What Can Cause Ovary Pain Just Below Knee

While you may be worried about what the various factors are that cause knee arthritis, it may come as a complete surprise to you to learn that running is not a main risk factor in spite of the fact that medical opinion on the subject is almost evenly divided between those who think it does affect your knee arthritis and those who think it does not. Some studies that if a person keeps his or her mileage to below thirty miles, the risk of contracting knee arthritis is not very high.

Such studies obviously raise the question as what are the best exercises to treat knee arthritis, and some suggest aerobic exercises could play an important role for treating the condition. It would be wise for a patient of knee arthritis to include aerobics, and also use strengthening and stretching in a complete exercise program to get best results. Patients can also choose an elliptical trainer for your knee arthritis and they are generally available in fitness clubs.

The advantage of using an elliptical trainer for knee arthritis is that it allows you to move in a way that lies in between the movement of a bike and that of a stairclimber. You can keep your feet on the pedals while you get a smooth elliptical motion that does not involve any impact, which results in better cardiovascular workout as well as a low-impact workout.

You can also choose to swim in order to improve your knee arthritis, as this exercise too will give you a good cardiovascular workout and it is also not an impact activity. However, it may not be very suitable if you have a shoulder problem as certain strokes could lead to aggravating your shoulder problem even more. Nevertheless, for knee arthritis it makes for an excellent choice and you should go ahead and swim without fear of any repercussions.

You can even consider using a stationary bike that is ideal for aerobic conditioning and it is yet another non-impact activity, though for your knee arthritis condition, you should ensure that the tension is very low and you must start off slowly to prevent the risk of worsening your knee condition. You can also use it for quad strengthening as well as for stretching the hamstring.

You should not use a treadmill for your knee arthritis as this is an impact activity that would make your knee condition get worse. Keeping in mind these activities and exercises, you should be able to deal well with your arthritis problem.

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what can cause ovary pain just below knee