Ovary Pain Brown Period Blood

I was introduced to coral calcium in I'd say, 1999. For years I was experiencing joint pain, specifically in the shoulder(s). Over a ten year period, I had tried chiropractic, massage therapy, kinesiology, etc. I was at wits end, anticipating having to have some sort of surgery to alleviate the problem.

A friend of mine, Joe, who is a massage therapist and practitioner of alternative health, medicine, etc. called and asked me if I had heard of Bob Barefoot.

I replied that I had, in fact, I just ordered his book, The Calcium Factor. Joe then told me that he had Bob on the phone, to say, "hello."

I spoke with Bob for quite some time. I explained my condition, and asked a ton of questions about coral calcium and it's effects on degenerative diseases, like cancer. Bob was intriguing to say the least.

I ordered some coral calcium online, tested my pH and found that my saliva was acidic. According to Bob, an indication that you have some sort of illness, or are developing one.

I began taking the coral calcium right away. Within 5 days, I found that the joint pain I was experiencing before was gone! I had full mobility in both of my shoulders again.

In addition, I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. My BP was high enough that the doctor wanted to put me on medication. When I returned to the doctor, just 10 days after taking the coral calcium, my BP had normalized. No medication needed!

So, in less than ten days, my joint pain was gone, my BP was normal and my saliva started testing above 7.0, neutral on the acidic scale. Within a few more days my pH went up to 7.2!

In addition, many have experienced significant weight loss using coral calcium. Studies show that when your body is calcium deficient, it releases a fat storing hormone, called calcitriol. A simple fix - add calcium. Coral Calcium is a good source of calcium!

I started selling coral calcium, and needless to say, sales went through the roof! Our first website went to #1 on Google, and stayed there for over a year. We were selling in excess of 15,000 bottles of coral calcium a month.

Eventually, the FTC, FDA and the rest of some regulatory agencies filed suit against Bob Barefoot and one of his associates. They were forced to shut down their infomercial, being sited as making erroneous claims for the product.

The FTC can say what they want about scientific evidence not existing to support coral calcium claims, I don't need them, I AM ONE!

In addition, of all the coral calcium we have sold, there have been very few returns. Bottom line, for most people, coral calcium works!

Even if there are no evident benefits, coral calcium would be a good product to take for preventative reasons. Coral Calcium contains calcium and 73 trace minerals. In addition, we've added vitamin d, to aid in the absorption of calcium and the other nutrients.

ovary pain brown period blood