Cyst On Ovary Bleeding After C-section

Recently, more than 30 Dell INSPIRON 9400 Laptop Battery in the Red Barracks Road, Chaoyang District, "nourishing noodle" restaurant meal, the collective food poisoning. Currently, the restaurant has been closed, restaurants were taken away for a charge of the investigation. Yesterday, some patients have been discharged, but there are still 10 people hospitalized due to serious condition to continue.

Noodle drug "down" more than 30

According to a Beijing Aviation Central Hospital doctors, on the 25th day, because of food poisoning in hospital patients over 30.

Yesterday afternoon, reporters at the hospital saw Miss Xiao. She said the day of the incident, she and the company of his colleagues to 6 to "nourishing noodle" restaurant to eat noodles in the next 3 hours, 6 people have symptoms of vomiting, nausea, fatigue and other TOSHIBA SATELLITE A70 SEIRES Battery. Mr. Liu's condition serious, in the intensive care unit care for two days.

Number of patients, said Aug. 25 that day, one after another batch of food poisoning, 45 were sent to Beijing Air Central Hospital, "the scene was very nervous, gastric lavage of people waiting for long lines."

Reporters saw more than the patient's medical certificate, the cause of a bar were to write a "food-borne intoxication," "food poisoning" and so forth. Doctors said the patient suspected of nitrite poisoning, but eventually causes need further testing to determine on vomit.

Pregnant women being forced into early Caesarean section

In the food poisoning incident, two of the victims are pregnant.

Ms. Wang is the expected date of 29th of this month, because of food poisoning have to be on the evening of 25 Caesarean section. Yesterday afternoon, reporters at the Beijing Aviation Central Hospital to see her and her newborn baby, the baby's head left for multiple eye of a needle infusion. Ms Wang told reporters that the children ate poisoning, "has just been born, the fingers are black, the adults scared."

Ms. another ordinary food poisoning, just 47 days pregnant. Bed, she says with exasperation, "do not know now able to keep the fetus."

Victims hope to claim as soon as possible

Reporter learned from the health sector, according to the relevant investigation, the case of suspected food poisoning nitrite poisoning. Currently, the restaurant has been closed, restaurants were taken away for a charge of the investigation.

"Is someone deliberately poisoned? Poisoning will not leave after-effects?" Victim Mr Chow said he hoped the findings come as soon as the relevant dell xps m1210 laptop battery. Number of victims said that the collective preparation Rights through legal means.

cyst on ovary bleeding after c-section