Cyst On Gum Line

So you go to the dentist because one of your permanent teeth has been knocked from the gum line. After examination, the dentist applies a viscous liquid to your gums and teeth. You can t help but taste the substance; it tasted unpleasant and bitter. Your dentist says that the procedure was essential for replacing your lost tooth. In less than an hour, the liquid hardens and becomes a replica of your teeth and gums.

The hardened liquid imprint of your dental structure is called a dental impression. Dental impressions are commonly made from polyether, silicone, sodium alginate, agar, and zinc oxide. The dental impression is used to measure the size, shape, and alignment of your teeth. It is used as a rough draft in fabricating crowns and dental implants used as artificial teeth.

The conventional process of placing dental implants has several phases. Most dentists request for multiple consultations and check-ups to complete the process. After making dental impressions, dentists place a temporary abutment to fill in gum gaps. After this, they request for follow-up checkups to assess the placement of the abutment. Essentially, the dental implant and crown integrates with the gums in a process called osseointegration. During this process, the gums are allowed to connect with the implant and the crown.

Modern technology has made it easier to complete the dental implant process. Nowadays, dentists can place permanent crowns on the gums in one visit. In Lake Forest and Libertyville, dentists use Computer Assisted Design/Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology. A dentist Libertyville uses intraoral cameras in CAD/CAM machines to get a digital impression of the teeth. The machine enables dentists to instantly create a dental implant, condensing the implant process into one operation.

A dentist Libertyville uses porcelain and ceramic materials in fabricating implants in CAD/CAM machines. Most patients prefer CAD/CAM implants over conventional dental implants. This way, they are spared from the laborious and lengthy procedure of dental implant placement.

The convenience of the CAD/CAM implant process has gained popularity in the dental field. A dentist Lake Forest, IL can accurately measure the patient s oral structure without applying unpleasant-tasting chemicals on the teeth. Likewise, patients do not need to wear temporary dental crowns, making the process more convenient and easier to deal with.

cyst on gum line