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What Makes Cat Pictures Funny

A personal prejudice.

For me, what makes cat pictures funny are the elements in them that celebrate the idiosyncrasies of cats without belittling or feline companions. Too much of what's put up on the internet as funny pictures of cats has no more basis for humor than does laughing at the humiliation and pain of people who make mistakes. If you need to feel superior to people or to cats to enjoy the laugh, we're not on the same page. You won't find that here.

But if your sense of humor is about getting a kick out of each other's daily dramas, triumphs and failures, I think you'll get a kick out of what's ahead. If you appreciate cats' struggles to find ways to enjoy living in someone else's world and doing it with both invention and sometimes elegance, all the better.

I've always believed that mistakes from commission were much better than mistakes from omission, and most cats are great at that. If their interest is stirred, they'll try almost anything. It's that passion to explore the unknown that I like and the sometime calamitous results that come from going too far out on a limb. As long as nobody gets hurt, we learn, and so do cats.

Another significant trait among cats that I find irresistibly funny at times is their bossiness and determination to get some control. I have a cat, for example, who resorts to all kinds of tricks to get me to move out of a spot he's decided he wants for a nap. His persistence and inventiveness is hilarious.

That aspect of cat is best handled by Simon Tofield, the lifelong supporter of cat shelters and creator of Simon's cat. Tofield is best known for roll on the floor laughing videos inspired by the antics of his cats. He's a perfect example of what I love in what makes cat pictures funny.

Tofield's up first, but stick around for James Dean (no, not that James Dean) and Deborah Julian. And don't forget to take the popularity poll at the end.

Picture Credit: Cats In Paris Window by Deborah Julian.

A Specialist In Funny Cute Cat Pictures

Simon Tofield and His Cat

Later, I'll show you one of Simon Tofield's first "Simon's Cat" videos. His videos, featuring the hilarious and heartwarming antics of his own cats, are wildly popular on YouTube. You'll see why.

Tofield never belittles his cats, understanding what best makes for funny, cute cat pictures. Instead, he takes delight and inspiration from them Time after time, he shows his ability to appreciate the singular in cats.

Given his YouTube popularity, it was a huge leap for him to accept the idea of going from video to printed page. But as you'll see, he pulls it off with style, in this, his first Simon's Cat book, and the others that follow.

Simon's Cat

Simon's Cat

by Simon Tofield

Later, I'll link you to the Kindle edition. In both, Simon Tofield maps his take on what cats are all about with the humor that has made his short videos possible. Whether it's about food or attention, Tofield understands a cat's strategic approach and why the cat usually wins.

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Simon's Cat Outside The Box


Simon's Cat: Beyond the Fence

Simon's Cat: Beyond the Fence

by Simon Tofield

Beyond the fence is the story of Simon's cat when, frustrated at not having things exactly as he likes at home, he runs away.

In this story, he not only sees the world in whole new ways, Tofield lets us see what our cats might really be doing when we're not watching.

Tofield's imagination, fueled by observation, is great at getting inside the mind of a cat.

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Simon Tofield Let's The Cat Out

Look out, world.

Simon's Cat Vs. the World!

Simon's Cat Vs. the World!

In Simon's Cat Vs the World! Tofield expands his storytelling to the spaces outside his home where cats already rule. Here it's about adventure and appreciation over discoveries. In a funny way, of course.

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Simon's Cat Gets A Kitten

Cat lovers will appreciate this.

Simon's Cat 3

Simon's Cat 3

by Simon Tofield

In this book, Simon Tofield does a take off on what happens in a home when a high energy, adventurous kitten is brought into a home with an already in place resident cat. If you've been there, you'll see some of what we've all seen. If not, you'll still appreciate the ingenuity and funny idiosyncrasies of Simon's Cats.

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Simon's Cat On Kindle

The original.

Simon's Cat

Simon's Cat

by Simon Tofield

With the huge popularity of Simon's Cat on YouTube, fans were concerned that a lot of the charm would be lost in a book. But Tofield shows his smarts in making his cat (s) just as lively and funny as he has in animation.

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Funny Pictures, Cats In Animation

Tactics for Getting Food

Here is one of the Simon's Cats videos that just about killed my wife and made us both fans. Every new Simon's Cats video is discovered with a thrill in our house.
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Funny Cute Cat Pictures With James Dean And Pete The Cat

A black cat turns blue.

James Dean's story could have been a simple one about a man who differed his dreams of working as an artist until he couldn't resist anymore and went on to be a success, painting landscapes and images of local businesses for sale back to the owners. But then, one day he adopted a scrawny black kitten from the local shelter, an act that transformed both his life and that of Pete.

When Pete calmed down enough to occasionally sit still, Dean started painting him. Before long, his imagination took over and he expanded on Pete's adventurous nature to make him everything from a school bus driver to a rock guitarist.

Another thing he did was make Pete a deep blue cat. People, he knew, sometimes thought of black cats as bad luck, and Pete was anything but.

I first discovered Pete the Cat when my wife and I were strolling around the French Quarter during a trip to New Orleans. In a gallery, we found dozens of prints based on James Dean's depictions of Pete doing cat-like things. The one we bought was about Pete's adventures resulting in a broken vase that got in the way, something we had some experience with, our own cats being athletic explorers.

Not long after that, Dean began creating books, frequently with Eric Litwin as the writer in which his funny cute cat pictures illustrated stories for children. The stories are about resilience and adventure, about not letting changes or challenges get you down. They are about shrugging things off, seeing the humor and moving on - like cats. I love my white shoes was the first and an instant bestseller.

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

by Eric Litwin

Aimed at kids 3 to 7, "I Love My White Shoes" finds Pete walking into piles of blueberries and more than repeatedly change the colors of his beloved shoes. The uplifting message for kids is to not overreact, enjoy the change and just keep going, singing your song.

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More Cute Funny Cat Pictures In Pete The Cat's Four Groovy Buttons

James Dean illustrates another lesson for kids.

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

by Eric Litwin

In another music story about going with the flow, James Dean illustrates Eric Litwin's tale about Pete's groovy buttons, which he loves but still keeps losing. Well, heck, three groovy buttons are good too. Or two...

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Pete The Cat Learns To Share

And helps parents teach reading while he's at it.

Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch (My First I Can Read)

Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch (My First I Can Read)

by James Dean

James Dean flies solo on this one as author and illustrator. Geared to children just a little older (4 to 8), it's a reading and learning tool. Pete makes himself a sandwich that's just too big and learns, step by step about sharing.

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More To Love In A Pete The Cat Doll

The huggable Pete.

Merrymakers Pete the Cat Doll

Merrymakers Pete the Cat Doll

So, your kids are probably in love with Pete the Cat by now, and here's a plush doll, 14 inches tall, for them to own. Pete's even wearing a pair of unmatched shoes.

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More To Come In Cute Funny Cat Pictures

Pre-order James Dean's Next Adventure with Pete the Cat.

Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus

Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus

by James Dean

Scheduled for release in late June, 2013, you can order James Dean and Pete's next story about this blue cat's adventures as a bus driver. Not many details available yet, but the Pete the Cat series is so popular, releases now require a pre-order to beat the crowd.

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An Interview With Pete the Cat's James Dean

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Deborah Julian's Funny Cat Pictures With Words

First, a common dilemma.

In Everything Tastes Better With Cat Hair In It, Deborah Julian creates a gorgeous illustration of a common problem for cat owners.

Cat hair is like sand on a beach. It's everywhere.

Deborah Julian's work as a cat artist sometimes includes funny cat pictures with words as a way to bring humor to everyday situations for cat owners. She also has an amusing to hilarious series, Famous Artists' Cats in which she mixes inspiration from her favorite artists, like Matisse, Degas and Picasso.

Her range is wide, and some of her bestselling work originated from book illustrations about traveling cats. Like both Simon Tofield and James Dean, Julian's models and inspirations are her own cats. With her training in art history and experience assisting in the sale of modern art, she adds pictoral elements that are unique to her personal art.

Funny Pictures, Cats In Paris

Illustrations from "Travels With George"

When she illustrated her first cat book, Travels With George: Paris, one of the things Deborah Julian did to brighten the story was to have the cats, who'd smuggled their way to Paris, discover the famous Chat Noir posters on a walk along the Left Bank.

The cat print itself is popular, but she has also adapted it as a handmade cat card.

Her handmade cards set behind textures card stock and are intended to be framed and kept by whoever receives them.

Gentle Humor In Famous Artists' Cats

Asserting themselves with Bonnard

In an image as gently funny as it is amusing, Deborah Julian brings two of her cats into a country residential scene in After Lunch With Pierre Bonnard.

Billy and Sam explore the scene after lunch as been finished and all the people are gone.

Funny Cat Pictures, Captions In Wooden Keepsake Boxes For Men

Innovations In Cat Art and Humor

In funny cat pictures, captions can tell a story the picture alone couldn't. You Can Tell A Lot About A Man By How His Cat Feels About Him, Deborah Julian has created wooden keepsake boxes for men that make unmatchable gifts for men with cats.

You Can Tell A Lot About A Man... stared out as a cat print and a handmade card, but its popularity made it a message that had to go on a memory keepsakes box for men.

One of the reasons for its popularity, maybe the most important reason, is that its one of the rare times when the love between men and cats gets such respectful attention with just the right amount of knowing humor.

Funny Pictures, Cats That Are Really Funny

Taking Off On Van Gogh (With Cats)

Van Gogh's Bedroom (Artist's Cats Added) has been one of Deborah Julian's most popular cat art prints since she first added it to Famous Artists' Cats.

Julian takes for inspiration Van Gogh's richly colored painting of his bedroom in Arles where he waited for Gauguin to join him. In the meantime, his cats kept him company, in her version, but also kept the master from getting a good nights sleep after a long day painting outdoors.

Van Gogh returns home to a scene in which every place to relax, every chair and his bed, have already been taken over by cats who are napping in luxury. What else could Van Gogh do but paint he scene?

My Funny Pictures Of Cats

Cats Who Travel

I'm no visual artist, although I always thought I'd like to me. I'm writer, and I'm a big cat fan.

One day, I got an idea to write a book about cats and another of my favorite things, travel. Travels With George: Paris was the result. After writing serious fiction for a long time, you can only imagine the thrill it was to write about things from a cat's point of view.

Travels With George: Paris: A Cat's Eye Adventure

Travels With George: Paris: A Cat's Eye Adventure

by David Stone, Deborah Julian

Travels With George are illustrated books. I persuaded Deborah Julian to illustrate my story about two New York cats who smuggle their way to Paris by hiding in luggage. Once there, they get to tag along as their people see the sights. George tells the story from his point of view. Most people, I think find the illustrations to be the best part, but I still like the story and George's wry observations about people and how they go about things.

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#2 My Funny Pictures of Cats

Cats In New York

Travels With George: New York: A New Cat's Eye Adventure (Volume 2)

Travels With George: New York: A New Cat's Eye Adventure (Volume 2)

by David Stone

New York seemed the best bet after Paris. Same illustrator making my cat book fun and colorful with twelve pictures of the cats in Central Park, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and more.

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