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Bacteria and yeast are enemies and competitors for each other naturally that is the reason why bacteria present in yogurt have the potential to remove or eradicate unwanted yeast proficiently. Plain yogurt is one of the natural yeast infection remedies having good bacteria in it. These bacteria's fight with the unwanted growth of the yeast and prevents the human body from its infections. The non sweetened yogurt has proved to be friendly for the human body. Plain yogurt contains active bacteria in it and with the help of this bacteria growth of yeast can easily brought to a halt in a day or two.
One of the cautions that need to be taken by the user is that sugar must not be added to the yogurt as then it would cancel out the effect and in turn helps the yeast to feed. If you don't like the idea of eating non sweetened yogurt then instead of adding sugar it's better to add honey into it. The reason is that honey has proven the fact that it increases the amount of good bacteria in yogurt.
There are different methods that can be induced in order to attain the desirable results for competing yeast infection causes. The obvious one is to use yogurt in some portion in daily basis. It creates a good line of defense for the body immune system. Another useful method for yeast infection treatment is applying or inserting yogurt into vaginal area. It must not be applied or inserted for too long as negative effects may generate that way. Also, yogurt can be used after freezing it, as icy yogurt really helps in overcoming the blazing or the burning effect at vaginal walls.
Yogurt has proved to be the safest way or method for treating yeast infections that are mild. Often there rises a question why many of the physicians or the health experts recommend the usage of the yogurt for Treatment for Yeast Infection. The answer to this question is that researches made on the effect of yogurt in treating yeast infections are quite in favor of the results it produces. Yogurt improves the balance of the yeast in the colon that in turn improves the digestion. Hence, this way yogurt says to the vaginal yeast to calm down.
Concluding all of the benefits of yogurt proves that it is one of the best home remedies for yeast infection. One of the distinguishing advantages of yogurt application in yeast infections is that it does not become drug resistant or mutate population of yeast in the human body. Also, it does not contain any side effects if used properly. So, having good bacteria in body prevents yeast overgrowth.

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