Can I Remove Java Updates

The Java Update is a feature that keeps users computer up-to-date automatically with all latest releases of Java. When a user installs Java Runtime Environment, the Java Update feature is installed automatically on the system. It connects to at a scheduled time and checks that if there are any updates available. If there is an update, it notifies user by showing pop-up of "Java Update Available" and then user can install the new update if he/she wishes. Java launched new version - Java 7 on July 7, 2011 and was made available to developers on July 28, 2011. Since the initial release, 3 updates are being released by Java till now. The last update - Update 3 is released in February, 2012. Let us see all three major updates made for Java SE 7 by Java -
1] Java 7 Update 1 It was released on October, 2011 with 20 security fixes. Majorly this release contains the fixes for security vulnerabilities. It also included some updates for few bug issues. It included a cumulative Critical Patch Update which is a collection of patches for multiple security vulnerabilities. It enclosed 20 new security fixes across Java SE, of which 6 were applicable to JRockit. 2] Java 7 Update 2This update contains some functionalities enhancements for Java applications. It was released on December, 2011 with no major security fixes. The demos and samples have been removed from the JDK installers and shifted to separate bundles in this release. Some improvements for web deployed apps are also included in this release like improved support for JNLP apps, reduction in footprints of signed JAR files, some startup improvements, and many others. 3] Java 7 Update 3Update 3 is released recently on February 14, 2012 and it is mainly concentrating on security fixes. This Critical Patch Update included 14 new security fixes across the Java SE Products. It also included some non-security related fixes. This Critical patch update is cumulative that is - it includes all fixes from the previous Critical Patch Updates. This automatic Update feature by Java is very useful especially to Java Developers. It is also possible to configure Java Updates according to the requirements, and also the notifications option and update schedule can be changed if desired. Also, there is an option of checking manually for the updates whenever required by the user. Java web application development service is offered by several applications development companies. Softweb solutions have expertise in providing Java application development services. Contact us at for more details.

can i remove java updates