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Fitbit One Tracker Video Demo

Here's a quick overview of how the latest Fitbit One tracker works.
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Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

Don't make the mistake of thinking that the Fitbit is an enhanced pedometer. It's a 24 hour fitness tracker that will accurately record your results and help to keep you motivated.

During the day, it will record your steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, and stairs climbed. At night, it will measure your sleep quality - and it can even wake you in the morning without disturbing your partner.

It's small and discreet, so you can wear it on your belt, clip it onto you pocket or even wear it on a bra. You won't notice it's there and it won't impede you in any way - which is important since you'll be using it 24-7.

It monitors your steps taken, distance covered, stairs climbed and calories burned during the day and it keeps track of the quality of your sleep at night. It will even wake you in the morning with a silent vibrating alarm which won't disturb your partner.

You can also input what foods you're eating and what you're drinking throughout the day.

Whenever you're within range of either your computer or smartphone, data is automatically transferred and you will be able to monitor your progress - and share with your friends if you wish. That can spur you on to greater things in itself.

You will also receive awards and unlock achievements, which will be easy to monitor on the control panel. Your Fitbit data can also be integrated into a variety of popular health and fitness apps which can be used on smartphones and tablets.

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, Black

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker, Black

  • Monitor steps taken, distance covered, calories burned and stairs climbed.
  • Monitors sleep length and quality.
  • Can wake you with a silent, vibrating alarm - without disturbing your partner.
  • Automatically syncs information with your smartphone or computer.
  • Stay motivated by setting goals, tracking progress and earning badges.

Does Fitbit Work?

does fitbit work

In terms of accuracy of tracking, Fitbit works well and the results can be used to track progress and plan your fitness regime.

What's more important, for many people, is the way that Fitbit makes this information available to you so easily and allows you to share it with your friends (if you wish).

The clear display will let you see exactly how you're getting on - and the ability to share data and achievements with your friends and family can lead to some healthy competition which might spur you on to greater things.

Unlocking achievements is something which many people will find surprisingly motivating. It sounds odd, but it really makes a difference and can be quite compelling.

If you want to get an idea of just how inspirational can be, try to remember those electronic Tamagotchi digital pets. People would become extraordinarily devoted to these devices and spend a lot of time caring for their "pet".

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

The Fitbit Zip wireless activity tracker offers all of the tracking benefits of the Fitbit One, but without the sleep monitoring facility.

Small and discreet, you can wear your Fitbit Zip on a belt, pocket or bra.

It comes in 4 different colors: Charcoal, Blue, Lime and Magenta.

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Charcoal

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Charcoal

  • Keep track of your number of steps taken, calories burned and distance covered.
  • Automatically syncs and shares data with your computer or smartphone.
  • Unlock achievements, gain badges and stay motivated.
  • Share your progress with friends and family. Encourage healthy competition.
  • Keep a log of your food and drink intake.

Fitbit Zip Video Demo

Here's a quick demo of the Fitbit zip.
Fitbit Zip
by FitbitUK | video info

15 ratings | 4,741 views

Available in five bright colours, Zip captures everyday activity statistics in real time including steps taken, distance travelled and calories burned, thereby encouraging people to walk more and be more active, wherever they are. The size of a pound coin, Zip easily slips into a pocket and comes with a small silicone clip that the Zip tracker fits into and can be clipped onto the inside or outside of clothes.

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ovary pain period and ovulation tracker

Ovary Cyst Symptoms Ruptured Eardrum

Vibrating eardrums and itching in ears surely calls for an ear examination. The human ear has three divisions namely, the inner ear, the middle ear and the outer ear. The setup of the organs in the ear is that the interior part has the external pinna connected to the eardrum by the auditory canal. Listening and body-balance mechanisms are located in this region.

Otoscopy examines when a patient experiences giddiness, discomfort or ear pain for unknown reasons. Otoscopy test is performed when there are cases of blockage due to ear-wax, infection, tympanic membrane rupture, or initial redness or swelling or any other form of temporary or permanent hearing problem.

The otoscopy procedure includes the examination of the external ear with the help of an aurioscope, also known as otoscope. This instrument helps detect the reasons for the pain or discomfort faced by the patient. An instrument called the speculum is attached to the front part of the aurioscope and it is inserted into the ear canal to visualize the affected area better. The otoscope instrument also consists of a small air vent which helps the doctor in checking the balance and the pressure by blowing air into the channel. Both the ears are checked in the similar fashion.

With the advent of technology, the otoscopy procedures and instruments like otoscopes are being developed to make the procedure as smooth as possible. Medical products like Welch Allyn otoscope is a video otoscope which is a kind of small endoscope attached to a video camera unit, used to examine the ear canal, outer ear and tympanic membrane. Video otoscopy helps to watch a live image from the ear on a TV monitor, computer/laptop or a portable capture monitor through a USB capture box. Basically, video otoscopes are optical devices transferring live image through an internal CCD video camera chip. Talking about other techniques, Pneumatic otoscopy is the procedure which checks the mobility of the tympanic membrane by observing its response to pressure.

Otoscopy examination is rarely painful and takes only a few minutes to perform. The surgeon performing the procedure should take care that the instrument is pushed slowly so that it does not disrupt the inner lining of the auditory canal. One has to be more careful if the ear canal is infected, to avoid further pain and damage. Though most wounds are curable, forcing the device inside the ear can cause tearing of the tympanum.

Though otoscopy is mainly a diagnostic test, it is also used for primary treatments like clearance of ear wax or applying medication. Advanced technology has simplified diagnosis and treatment for patients and this certainly proves to be a medical boon.

ovary cyst symptoms ruptured eardrum

What Causes A Cyst On Ovary Kids

An idea is born

Keeping the children and parents connected.

Dog Tags for Kids programMilitary parents have always been able to write home, but what else could they send to show their kids how much they are loved and missed? A story appeared about one dad who wanted to send something home, and all that was available was some band aids and sun screen. Many might think that was silly, but to those kids, it meant the world. After all, it was from Dad!

In an effort to find something that the troops could easily use to send home, Rose Sliepka from First Place Awards in California realized that kids would love to recieve something from their parents, and what better than a Dog Tag of their own to proudly wear. Small and easy to mail, a grassroots effort began to ship them to those in harm's way as a means of support and thanks. It soon grew extremely popular with the moms and dads not to mention the kids at home becoming one of the greatest gifts one could give.

The project grows.

Every dollar provides smiles!

Dog Tags for Kids With the help of Kids Charities of the Antelope Valley, the non-profit status enabled the group to persue public donations and expand the program. With just a handful of volunteers, there have now been over 751,300 tags as of the end of march, 2013 shipped overseas to be returned home to the children. The impact has been phenomenal, and the troops have expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the people back home supporting them.

Dog Tags for Kids has no paid staff, so there are absolutely no administrative fees taken out of contributions and the entire group works tirelessly as volunteers. It has been a labor of love with satisfaction beaming every time another letter comes in from the troops.

We need your help!

Share a smile with the kids.

Dog Tags for Kids OrganizationDespite the public's generosity, economic times have taken it's toll on the incoming contributions. There are currently many requests from our troops pending for tags that need to be sent. In order to do that, our military needs your help and support.

If you are in a position to help, please visit our web site, .DogTagsForkids.com where you can learn more about this wonderful project or join our Facebook Page. You can also make a donation directly from this site below, or you can download this Donation Form and mail it with your contribution.

Have an old car, truck or boat you've been wanting to get rid of? You can always donate your vehicle to help!

You will feel good knowing you have supported our military, and put some smiles on the faces of the kids left behind.

We're also pleased to have been selected by and available for support through the Squidoo list of charities. For the consideration and support, we thank the entire Squidoo staff!

Recognition from the Squidoo community

I'm extremely pleased, and most honored to have this designated as "Lens Of The day" on September 15th, 2008. I'm grateful for the heartwarming response and support from the entire community. Thank you to one and all!

Help send tags to our troops for their kids.

Every $.50 cents sends a tag and creates smiles!

You can help by making a contribution here! Your help is greatly appreciated by our troops, and their families waiting at home. Thanks!

Help send dog tags to soldiers in Iraq to send to their kids. From a Parent Overseas to a Child at Home. You can help by donating today.

We at Squidoo passionately believe in creating new ways to support good causes online. By making a donation to Dog Tags for Kids from this page, you are sending money directly to that organization, in whatever amount you want. We don't touch it. We don't even see it. The author of this page doesn't either. And if you made it this far, thanks for caring.


The national media picks up the story.

Fox News ran a story about the project that aired on Fox Stations all across the country. If you missed it, you can still view the video on this segment from the morning show Fox and Friends


A Military Homecoming

This is a heartfelt reunion between a military mom and her young daughter at the airport. Watch at the end as the little girl proudly shows off the dog tag her mom sent home for her. The smile on the her face says it all.
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The VFW acknowledges our efforts!

We received a commendation from the National Headquarters

I'm pleased to say that our program was officially recognized by George J. Lisicki, the Commander-in-Chief of the VFW. We're proud and thrilled to have their support as indicated in this letter that we received extolling our efforts. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of our Vets and members of the VFW.

Honors on a national level.

The Jefferson Awards is a prestigious organization designed to recognize and honor those individuals that provide excellence in community service through their contibutions and achievements. We're extremely proud to announce that the awards were recently presented in Washington D.C, and Rose Sliepka was indeed honored for her outstanding work with the Dog Tags for Kids program.

(Photo used with the permission of the Jefferson Awards organization).

All image and video copyrights as well as all intellectual property and trademarks are retained by their respective owners, and used with permission.

what causes a cyst on ovary kids

Pilonidal Cyst Photos Face

Lamb Costume for Baby

Any of these lamb costumes for a baby will cause you to get your camera or cell phone and start snapping pictures. There are pink ones for the girls and blue ones for the girls and a couple of them come in both colors. Why wait for Halloween when these are so much fun. Everyone will want a copy of those photographs and be sure to share them on Facebook for everyone to enjoy. Click on any Amazon button to get available sizes and the current price.

Pink Lamb Costume
Pink Lamb Costume


Lil Characters Infant Lamb Costume Off White/Pink/Light Blue
Lil Characters Infant Lamb Costume, Off White/Pink/Light Blue


Infant Little Lamb Costume - Infant 6-18 Months
Infant Little Lamb Costume - Infant 6-18 Months


Baby Lamb Plush Infant Costume Size 6-12mo.
Baby Lamb Plush Infant Costume Size 6-12mo.


Baby Lamb Costume
Baby Lamb Costume


Lamb Infant / Toddler Costume
Lamb Infant / Toddler Costume


Baby Lamb Halloween Costume

A baby lamb Halloween costume is an excellent choice for your child as you can see from these wonderful selections below. Any of these will cause everyone to just smile or laugh because they are so adorable. Just make sure you don't let everyone just squeeze or hug them to death because that is the reaction they will bring when dressed in one of these. Choose your favorite and click the link below to get all of the details.

Mary Had a Little Lamb Its Fleece as White as Snow! Infant Costume
Mary Had a Little Lamb, It's Fleece as White as Snow! Infant Costume


Ba Ba Lamb Bunting Infant Costume
Ba Ba Lamb Bunting Infant Costume


Infant (6-18 Mos) Little Baby Lamb Costume
Infant (6-18 Mos) Little Baby Lamb Costume


Ba Ba Lamb Infant Costume
Ba Ba Lamb Infant Costume


Fuzzy Lamb Infant Costume
Fuzzy Lamb Infant Costume


Grazing Lamb Childrens Costume
Grazing Lamb Children's Costume


Lamb Costumes for Toddlers

We found these lamb costumes for toddlers that are awfully cute for the youngsters. These are great for Halloween costumes and also are great costumes for a play or other similar activity. Some of these are in short supply and many indeed be sold out by the time you see this. Check this out and getthe current price by clicking any of the links below the photos.

Childs Toddler Lamb Costume (2-4T)
Child's Toddler Lamb Costume (2-4T)


Toddler Little Lamb Affordable Mascot Animal Halloween Costume
Toddler Little Lamb Affordable Mascot Animal Halloween Costume


Toddler Deluxe Lamb Halloween Costume (Size:2-4T)
Toddler Deluxe Lamb Halloween Costume (Size:2-4T)


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Baby Bunny Costume
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pilonidal cyst photos face

Ovaries Stretch Mark Removal Surgery Before And After

There are a unit quite few stretch marks creams offered within the market. It are often very confusing discern that is de facto the simplest striation cream to treat your skin. However, before you get a cream, it's smart to grasp what stretch marks area unit and why you get them. Theyre horizontal scars showing on skin once the skin is stretched on the far side its endurance. The marks typically seem throughout physiological state or pubescence once large changes happen in your body in an exceedingly} very short amount of your time. Below, I actually have listed many things that you just will verify the realize the simplest cream to battle these ugly scars.

In order to seek out the simplest stretch marks cream, you'll additionally rummage around for a cream containing vitamins like vitamin E and vitamin C. These vitamins assist skin tissue to construct and effectively get the physical property back in your skin. stretch creams supported vitamins area unit are imagined to have less harmful chemicals and are so quite safe to use.
Stretch marks area unit proverbial to be permanent scarring within the outside of the skin, once it's there. Striation creams might reduce the striation however it couldn't utterly fade the scar.
The key currently lies on the first interference of the incidence of stretch marks. Early application of those creams will seriously forestall these unpleasant marks from even happening.

The slash in albuminoidal or the connective super molecule of skin tissues is that the reason behind the looks of stretch marks. Therefore, creams, that have collage replacement properties, will facilitate the healing of those scars quicker and effectively. However, certify that the striation cream is of a well known whole before shopping for it. Youll additionally visit a web forum and place questions about the simplest striation cream with albuminoidal replacement properties. an honest physiological state cream are often dear, however, if it's actually effective, it'll be very worthwhile.

You can additionally decide on a striation cream that additionally doubles up as associate degree anti-aging treatment. There are a unit several creams like Revitol and Mederma, that area unit quite effective in treating droopy skin similarly as physiological state stretch marks. Remember, in each case the most drawbacks are that the skin loses its physical property. Also, honest anti-aging or anti-stretch creams are often quite dear. Its way economical for you if you'll treat your stretch marks similarly as your wrinkles or droopy skin at the side of it.

ovaries stretch mark removal surgery before and after

Gynecological Cancer Post Hysterectomy

The Debate Boiling around Hysterectomy The most commonly done gynecological surgical procedure is hysterectomy. The process involves either the complete or the partial removal of the uterus. It is quite ironic in its own way because it deprives the woman any further chance of ever conceiving a role most women consider as their part on this earth. Due to the fact that it is a commonly performed gynecological surgery procedure, a debate has grown around it stating that hysterectomy is done for rather unwarranted and unnecessary reasons. Reasons Hysterectomy Is Performed To help settle the matter, medical personnel have explicitly laid out that the reasons hysterectomy is done is only for the following:* Hysterectomy is a must-do procedure when there is a threat from cancers and tumors affecting any part of the uterus or in adjacent areas that may also affect the uterus in time. * In some instances, hysterectomy is done as a prophylactic treatment for those who have a strong family history of cancers affecting the reproductive system, especially breast cancer. Sometimes, hysterectomy is done as part of the recovery process from such cancers. * As a sort of last-ditch effort to curtail endometriosis and adenomyosis, especially when the growth affects the uterine wall or if the growth passes right through the uterine wall. The procedure is done only after all clinical and pharmaceutical efforts have been exhausted. * Hysterectomy is also done to correct a severe case of placenta that has formed inside the birth canal or when the placenta attaches to other organs, especially when there is excessive bleeding observed. * The procedure is also done when there is a severe developmental disability due to a malignant growth in the uterus or other similar problems. * Although rather rare, hysterectomy is also done on transmen who have decided they don t want to have any part in childbearing and want their uterus taken out. Advantages of Hysterectomy The obvious benefit of undergoing hysterectomy is that the procedure can rectify any possible problem that reproductive system cancers may bring. This is especially true if the procedure is done to preempt the possible onset of breast cancer among women who have a strong history of family members having cancer before. The Risks Associated with Hysterectomy Hysterectomy is known to contribute to the early onset of menstruation. For women who underwent the process, menstruation comes in more or less 3 years earlier than the common age for the period to come. The situation is attributed to the disruption in the blood supply to the ovaries after hysterectomy. Moreover, women who have undergone hysterectomy are at risk for developing osteoporosis and bone fractures due the modulatory effect of the estrogen on calcium metabolism and the drop in serum estrogen levels can cause to excessive calcium loss and bone wasting. Alternatives to Hysterectomy Though hysterectomy is frequently done, there are alternatives to it. One of these alternatives is endometrial ablation wherein the growth on the lining of the uterus is destroyed with heat. Other procedures employ radio frequency and ultrasound surgery to kill any harmful growth in the uterus.

gynecological cancer post hysterectomy

Fibroid Tumors With Teeth And Hair

My Favorite Dye For My Crazy Hair Colors

I'm a bit picky when it comes to choosing semi-permanent hair dye. I want a brand that comes in a variety of crazy hair colors. I want those colors to be bright and vivid and to last longer than 2 weeks. And I want the hair dying process to be as easy as possible.
I haven't been able to find all that in one brand and that's why I have two favorites!

My Favorite Crazy Colour Hair Dye

N Rage Mix N Go Hair Color System

The first time I ever used this hair dye, I knew I found a winner. With this kit, I can skip the crucial hair lightening step because this dye is designed to both lighten my hair and color it at the same time. I always use this dye to add pink highlights and most of the time, that uses up most of it. So it would probably take 2 or 3 boxes for a whole head of hair. It comes with everything you need, even a little bowl to mix the color and activator in. You're supposed to use the little brush to apply the dye on your hair, but I just scoop it up with my fingers. 25 minutes, a rinse and a shampoo later, I'm ready to show off my new hot pink highlights.
After 3 weeks, the bright color starts to fade to a lighter bubblegum pink. But it takes months to wash out completely.

N Rage Mix N Go Hair Color System Intense Pink

N Rage hair dye saves you time and money by lightening your hair at the same time as it's coloring it. Choose between Intense Pink, Intense Purple or Intense Red.

My Second Favorite Crazy Color Hair Dye

Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent Hair Color

This would be my absolute favorite if I didn't have to take the extra step to lighten my hair first. This is my first choice when looking for rainbow hair dye because it gives me 8 color choices. I love how easy it is to apply and unlike other hair dyes, it has a pleasant smell.
It comes out of the tube really thick and that makes it easy to apply it exactly where I want color (which is important when I'm trying for rainbow hair streaks). One tube isn't enough to do a full head of hair, but I don't mind because I use multiple colors at one time. Rinsing is slightly messy but nothing I can't handle. It tends to dye the bathtub during the rinsing and for the first couple shampoos but a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser takes it right off.
When it's all said and done, the resulting color is always bright, bold and vibrant. The color comes out a little with each wash, but with a little care, it can last 3 or more weeks.
Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi-Permanent Hair Color

This hair dye doesn't contain ammonia or peroxide, so it doesn't cause as much damage as other hair dyes. Use on pre-lightened hair to get the most intense colors.

Ion Color Defense After-Color Sealer

Ion Color Defense After-Color Sealer

I don't use this sealer every time I dye my hair, but when I do, I can get an extra week out of my intense color before it starts to fade.

Ion Color Brilliance Powder Lightener 1 lb. Tub

Ion Color Brilliance Powder Lightener 1 lb. Tub

If you have medium or dark colored hair, you'll need to lighten it before using Ion Color Brilliance Brights hair dye. Mixing this with the developer below will lighten your hair in under an hour.

Ion Sensitive Scalp Developer 20 Volume 8 oz.

Ion Sensitive Scalp Developer 20 Volume 8 oz.

This developer is formulated to lighten your hair without irritating your sensitive scalp. And although the smell isn't great, it's not as bad as other lighteners.

Join Me As I Give Myself Pink Highlights

N Rage hair dye only works with heat so I have to wrap my highlights in foil and hit them with a blow dryer every few minutes. I don't know about you, but I'm not liking the sound of this!

Have you ever felt hot tin foil on your skin? It doesn't feel very good. You see that one in the front on the right? It's resting on my eyebrow. And the one behind it was resting right on my ear. There was another one in the back that was laying on my neck. And that one on the left kept swinging and hitting my cheek. I dreaded every time I had to turn the blow dryer on. I pretty much spent the entire 25 minutes in agony.

This is bringing back such bad memories. I remember this moment. The foil was so hot, I thought it was going to melt through my skin. I tried leaning my head this way and that way but no matter what, the hot foil was always on me. I wanted take the foil off early but even more, I wanted those bright pink highlights. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, I couldn't help but scream in despair. Shortly after this photo was taken, the pain became too much and I passed out.

Ooooh! Did I have you fooled? Bad Cat! Bad bad Cat!

Sorry about that! Don't worry! It's all good! In reality, using the N Rage hair dye is an easy and enjoyable experience. Although I feel the hot foil brush against my skin every once in a while, it annoys me more than it hurts. I leave it on for 25 fun-filled minutes in order to get that bright hot pink color I love so much. Speaking of, I think it's time to take the foil off.

Look at that vivid color! I can't believe I can get a crazy hair color this bright without pre-lightening my hair first! Actually, it's almost too bright, even for me! Hopefully, rinsing it will take it down just a notch.

So, what do you think? I think it's perfect!

Now It's Time For Rainbow Hair Streaks

Why don't we just skip right to the end this time!

Although I'm sure someone out there sells a rainbow hair dye kit, I prefer to choose my own colors. I normally use Ion Color Brilliance Brights hair dye to give myself rainbow hair streaks, but this time I mixed and matched. The red is N Rage dye, and the blue and purple are both Ion Color Brilliance Brights. The process is basically the same as giving myself the pink highlights. Working with one color at a time, I coat small chunks of hair and wrap them in foil. I try to vary the amount of hair I use for each highlight and I make a point of not dying just the top of my hair. Although Ion Color Brilliance doesn't need heat to work, adding heat gives you a more intense color. So I hit all the foil highlights with the blow dryer. 25 fun-filled minutes later (I'll spare you the pictures this time), I have rainbow hair streaks.

Products That Protect My Crazy Hair Colors

My Most Valuable Tip

Only wash your hair two or three times a week. Use hair products made for color treated hair and ALWAYS use cool water. Hot water will wash your color right down the drain.

I Can't Live Without Argan Oil

And Neither Can My Hair!

Everyone has their own brands and products they like and I'm no different. These products are what I use every time I dye my hair. These are the hair care products I trust and quite honestly, they're the only ones I can personally recommend.

HSI PROFESSIONAL Argan Oil LEAVE IN CONDITIONER flat iron thermal protector leaves hair silky and shiny 2oz BOTTLE

Once you apply this to your hair, you'll want to kiss me. Yes. It's that good.

Make it a habit to massage a couple drops of argan oil into your damp hair after every shower and before long you'll be rewarded with smoother, shinier hair. I also rub some in after my hair is dry to give it a little extra shine.

All natural Argan oil is composed of lipid compounds, antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids that are easily absorbed into hair follicles, letting it work from the inside out. The antioxidants repair cellular damage, making hair stronger. The fatty acids strengthen the bonding proteins in hair, making hair stronger and smoothing split ends. The vitamin E protects your hair from heat damage.

As a whole, Argan oil hydrates, moisturizes, nourishes, protects and strengthens your hair, making it smooth, shiny, healthy and frizz-free.

Use after every shower to lock in moisture and keep color from fading. Apply before using any heated styling tools to protect hair from heat damage.

Here's The Other Hair Care Products That Protect My Color

Colored hair, especially hair that's been lightened, needs to be treated with kids gloves. Normal hair products will wash away your color, strip your hair of the moisture it has left and leave it looking worse than ever. Your hair needs products that are made for color treated hair. These are gentler, safer and generally leave your hair looking and feeling healthy.
L'Oreal Paris EverPure Smooth Shampoo, 8.5-Fluid Ounce

L'Oreal Paris EverPure Smooth Shampoo, 8.5-Fluid Ounce

Color treated hair needs to be cleaned with a gentle shampoo, preferably one without sulfates. L'Oreal Paris EverPure is formulated to thoroughly clean your hair without damaging it or leaving any residue behind. Use the shampoo and conditioner together to protect and maintain your color. It has an herbal scent that I really like, but I know many people who complain about it.

L'Oreal Paris EverPure Smooth Conditioner, 8.5-Fluid Ounce

L'Oreal Paris EverPure Smooth Conditioner, 8.5-Fluid Ounce

Regular conditioners aren't good enough for color treated hair. They don't offer enough moisturizer and a lot of them leave behind residue that weighs hair down. L'Oreal Paris EverPure Smooth Conditioner is formulated to gently but deeply nourish your hair without weighing it down. For extra effect, leave it on your hair for 4 or 5 minutes before rinsing out.

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask, 6 Ounce (Pack of 2)

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask, 6 Ounce (Pack of 2)

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it yet, but color treated hair needs to be pampered with nourishing moisturizers to keep it from becoming dry and brittle. I use this deep conditioning treatment once a week to boost my hairs moisture. Apply after shampooing and after 5 minutes, rinse it out. On days when my hair feels especially dry, I'll leave this mask on for 30 minutes. That usually does the trick.

Did my little story have you fooled?

crazy hair color

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fibroid tumors with teeth and hair

What Are The Causes Symptoms Of Ovarian Cysts Gas

Belching or burping is also medically referred as eructation or ructus. Essentially it is a process of releasing gas from the digestive tract through the mouth. A typical odor or sound may also accompany the process of gas release. Belching is a common universal phenomenon and not limited to few people with any specific disorder. Infants to older adults belch or burp to expel air that has been swallowed in excess. Belching relieves the abdomen of discomfort caused due to the excess air.
Belching can also form as a habit to many people and such belching or burping may not be related to the accumulation of air in their stomachs. Instinctively people resort to belching on account of any form of abdominal discomfort to expel gas and ease the existing discomfort.

Though it sounds like a simple exercise, technically belching is a co-coordinated activity. For egs: the larynx is raised to ensure no liquid or food passing with the air from the stomach get into the lungs and this process also relaxes the upper cardia (esophageal sphincter) such that air can pass more easily from the esophagus into the throat. The lower cardia (esophageal sphincter) also needs to open so that air can pass from the stomach into the esophagus. During these activities, the diaphragm descends such that it increases abdominal pressure and decreases pressure in the chest similar to taking a breath. The change in pressure ensures air flows from the stomach in the abdomen to the esophagus in the chest.

Belching a few times after eating is normal and is usually the result of air that was swallowed while eating. Other causes include:

1. Carbonated drinks
2. Irregular eating habits
3. Nervousness
4. Improperly fitting dentures
Certain medical conditions can also cause belching, such as:
1. Ulcer
2. Gallbladder issues
3. Gastro-esophageal reflux

Read more on http://www.himalayahomeremedies.com/homeremedies_belching.htm

Foods that commonly induce belching during their digestive process are:
1. Prunes
2. Beans
3. Lentils
4. Milk
5. Sugar
6. Apricots
7. Cabbage
8. Onions
9. Bananas

Home Remedies
1. Powder together dry ginger with black pepper, equal amounts, say 1 teaspoon each and 3-4 cardamom seeds. Have 1/2 teaspoon of this mix with water to relieve gas.
2. Apply a paste of asafoetida (hing) mixed with water on the stomach.
3. Make a coarse powder of equal amounts of cum in seeds, carom seeds, black pepper corns and fenugreek seeds. Have 1/2 teaspoon with water.
4. To prevent gas forming, chew a piece of fresh ginger after meals regularly.
5. Add a teaspoon of caraway seeds to one and half or two litres of water and boil it on low flame for 15 minutes. Strain and drink 1 cup of this tea, hot or warm 3 times a day after meals.
6. A drop of dill oil (soye ka tel) mixed with a teaspoon of honey, licked immediately after meals is very effective in controlling gas.
7. Wash black harad well with water and wipe with a clean dry cloth, store in a air tight bottle. Suck one piece after meals. Keep in the mouth till it dissolves completely. This is effective in controlling gas and constipation.
8. Mix 1/4 teaspoon dry ginger powder with a pinch of asafoetida and a pinch of black salt in a little warm water and drink it.
9. Mix 1-2 teaspoons brandy with warm water and drink for immediate relief from gas and stomach ache due to gas.
10. Take Bishop's seeds 10 gms., dry ginger 6 gms., kala namak 3 gms., grind them well to powder form and administer thrice daily with water. Take 3 gms. of powder each time.
11. Munch your food properly and eat slowly, without letting air enter your system when you gulp your food.
12. Take a spoonful of ginger juice, add salt and take it after your meals.
13. Take dry ginger, Bishop's seeds, and about 2 spoonfuls of lemon juice. Mix them well and take the combination whenever you have a feeling of overfulness or any gastric trouble.
14. Asafoetida should be an essential condiment of your food if you have this trouble. If you feel pain in your stomach, rub asafoetida added to water over and around your navel.

what are the causes symptoms of ovarian cysts gas

Symptoms Of Pcos Yeast Infections

Household Goods for Yeast Infections. Do you know that various solutions for your skin problems are found in your house? To treat annoying skin allergies, we can use different household supplies. Listed here are some examples of the home remedies for yeast infections that can be found in the kitchen cabinet.

Vinegar - Vinegar is not only used as a meat processing and cooking ingredient. It can also ease various symptoms of yeast infection such as itchiness and skin irritation. Adding a drop of vinegar on your bath can prevent the growth of yeast and help in maintaining the normal pH level of our body. This natural cure is, likewise, an effective swimmers ear home remedy that kills bacteria and stops inflammation that further damage the hearing function of a person. Apple cider vinegar not only hinders the progress of yeast and other organisms that triggers yeast infection, but it also gives a total cure for acne. This is one acne home remedies that should also be considered.

Garlic - Using garlic for toenail fungus home remedies will prevent the spread of fungi. Garlic has an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial property and is proven one of the most wonderful backyard crops to fight against many skin allergies. It is a natural antibiotic that stops swelling and reduces redness on the affected area.
Various Herbal Oils - Natural oils can also be used as home remedies for yeast infections. Little drops of tea tree oil on the water serve as an antiseptic suspension that destroys yeast in the body. This oil solution is a good home protection against yeast both for men and women because it minimizes the irritating signs of skin disorder while cold coconut and cinnamon oils is an effective anti - fungal mixtures against yeast.

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Honey Solution - For an anti - scar remedy without undergoing surgery why not try using the honey solution. Honey can help the skin repair damaged tissues caused by aggressive scratching. It has a natural moisturizer leaving a healthy glow on your skin.
Baking Soda - Primarily used in making bread, baking soda can also be used as a cure for fungal infection. This baking ingredient being used as an alternative acne home remedy; as a facial cleanser for removing dirt and dead cells, toner to cut pores, and face mask that brings a natural glow of the skin.
Yogurt - Foods that contain Lactobacilli such as yogurt and non-yeast diet is other useful home remedies for yeast infections. Eating yogurt regularly preserves the balance of friendly and harmful bacteria in our body. Yogurt is commonly used as a Candida yeast infection remedy because it controls the abnormal presence of fungi in our private organ.

Other herbal products - Other anti-fungal herbs such as black walnut, golden seal, and Licorice are useful medicines for yeast infection. Practicing proper hygiene and having a healthy diet can further protect us from yeast and other bacterial invasion.
Home remedies for yeast infections, and other skin disorders are more beneficial than taking medicines because of their mild and cleaner effect. The risk of a side-effect is minimal, and the cost is cheaper compared to the other leading over the counter tablet or capsule formulation.

symptoms of pcos yeast infections