared by this inconvenience. Gastroenteritis can be contagious and can spread from person to person. The contamination of drinking water is one of the reasons for trouble. Unhygienic food and unhygienic conditions of maintaining the food causes problem too. Sea food in the likes of shellfish reaped in polluted water and handled by unhygienic people creates problems.

One of the common symptoms of gastroenteritis is severe diarrhea. It is the main reason for dehydration. You also suffer stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and fever. Due to this continuous pain there is loss of appetite, fever or chills. You also endure body ache as well as stiffness of your joints. There is lack of stool control. Dark color urine should ring a bell. It is very important that you wash your hands once you have been to the bathroom. By keeping your kitchen spic and span you can avoid any causes of infection. Drink boiled or bottled water. Avoid food which is half-cooked especially seafood.

Children are the common patients of gastroenteritis and special care has to be taken for that. Due to loss of fluids it is very important that the child remains dehydrated by constant intake of fluids. Take plenty of rest. Consume at least eight to ten glasses of water everyday. Avoid spicy food and eat more of vegetables. Plain and simple food may go a long way.

Some Home Remedies

You can make concoction by using eight ounces of fruit juice (one, which won't escalate your gastro problem), 1/2 tsp honey, corn syrup and a pinch of salt, mixed in a glass. In another glass you can have 8 ounces of purified water with 1/4 tsp baking soda. Drink alternately from each glass until its over.

Having clay mixed with water is very good to prevent gastro.

Campfire ash used also helps due to its astringent and drying-up effect when brewed in tea.

Blackberry root when made into a tea can assist with your gastro problem.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

ovarian cyst canine hemorrhagic gastroenteritis

Ovarian Juliana Rancic Breast Cancer Surgery Update

Yancy's Journal

  1. But I Don't Want to Go to the Doctor... Again!
  2. Sinus Flush
  3. The Procedure
  4. X-Ray Side View
  5. X-Ray From Bottom to Top
  6. Before
  7. After
  8. Crusting Removed
  9. Information Needed
  10. Getting the University Involved
  11. March 2013 Test Results
  12. Still No Answers
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  15. So This Is Where We Stand
  16. Have you any information on this condition that would help Yancy?
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But I Don't Want to Go to the Doctor... Again!

Yancy - Little Yum Yum Update

Photo by favored1

Who would think a little 6 pound kitten would cause such a fuss? Well, if you had been to the doctor's as much as Yancy has, maybe you'd be on the snippy side also.

Off to the vet and a round of antibiotics, Clavamox. The general opinion at the time was that she had a URI (upper respiratory infection).

A few weeks went by with no noticeable change, and a different antibiotic, Clindamycin was prescribed, with the same results as the first. Then the third and more potent, Azithromicin was given with again no change. Finally an anti-viral medication, Famciclovir was given. As of this writing she has been taken off all medication.

Her nose continued to crust over and her breathing still sounded as if she was congested.

Photo by Favored1

Catit Design Senses Treat Maze

Keeping Yancy's mind off her medical problems isn't difficult when you provide her with fun "distractions" like these. Catit toys help to develop a cat's mind as well as providing them with many hours of fun.

Look for the entire line of Catit Sense products designed to stimulate the mind and life of your pet.

Catit Design Senses Treat Maze

Catit Design Senses Treat Maze

We had one of these for our pups and our cat would try to take the treats. I would not recommend this for a regular food dispenser. They do have one though. Only use this toy when you plan on spending time with your pet. It is a fun way to have your cat interact with another one also. A great "critical thinking" toy for cats.

Poll: Yancy

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Sinus Flush

The doctor recommended a sinus flush. (See photos below). This procedure was performed on Yancy where she had a small amount of air injected into her sinus passages in the back of her throat and exiting through her nose. Then a sterile solution was flushed through the same way. Everything came out clear and clean.

An x-ray was also taken of her head at this time. The x-ray didn't show anything out of the ordinary. Her nose and nostrils were cleaned up. But within a day, her condition was the same as before.

The Procedure

Yancy is intubated for the administering of "gas" anesthesia. The large electrical cord going underneath the absorbent pad is for a warming blanket to help keep her body temperature up during the procedure.

X-Ray Side View

This view shows the nasal passages from the side (they are so tiny and narrow). Notice how the intubation tubing shows up on the film.

Photo by Favored1

X-Ray From Bottom to Top

This view was taken while Yancy was lying on her back. The Doctor said that both x-rays look normal.
Photo by Favored1


Ready for the doctor.


Crusting Removed

Photo by favored1

Her nose was cleared of the crusting as much as possible without causing the passages to become "raw". The next day it began to crust over again, and still does.

Yancy's frame is very small, but she does not seem to have development issues.
Photo by Favored1

Information Needed

Getting the University Involved

Back to the Vet Clinic

Photo by favored1

Our Veterinarian called the University and spoke to a Doctor there. They recommended blood, throat and nasal passage samples be gathered and tested.

Once again she was anesthetized, the cultures taken and blood samples drawn. The results all came back normal. No Herpes, which is often found in street or feral cats and passed down from mother to litter, and no viruses of any kind. Nothing to show what is going on or to even send up a flag that something might be wrong.

Photo by Favored1

March 2013 Test Results

Photo by favored1

These are the tests recommended by the University, and the results. As you can see, the results all came back negative. We were certainly glad to hear that, but now what?

Photo by Favored1

Still No Answers

Photo by favored1

As of today (March 30th, 2013) Yancy doesn't have a fever, although this little one has come into "heat." Having her fixed is another thing we have postponed several times, because of her health and all the medication she was taking at the time the surgery was scheduled.

It has been recommended that Yancy have an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image) performed on her head area. The MRI images are taken in "slices". Each image is taken progressively from start to finish. So in theory, you can see the beginning, middle and end of any abnormality. The closest facility for an MRI for a cat is at the University which is a 400 mile round trip. The cost of an MRI for a cat ranges in price from 0-,500.00, depending on how far up the medical chain the reading of the results goes. Once again the pet needs to be anesthetized so that they will remain still during the imaging process. This along with pre and post procedure care runs the cost up.

Another suggestion is that of doing a sort of ream job on her nasal passages hoping to enlarge them. This is similar to what they do on humans. I have talked to people who have had this procedure done and was told that it was very painful and a majority of them said that if they had it to do over again, they wouldn't.

Allergies may still be an issue but we can't tell. Yancy has her own bed, eats dry kitten food and since the beginning uses corn cob litter. She doesn't eat meat or any treats (she won't I should say). She didn't develop this until a few months ago, so I don't know how it could be the litter. We just don't know at this point, but will keep testing until we find some answers for her.

Photo by Favored1 (Yancy March 16th, 2013)

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Yancy Wants to Know

How well do you know Yancy?


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Quiz 5


Photo by favored1
Yancy March 30th, 2013

So This Is Where We Stand

So this is where we stand. We are still researching to see what Yancy's medical problem is, and daily clean her nose as much as she'll allow before resisting. She tends to let me do it for her more, I guess because I have smaller hands. We cannot use any gel to soothe the soreness, because it adds to the clogging of her passages.

If you know of another feline that has had this problem or are a vet and have any recommendations as to treatment for Yancy, please let us know. Everyone else, keep on praying for her. She is so precious and it's hard listening to her try to breathe through the congestion.

Things Your Cat Will Love

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge, Walnut Brown

PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge, Walnut Brown

A great way to satisfy your cats urge to scratch. Get twice the use with this reversible lounge/scratcher. Large enough to hold more than one cat. Lasts longer than other brands.

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  3. Sinus Flush
  4. The Procedure
  5. X-Ray Side View
  6. X-Ray From Bottom to Top
  7. Before
  8. Ready for the doctor.
  9. After
  10. Crusting Removed
  11. Information Needed
  12. Getting the University Involved
  13. March 2013 Test Results
  14. Still No Answers
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  19. Things Your Cat Will Love
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Types Of Cyst In Neck

Each person has a unique sleeping style, and a favorite sleeping position. Some might sleep on their sides, and others on their back, and some even find sleeping on their stomach the most comfortable position. When it comes to it, choosing the right orthopedic pillow for you is as important as it gets.
There are a few things you need to keep in mind as you chose an orthopedic pillow that suits your sleeping position. One of the main issues to be addressed here is comfort. No matter what position you like to sleep in, a good pillow needs to ensure that your sleep is sound and that when you wake up, you don't experience back, shoulder and neck pain.

Side Sleeper Orthopedic Pillows

If you are a side sleeper, then you should know that you're predisposed to frozen shoulders and neck stiffness. This happens because there is a constant pressure on your shoulders and arms as you sleep.

When it comes to side sleeper orthopedic pillows, these come in a wide range of available sizes and materials. The most popular choice for side sleepers is a foam pillow. This type of pillow offers increased comfort and flexibility, prevents muscle strain and paralysis, alleviates pressure on your limbs and is specially designed to keep your contour aligned the shape of your body.

Stomach sleeper orthopedic pillows

There are many people who love to sleep on their stomach. However, sleeping in this position causes neck pain. It is also not uncommon for stomach sleepers to wake up with back pain, so there is a need for extra support in order to ensure a comfortable sleep.

For stomach sleepers, the ideal choice is a soft pillow. You should choose an orthopedic pillow that has a flat profile and is extremely soft if you want to make sure that you don't need to sleep with your head in an awkward angle each and every night.

The stomach sleeper orthopedic pillows come with inflatable air cells. These help maintain an uninterrupted, constant blood flow in your neck, shoulders and back. For increased comfort, these pillows have adjustable pressure.

Orthopedic pillows for back sleepers

Back sleepers have their own problems, including sinus episodes, snoring and back pain. You can have a comfortable and enjoyable sleeping experience using firm but soft orthopedic pillows. These offer you support for the centre back, neck and lower back. There lots orthopedic pillows that have a wedge - these are especially designed for back sleepers. You can place the wedge under your knees or neck, thus maximizing comfort and keeping your body posture.

Keep in mind that no matter what sleeping style and position you have, when choosing an orthopedic pillow you need to choose one made by reputable manufacturers because this ensures enhanced sleeping comfort and longevity.

types of cyst in neck

Ovary Pain Bloating After Eating

Irritable bowel syndrome is an unpleasant condition usually involving:
* Abdominal pain varying form a dull ache to acute cramping
* Loose bowels or alternating looseness and constipation
* Abdominal bloating

Other symptoms sometimes occur including:
* Nausea
* Poor appetite
* Tiredness
* Backache
* Bladder symptoms
* Heartburn
* Easily feeling full after eating

Symptoms often come and go with little rhyme or reason; but almost invariably they are related to emotional states and stress. On internal investigation, there is usually no physical sign of abnormality in the bowel.

Stress And Nerves Are The Key
On questioning sufferers, they usually agree that emotions or stress are involved. It may be that:
- There is a particular stressful situation either now, or when the symptoms started
- They have a 'high stress' type of constitution in general
- The symptoms are worse if they are stressed - or perhaps if they are over-tired

In all these situations, the answer to IBS can be summarised in 3 steps:
1. Calm down the bowel
2. Build up the nerves
3. Address any underlying health issues

Step 1. Calm Down The Bowel
The quickest way to do this is usually by using the fantastic herb Slippery Elm. A teaspoon of this powdered bark is mixed into a little cold water in a mug, then topped up with hot water to make a thin 'porridge-like' drink. This is a soothing, nourishing, calming drink which will often give relief within the hour. If it works for you - and it does for most people - you have a safe herbal remedy which will stand you in very good stead. I have never know anyone to have a sensitivity (an 'allergy') to Slippery Elm, and it is very safe, being recommended for its nourishing properties for children, the elderly and those recovering from illness. If you really just CANNOT take the drink - it is available in capsules too. If you travel a lot, capsules may be essential for you. Take the equivalent of a teaspoon of the herb - about 4 capsules for a dose, 2 or 3 times a day.

Step 2. Build Up The Nerves
Alternative medicine will build the nerves and make them stronger and better able to deal with stress. Herbs, homoeopathy or acupuncture can all be helpful here.

For example, you can use a 3-month course of herbs to boost the nervous system. This might include scullcap, vervain, wood betony and hops. In addition, herbs for the adrenal gland help the nervous system greatly especially if stress has been long term. Here, a top herbal recommendation is borage, a great adrenal tonic. Licorice is also good and combines well with borage. (Large amounts of licorice should not be used if you have known hypertension - high blood pressure.)

Step 3. Address Any Underlying Health Issues
If you have another illness this will certainly be sapping your energy and making it harder to build the nerves and correct the IBS.

In terms of general health, the commonest symptom which will slow recovery is; fatigue and tiredness. This can be addressed by an alternative practitioner - not by a doctor, who has no weapons to deal with general fatigue and tiredness. (Though do eliminate thyroid deficiency by talking to your doctor if you feel this might be involved.)

Doctors say than IBS has 'no known cause', which is why they have trouble treating it. If you follow this fairly simple 3-step programme - with the help of practitioners in alternative medicine as appropriate - you will almost certainly deal with IBS in a much more reliable way than your doctor alone can. One day all sides of the medical profession will be working together to use our combined skills for the good of patients!

ovary pain bloating after eating

Removing Cyst From Ovary Of A Plant

Sewage treatment plant is essential to free the waters utilized for irrigation or drinking or household purposes from harmful contaminants. In order to make the waste water reusable, the contaminants in it must be significantly reduced by removing bacteria, suspended solids, organic wastes, and phosphates polluting it.

Sewage treatment refers to domestic wastewater treatment and seeks to remove pollutants from household sewage, both domestic and runoff. Environmental engineers are typically responsible for building and designing facilities to treat wastewater. They use chemical, biological, or physical methods to create systems to treat this wastewater and send it back to the environment.

The traditional sewage treatment plant includes three stages- namely primary, secondary, and tertiary. In the first stage, solids are extracted from the wastewater and the dissolved matter gets changed into solid masses using homegrown water-borne microorganisms. These are thereafter neutralized and then discarded or re-used. The water gets disinfected physically or chemically through lagoons or microfiltration.

Finally, the treated water is then discharged into a river, stream, or wetland and may be reemployed for irrigation purposes.

A sewage treatment plant works to remove suspended solids and BOD (biochemical oxygen demanding waste)-this helps to lessen fish kill because of eutrophication or the diminishing oxygen levels which can harm marine life. The different types of treatment are as follows:

* Primary treatment: those substances which can be easily extracted from wastewater are removed like oil and fat, rocks, and trash.

* Secondary treatment: reduces biological contaminants inside the sewage. Here, microorganisms are encouraged to eliminate the unwanted elements in sewage water.

* Tertiary treatment: helps to better the quality of water before it is returned to the environment. This can be done through artificial filters or natural filters like wetlands and lagoons. Treatment can be given to remove excess phosphorus and nitrogen.

* A sewage treatment plant often undertakes a final stage of chlorination to totally remove the microorganisms before releasing the wastewater-this chlorine is ultimately removed with sulphur dioxide reaction so that is remains safe for life to exist in this wastewater. Finally, this treated wastewater flows into a river.

Reasons to Invest In Sewage Treatment Plants:

* These companies have industry leading expertise in such treatment facilities, wastewater management, and disposal.

* Such plants can solve drainage related problems in the most eco-friendly manner possible.

* Sewage plants provide a range of products like pumping stations, grease traps, etc.

* A sewage treatment plant is likely to enjoy a long list of customers like homeowners, owners of hotels and restaurants, golf clubs, housing associations, and so forth.

The sewage treatment plant needs to be environment friendly, and rust and leak proof. The plant should also be lightweight, long lasting, and easy to install and maintain. Sewage treatment plants can either be aerobic STP where oxygen is continuously being supplied to a biological reactor using impellers driven by pumps or employing air root blowers leading to oxidation of the carbonic substances to water, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide lessening odor.

The other type of STP is anaerobic where the sewage is partly decomposed in closed reactors without air leading to reduction of the organic matter into hydrogen sulphide, methane, and carbon dioxide.

removing cyst from ovary of a plant

Abdominal Swelling Edema

Swelling or edema is a very common symptom for patients with IgA nephropathy. One cause of swelling is the massive protein leakage. As we know, protein is a very essential material in blood, and if it leaks out from human body, the osmosis pressure of blood can decrease, and then the content balance between tissue and blood vessel can change, water can flow into tissue from blood vessel. When kidney gets damaged, the filtration membrane in glomeruli can not protect those big molecules in human body so they will leak out. What aspects should IgA patients give more attention to when they present swelling or edema?

At first, patients should have more bed rest once swelling appears. Certainly, if the swelling is too severe, it is advisable to raise the swelling part so that blood can go back to heart and pacify their manifestation.

Secondly, patients should be careful about their diet. It is requisite to balance of intake between water and salt. Patients should take less foodstuff and beverage with sodium, like sausage, canned food, salty meat etc..For those with severe swelling, they should control water intake within 1000ml daily. If they can not endure tasteless food, they can use sugar, vinegar, and other flavor to promote appetite. Besides, patients should take less amount of protein, which can effectively slow down the aggravation of renal impairment.

Thirdly, patients should also avoid skin injury in their daily life once swelling appear. They should wear soft and cotton-made clothes, keep the bedding level and dry. They should change their lying position frequently to avoid skin on bone joint get pressed. In addition, patients should have a daily bath and wear clean underclothes to prevent the occurrence of infections.Keep away from heavy metals. Heavy metals, like lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury and arsenic are main hazards to the kidney. In order to keep the kidneys healthy, you had better drink less or even avoid supplements, sports drinks and carbonated drinks. These drinks contain chromium compounds. If drinking too much, it can erode your kidneys.

Use alcohol and tobacco in moderation. It is a common sense that too much alcohol and tobacco is bad for our health. Too much alcohol causes damage to brain, heart and blood vessels. As we know, glomerulus, important parts of the kidneys are blood vessels themselves. As to tobacco, it contains much poison, which is surely harmful for the kidneys. Therefore, if you cannot give up smoking or drinking, please use alcohol and tobacco in moderation.

abdominal swelling edema

Cyst On Ovaries Dog Pain Symptoms Panting

Though it's easy for many people to make crass "hot dog" puns about the pets of others whenever dogs die in cars, making news headlines, most dog owners legitimately fear causing heatstroke in their companions. Heat stroke, a condition that is essentially when a dog (or most other mammals of that matter) is unable to purge unneeded heat from their bodies, raises the temperature of their delicate internal organs and causes massive damage to a dog's living tissue, which can kill even the healthiest dog. As always, the figurative ounce of prevention is a lot easier to acquire than a cure for heatstroke. Anywhere a dog could become hot without a way to cool down can be a place that causes heatstroke, as can excessive exercise. Keeping your dog's temperature low is the best way to prevent heatstroke; allow for ventilation, leave a bowl of water, or create a shady place before leaving your dog in hot conditions. Cars bear a special mention because cars allow a lot of to accumulate heat inside but only barely let any warmth out. On a hot day, a car can become a sweltering trap that can cause an agonizing death for any dog left inside too long. It's best to keep your dog out of a hot car as much as possible. The signs of heatstroke are many, but varied and very easily discerned. Such signs include: increased panting or breathing (this sort of fast panting/breathing sounds more desperate than normal panting/breathing), heightened pulse rate, and bright red gums. Dogs also tend to look hot or as if they're wilting, just like humans do. If left untreated, heat stroke leads to shock or unconsciousness. If your dog's condition becomes serious (or its body temperature is around 105 degrees Fahrenheit/40 degrees Celsius, if you have a thermometer on hand), then you have to hurry to keep your dog alive. The dog will need to be moved into a cool area with good ventilation, as well as being soaked in cold water or gently sprayed with cold water from a hose if a tub of ice water isn't immediately available. Be careful however, as once the dog's temperature drops back down to a healthy 103 degrees Fahrenheit (39 degrees Celsius), leaving the dog in cold water any longer (the cooling process is very fast) risks causing hypothermia, so keep a close eye on your pet as he cools down after heat stroke. Be especially protective of older and younger dogs, both of which suffer heatstroke more easily. Once your pet has stabilized and the situation seems to be over, you should still bring your dog to the veterinarian. Heatstroke has hidden effects, such as dehydration and brain damage, that may only show after the immediate danger of death is over. All in all, heat stroke is easy to prevent. With the proper precautions, there is no reason why your pet should die. All it takes is a little time and very little effort to ensure your dog's health.

cyst on ovaries dog pain symptoms panting