Laparoscopic Surgery Ovary Cyst Hemorrhage

Computer assisted brain surgery (Neuro navigation) is need of time Medical science is evolving & improving day by day but as we know day by day diabetes and B.P patients are also increasing. Individual whether educated /uneducated or in village/city there has been carelessness (also at time ignorance) about treatment for high B.P. (hypertension) and diabetes. People are so busy that get careless about their own health; but lot of them feel that "I don't had any problem till yet so we never checked or bother to check B.P. or sugar level". Due to high B.P. there can be burst of blood vessel (artery) in the brain (i.e. brain haemorrhage) which is worth mentioning here.

His burst of blood vessel may cause lot of bleeding and pressure upon the brain. Because of this many patients come to hospital in unconscious condition or with weakness of hand and leg (paralysis of one side of the body). For these patients there has been so much development in neuro science that these patients are easily treatable can be at times become completely alright if they reach early to the hospital early.

For Brain hemorrhage (due to high BP) there are 3 types of treatment :-

  1. If patient is conscious and paralysis is not complete (i.e. one sided hand/legs is little weak and not totally paralysed) then treatment with medicines is mostly given.

  2. Medicines for BP control are always important but there where there is severe weakness (where patient can't himself lift hands/legs) blood removal with the help of computer (neuronavigation) is best treatment option. This is so safe that there is practically no brain damage, no full sufficient to carry out procedure. Clot if required can be dissolved with medicines and then taken out(technically called clot thrombosis).

  3. If brain haemorrhage is large and life risk is on there due to severe pressure in brain , then complete open operation with full anesthesia is mandatory. Fix clot removal is done not only save life of patient but even helps in * improving weakness of hands & legs.

This computer machine (neuronevigation) also helps in choosing shortest, safest and correct route to reach brain bleed. This technique is also similarly helpful in removal of brain tumor.

Prevention is always better, so don't allow B.P. to increase by regular check up and treatment. For brain haemorrhage due to increase B.P. there has been very good and safe treatment available now a day. It is a misunderstanding that brain haemorrhage patient don't get alright, but correct is timely treatment with newer technology can make many patients alright. Lot and lot of patients are living independent life with the help of both medical & surgical team of doctors working together.

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