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If you would like to know how to get rid of at UTI naturally, there are a few home remedies which can be used. These are suitable for mild to moderate symptoms which have not lasted for more than a day or so. They may even help to relieve the pain and discomfort of more severe attacks.

If you have a UTI, you may have some or all of the following symptoms:-

* Pain a burning sensation when you pass urine
* Needing to urinate despite there been none or very little to pass
* Mild pain in the lower part of the abdomen
* A general feeling of being unwell
* Strong smelling urine which may be cloudy in color
* A mild fever

Particular care should be exhibited if you also have any of the following symptoms as they may indicate a kidney infection. See your doctor if any of the following apply to you:-

* Shivering and a high fever with nausea
* Severe pain in the abdomen
* Pain at the sides of the back, just above waist height
* Blood in the the urine

To get rid of a UTI, the following self-help methods may help

* Drink 6-8 glasses of plain water daily-you may also wish to add a couple of glasses of unsweetened cranberry juice
* Take a warm bath for pain relief (do not use bubble bath)
* Avoid perfumed products/deodorants etc
* Use a hot water bottle on the abdomen
* Do not wear tight panties or trousers
* Take a mild painkiller

These steps will help you learn how to get rid of a UTI naturally and begin to relieve some of the pain and drinking water will help as it makes going to the bathroom more comfortable if you have a full bladder! The water and cranberry juice will also help to flush the bacteria which is causing the problems from your system.

If you are a regular sufferer, you will know within hours if the infection is subsiding. If not, I would strongly recommend that you take further action to prevent the infection becoming a full-blown kidney infection which may require hospitalization.

If you would like to know how to get rid of a UTI naturally, there are two excellent natural remedies which are guaranteed to work very quickly and have no side effects. In addition, the remedies are suitable for all ages, both sexes and even for pregnant women and can also be used by people taking other medication with no problems.

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