Costs Associated With Outsourcing

Outsourcing had turned into a sort of a refuge solution for enterprises to save on production costs. However, even during this whole uprising there were quite a few conscientious enterprises who comprehended the wide-reaching social and political backlash of opting for the easy way via outsourcing. Instead, they decided to look within the country to find ways and means to save on rising production costs. The idea was simple - seek those domestic IT resources that can help in the endeavor to save costs. That's when the concept of Inshoring took shape; a concept which, very simply put, is the process of outsourcing and producing work domestically.

Often looked at as a lost cost alternative to offshoring, inshoring follows the concept of choosing a domestic vendor over one who is based overseas. The idea of hiring professionals inland rather than heading overseas appealed to many SMBs for the obvious advantages this concept carried. Inshoring, or domestic outsourcing, functions within the country, and therefore the cost of labor is automatically reduced by a drastic 25% - 50%. Since the resources are based within the country, there would be considerably fewer risks and chances for misuse of intellectual property. Inshoring also comes with the social benefit of retaining jobs within the country itself. The concept is unshaken by currency fluctuations, and there are zero legal issues to handle with another country since everything is handled within the country. The fact that inshoring is providing employment opportunities for skilled resources within the country has not gone unnoticed by the government, which offers different incentives to such enterprises who opt for inshoring models.

Given the amount of benefits that inshoring carries, it is no wonder there are quite a number of enterprises who are willing to try the inshoring model to gain from the reduction in production costs. This model can bring advantages owing to greater proximity of the enterprise to its resources. It also ushers in better utilization, integration and collaboration of tools for improved production cycles. With enhanced application development services available within the country, cost effective product development can be assured.

Enterprises who want to save on high production costs can be reassured that inshoring helps eliminate inefficiencies right at the product development level by providing complete control over business processes. It is time for all enterprises to maximize cost-effective operational benefits with the inshoring model.

costs associated with outsourcing