Fibroids In Uterus Painful

Managing painful fibroids is not as difficult as some women imagine. Indeed, many will live with almost unbearable symptoms for years and years until they seek help. The source of pain from fibroids can vary from woman to women, but mainly falls into three main categories.

Pain Due To Bleeding

Excessive bleeding can cause cramping and severe cramps may be an involuntary reflex by the body to expel the fibroid. You can try taking Ibuprofen to help with both the pain and the heavy bleeding. Some women find that simple management works well-try lying down with a thick pillow placed under your knees. Also, heat therapy can work well for this type of pain-a warm relaxing bath or heat pad on the abdomen can ease the pain.

General Abdominal Pain

Painful fibroids can cause general abdominal pain which can either be constant, or vary dependent on your menstrual cycle. It can be like a dull ache or stabbing in nature. This can be cause by the pressure on the internal organs caused by the growing fibroids. Stabbing pains can be caused by a degenerating (dying) fibroids. Other women experience pain due to fibroids pressing on the nerves extending down the legs. Some women also experience pain which extends into the back. For general pain, heat therapy is beneficial as is massage and exercise. For back pain, try pulling your knees up to your chest when lying on your side.

Pain During Intercourse

This is usually dependent on the size and location of the fibroids. It is best to experiment with different positions until you discover which work best and cause the least discomfort.

Painful fibroids can be an issue over many years unless you take decisive action. There are completely natural ways of managing the pain and many women are able to shrink their fibroids without surgery by following a robust set of protocols. If you are prepared to make lifestyle and dietary changes then this may be suitable for you.

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