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Corporate Jets, LLC is the most recent and ambitious chapter in the dynamic and successful career of pilot and aviation professional, Richard Hodkinson.

As a highly experienced professional pilot, Hodkinson's acute leadership qualities have been honed by having logged over 14,000 hours in the cockpit as well as many years in the boardroom. His venerable background serves to provide Corporate Jets, LLC with unprecedented vision, skill and guidance. Throughout his aviation and business career, he has effectively weathered both smooth air and unexpected turbulence. Hodkinson was the founder of Elite Aviation in 1994, he served as CEO and COO until selling the company in 2004 after which he served another two years as COO. Elite Aviation is Headquartered at the Van Nuys, Airport in Van Nuys California.

In 2008 Hodkinson returned to aviation and has been on an aggressive aviation business development and acquisition campaign. He purchased Corporate Jets, LLC from Landmark Aviation and has now aligned himself with an impressive upper and mid-level management team, many of whom he has worked closely with in the past.

Since March of this year, with Hodkinson at the helm, Corporate Jets LLC has rapidly become a primary charter consideration for numerous Fortune 500 Companies. With a fleet that includes the technologically advanced Gulfstream IV and V aircraft, Corporate Jets is in a position to offer a broad scope of aviation management and charter capabilities to its customers. Hodkinson takes pride in his ability to offer "The Best" in Charter Service. With the Gulfstream V as the flagship of his fleet, the core characteristics set forth at Corporate Jets, LLC are safety, luxury, comfort, range, speed and service.

Let there be no mistake, with Richard Hodkinson and Corporate Jets is quickly ascending and has no plans for leveling off. For more information on Corporate Jets, Please visit or

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