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The Object Of The Game of Crossfire

The Rules of Crossfire

In Crossfire you'll find a star shaped disc and a triangular shaped disc with a roller bearing ball in the center, allowing the discs to be slid easily across the game board. Each of the competitors has a plastic gun which is mounted at their prospective ends of the Crossfire arena. Below the gun you will see a tray where ball bearings (Ammo) is collected,

To begin the opponents will decide who is playing the star and who is playing the triangle for that game. The discs are placed at the center of the arena and once the start of the game has been announced you load the top of your gun with ball bearings and start shooting at your disc trying to push it into your opponents goal. You can also shoot at your opponents disc trying to move it back away from the goal you are protecting.

Continue to load your gun and shoot until a goal is scored... then start over. You can modify the rules as you wish, however a game is generally won by the first player to successfully score three goals.

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Crossfire Game Replacement Steel Balls

40 replacement Milton Bradley - Ideal Crossfire Steel Balls

40 replacement Milton Bradley - Ideal Crossfire Steel Balls

If you still have the original crossfire game it is common to be missing the steel balls. Here are replacement steel balls for the crossfire game.


In "1994" Milton Bradley was on top of the charts with the "Crossfire" board game. Sega was leading the video gaming industry with "Sonic The Hedgehog" and Sony had just introduced the forerunner of the next generation of electronic games.

Vintage Crossfire Commercial

Crossfire - Full Commercial
by mcaaronice | video info

3,303 ratings | 1,227,196 views

None of the 14 second missing bullshit here!

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Old School Vintage Crossfire Game

This was brought out in the 1970's, well before the newer version seen above.

crossfire in action vintage game
by chris cummins | video info

1 rating | 490 views

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how is an ovarian cyst list of removed xbla games