Complex Ovarian Cyst Bursts

As water freezes, it expands in volume, putting the lines in danger when the pressure suddenly increases and the walls of the pipe cannot bear it. Below are some of the preventive measures you can take in order to prevent this from happening:

Insulate your lines Keep the lines warmer by providing insulation. Pipes that are exposed in places such as attics and under the house are more likely to freeze during winter. Wrap them well with pipe insulators to provide warmth and to protect them from extreme cold.

Caulk every leak or hole you may find inside the house because air drafts can enter inside the house through these holes, causing pipes to freeze.

Let your faucets drip During the night, turn on every kitchen and bathroom faucet and let the water run slowly or trickle because flowing water does not freeze immediately like stagnant water does. When you let faucets drip, the pressure build up is less, as well as its tendency to freeze.

Keep your house warm If possible, the thermostat in all parts of your house should be kept to at least about 55F. Open drawers and cupboards to allow warm air to circulate in these areas to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Drain your lines In order to completely fix the problem, let the water drain out from all your plumbing lines. If your lines have no water in them, frozen and broken lines are less likely to occur. Turn off the main water supply before you let the water drain out of the lines. The best way is to run the faucet in your bathtub or another large vessel, and to drain the remaining water from an outdoor tap.

By following these prevention tips above, you can guarantee that there will be fewer chances for the pipes to freeze or burst, causing freezing cold water to leak all through the house. This can damage the flooring and walls, and this can lead to large expenses due to costly repairs. If there is a possibility that a pipe is likely to burst, this is the best time to call in a professional to assess and solve this problem.

complex ovarian cyst bursts

Polycystic Ovary Congenital Heart Disease Journal

It has been reported that tea drinkers who drink 3 or more cups daily run an 11 percent less risk of heart attack or heart disease as reported in 2001 by the Journal of Epidemiology. Named mainly by its appearance, Bamboo Leaf tea has become an exquisite drink due to its soft, delightful taste and fresh aroma. In 1964, Buddhist Monk Jue-Kong created a distinctive blend by using leaves that were flat and gleaming. Soon this form of tea had become cultivated in the E-Mei temples throughout Asia. The Health Benefits of Green Teas Like most other teas, this drink has many health benefits. Most teas by nature are excellent antioxidants that fight free radicals within the body. Some of these free radicals can produce many illnesses including cancer and heart disease. Drinking a couple of cups of freshly brewed Green tea can help reduce these radicals thus providing a purification or detoxification in the body. Studies continue to show that drinking tea is an excellent way to promote health. This fine tea can be enjoyed anywhere and has become a widely accepted beverage and is available at most restaurants and coffee houses. Green leaf tea is the most popular tea in Asia, and consumed more than in any other country. How green tea is processed may be a clue to why it is so good for us. Green tea, unlike its black tea cousin is dried or heated only slightly and is never fermented. In fact, it is heated just enough to reduce the grassy flavor but still maintain the natural and fresh taste. Yet, the fact that the tea is processed so little is almost certain to be the reason for one of green tea's main benefits. Out of all the traditional Asian teas except possibly white tea, which is processed the same; green tea has been reported to have the most medicinal value and lowest caffeine. A word of caution though, most people cannot drink green tea on an empty stomach. If you want to avoid the unpleasant feeling of being punched in the stomach we recommend you eat a little before imbibing. Other Medical Breakthroughs of Bamboo Leaf green tea Green tea and white tea in generral is high in Poly-Phenol, which greatly reduces cancer-causing radicals. One 8oz cup of green tea has as much potency and health benefit as one 8oz cup of blueberries (a highly regarded antioxidant). Studies have shown the more tea that is consumed the less likely they will have certain types of cancer. Green tea has also been shown to help in weight loss. This is because the EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which is found in higher quantities in green and white tea stimulates our bodies to burn more calories. Tea also contains a certain amount of caffeine though less than coffee. In small quantities, green tea caffeine can help with mild headaches too. In short, green and white teas such as the Bamboo Leaf tea can help reduce the free radicals that have been shown to contribute to heart disease.

polycystic ovary congenital heart disease journal

Ovary Lower Abdominal Pain Back Pain Vaginal Itching

A vaginal yeast infection is extremely uncomfortable. Beginning symptoms involve a white discharge, and shortly thereafter women experience itching, burning, and even pain during intercourse. Sometimes an odor is even present.

MPI's Thuja No. 22 - This powerful extract contains two antiviral plant medicines thuja occidentals and melaleuca alternifolia. It is prescribed by naturopathic doctors or you can buy another brand version online.

Calendula. This is an effective natural remedy. {Research studies have proven that Calendula has anti-fungal properties that are definitely good in killing yeast.} In research studies, Calendula has proven to be an excellent treatment to kill bacteria.

There are different home remedies you can try. Cider vinegar is a know substance that actually kills off the bacteria causing the infection. All you have to do is rub it on the vaginal area a couple of times a day and it will cure your infection. It even gives instant relief of your itching and burning symptoms.

Use natural cures, such as home remedies. Not only have they been proven to work, but they are also safe to use and have zero side effects. A few examples of home remedies are things like garlic, boric acid, plain yogurt and more. Sounds odd, but they work wonders for a yeast infection!

Avoid sweetened food, alcohol and caffeine! You can drink coffee but make sure you just drink ONE cup a day. Cut down on sugar in your coffee; I used to use 2.5 teaspoons of sugar for my coffee but now I only use 1/2 teaspoon. Guess what? My coffee tastes better with less sugar! Sometimes I even drink coffee without adding any sugar. One of the most reliable home remedies for yeast infection is apple-cider vinegar (ACV). More and more people swear by the power of drinking and applying apple cider vinegar on a regular basis to prevent candida and for general health. Since vinegar is generally acidic, it is important to dilute apple cider vinegar with water before drinking or applying it to the infected area.

Certain herbal supplements are also known to be helpful in treating candidiasis. Garlic and pau d'arco top the list of herbs that can control yeast overgrowth. Garlic may be taken orally, or inserted into the vaginal orifice. Though it has an unpleasant smell, garlic is very effective in treating yeast infection. Oral supplements of vitamins A and E are also helpful. Again, these may be taken orally, or the vitamin capsules may be used as vaginal suppositories. There are also Vitamin E creams that may be topically used on vaginal skin.

ovary lower abdominal pain back pain vaginal itching

Ovary Pain Back Pain And Nausea During Hida Scan

SimpleCare World Health, a private International Health-care company, officially announces the launch of their new Free MRI or CT scan review Process

R. Prats, Medical Director of SimpleCare, describe his enthusiasm with this new service: I am very pleased with our ability to provide free MRI or Ct consultations As we continue giving the consumers the ultimate experience in purchasing their health care, this service will play a vital role in our business strategy, not only with our valued members, but with the general public looking for an alternative to the high cost of private health-care.

After you have an MRI performed, your physician specialist may provide you with either a set of films, CD of images, or a diagnostic report. All of these recorded forms can be used to diagnose a back, neck, hip or knee condition.

Our MRI Review Department is dedicated to reviewing each record and making an initial determination on whether surgery can help. This service is essential to helping sufferers who seek high quality and affordable solutions. Our department is comprised of board certified orthopedic surgeons and internist who have been working with orthopedic patients for over 20 years. In addition to reviewing records we will conduct one-on-one discussions with candidates throughout North America, educating patients on their specific conditions and related treatment options.

Once records are submitted to our department, we immediately begin the complimentary review process by entering your records into our evaluation system. The records are then disbursed to an MRI physician for review. After the physician makes an initial determination, an MRI consultant will call you on their behalf to discuss your specific symptoms and verify a correlation between those and your record findings. A few questions an MRI consultant commonly ask are; which side of your leg/arm are you experiencing pain? and do you have any numbness or tingling in your extremities, degree of pain in knee or hip joint? SimpleCares philosophy is to treat the patients symptoms and not just the condition.

It is important to note this discussion is a preliminary diagnosis and a complete physical evaluation will be necessary to determine surgical candidacy for any surgical procedure.

For a free evaluation of your MRI or CT scan, films or CD by our department, please proceed to SimpleCare World Health page and submit your information, a Patient Coordinator will respond to your submission within 48 hours.

If you prefer to send us a report for review, you may provide your Patient Coordinator a copy by mail, email or fax. The Patient Coordinator will act as your liaison to the MRI Review Department during this review process. If you have not yet spoken with a Patient Coordinator, please call 1-800 - 281-3136 for immediate assistance.

ovary pain back pain and nausea during hida scan

Ovary Pain Blood Loss During Menstruation Hemoglobin

The hemoglobin level is given by the amount of iron that our red blood cells pick up the famous red blood cells. These red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues that need to be collected and used.

The height makes it difficult for oxygen uptake is difficult, usually the high hemoglobin levels are higher, about 15 g / dl and 12 g / dl in Costa Rica.

For specialists, anemia has been underestimated for too long. The disorder is more prevalent in people over 65 years, according to studies.

One study concluded that the incidence of anemia among the elderly was four to six times higher and that affects nearly one quarter of people over 75 years. In a study of people with heart problems, for example, for every 1% decrease in hematocrit, the mortality rate increased 1.6 percent. In a study of about 79,000 patients hospitalized with heart attack, blood transfusions were lower the mortality among those with a hematocrit of less than 33% on arrival at hospital.

Vitamin B-6 pyridoxine

Among the many benefits of vitamin B6, that is, pyridoxine, we find that helps digest proteins and fats, helps form hemoglobin antibodies and also to avoid nerve and skin disorders.
As we know, excessive consumption can have negative consequences, in this case neurological disorders and numbness. For its part, the deficiency of pyridoxine in the diet can lead to problems such as irritability or depression, while it can generate the appearance of cold sores.

The study appears in the May 27 edition of the journal Circulation Research.

"Hemoglobin needs its natural partner in the blood, nitric oxide, to fulfill its function of carrying oxygen to tissues, but current treatments administered nitric oxide-free hemoglobin," he said in a prepared statement study leader Mark Dewhirst, professor of radiation oncology.

"By itself, actually reduces hemoglobin oxygenation to the tissues because the blood vessels constrict, reducing blood flow," said Dewhirst.

That means that when hemoglobin is administered alone, it could cause potentially fatal side effects, reducing the effectiveness of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

But tumors often are low oxygen, making them more resistant to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, the researchers noted. A method using hemoglobin to safely administer oxygen to tumor tissues might improve treatment.

Leukemia Glossary

Leukemia or leukemia is a group of malignant diseases of the bone marrow (blood cancer) that causes an uncontrolled increase in white blood cell (WBC) clonal bone marrow, which often go to the peripheral blood but sometimes they do not (leukemia aleucemicas). Certain malignant proliferation of red blood cells is included leukemia (erythroleukemia).

Red blood cells, red blood cells have the important job of carrying oxygen. These cells, which float in your blood, begin their journey in the lungs, where they pick up oxygen from the air you breathe. Then they travel to the heart, which pumps the blood, delivering oxygen to all parts of the body.

ovary pain blood loss during menstruation hemoglobin

Uterine Breast Cancer Symptoms Komen

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation was started by NancyBrinker in honor of her sister who had died of the illness. A former model and homecoming queen, Susan Goodman Komen passed away on August 4, 1980 after fighting against breast cancer for 3 years. She was just 36 years old. Her great sister, Nancy Brinker, had promised her she would do anything to help other women with the problem. Susan had apparently died after low considered treatment options, and patient education is a key part of the Komen Foundation's mission. The group was raised in Texas in 1982 by Nancy Brinker.

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation is the most leading advocacy group in the fight against breast cancer. The Komen Foundation is one of the nation's biggest private funders of cutting-edge research, which has led to scientific news such as the discovery of the BRCA-1 gene. The Komen Foundation pushes awareness of breast cancer in the US and abroad. Komen is a textbook study in cause-related marketing. Marketers of consumer goods ranging from yogurt to cars have started special promotions to help the Foundation. More than half the group's money come from the well-known Komen Race for the Cure Series. More than a normal fundraiser, the Series is an educational vehicle to get people active and involved in the porblem. Participants are asked to wear pink back signs in honor and memory of missed ones who have lost breast cancer, while survivors are asked to celebrate their survival by wearing pink caps and T-shirts. The Komen Foundation also supports public education, screening, treatment, and advocacy.

The Komen Foundation was started with just 0 and a box full of names. One of the earliest fundraising events was a polo tournament that raised ,000 to benefit Houston's M.D. Anderson Hospital. By the end of 1983, the Foundation had raised 0,000, according to Winning the Race . Brinker later told Business Week the local oil boom had helped the Foundation's early breast cancer fundraising efforts. While cause-related marketing had been practiced by the March of Dimes and other charities, the Komen Foundation took the concept to new worlds. Early attempts to place mammogram reminder tags with new bras were repulsed by marketers unwilling to associate their products with the disease. However, Brinker recalled in a memoir, changing demographics were on her side. Women's participation in the job market was increasing, bringing them new importance as consumers. Companies eventually warmed to the cause as a way to connect with female buyers. The biggest|A major} fundraiser for the Susan B. Komen Foundation is the 3 day walk or Race for the Cure. Anyone wanting to walk or run in the event can take pledges to raise funds for the foundation. Many enter the race in honor of a loved one that has died from cancer, while many are supporting loved ones battling cancer. You can walk or run in the Race for the Cure and make a difference for someone with breast cancer. The Susan G Komen three Day Breast Cancer walk is one of those events that will change your life. Komen Race for the Cure events and Susan G Komen 3 Day Breast Cancer Walks were held in nine cities in 1990.

Runner's World published a profile of the series in its July 1991 issue. The Foundation had assets of million by this time, and the group was raising more than million a year. There were four prongs to its mission. Besides raising money for breast cancer research and promoting greater awareness of the disease, it also funded screenings and treatments for low-income women. By the mid-1990s, the Komen Foundation had funded more than 170 grants. The Race for the Cure Series, which had spread to four dozen cities, was the chief funding source. Susan Braun, a veteran of Bristol-Myers Squibb, became the Foundation's CEO in 1996, and more professional staff were hired. NancyBrinkerFan - About the Author:For more information on Nancy Brinkerthen try visiting at - a website that specializes in Nancy G Brinker information.

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Ovary Surgery Swelling

In the recent years, the double eyelid surgery is one of the most common surgeries. If you do this surgery, your eyes will look more natural. Some people may worry about the excess tissue,such as fat and skin. They can result in your drooping eyelid.Also with the growth of ages, some people may appear slack tendons and surrounding muscles. Hence,the plastic surgeon will remove your additional tissue and reinforce the surrounding muscles and tendons during this surgery. It can be both a cosmetic and functional surgery.

Sometimes, a few people may have trouble in closing and opening their eyes because the surgeon may have removed too much skin in the eyelid region. If you are thinking of undergoing double eyelid surgery here are some tips that may help you make your decision: the double eyelid surgery is applied for functional reasons. When a large amount of upper eyelid skin is present, the skin may show more eyelashes resulting in a loss of peripheral vision. When you are driving or reading, it's easy to affect your outer and upper parts of the visual field. In this situation, it can improve peripheral vision if you undergo this kind of surgery.

There are some reasons that many people opt for this surgery as an elective surgery. For instance, the double eyelid surgery is popular among the patients who want to improve puffy lower eyelid "bags" (pouch)and reduce the wrinkling of skin through this surgery. The blepharoplasty including "double eyelid surgery" can create a crease in the upper eyelid.The "double eyelid" is in vogue especially in Asia. Because the plastic surgeons can create this crease artificially for the patients. This cosmetic surgery is the most popular among the east and Southeast Asians.

Actually, the whole operation typically takes patient one to three hours to fulfill.And the original swelling and bruising can disappear in one to two weeks.If you want to get a good result,it takes at least several months.You'd better wait for a stable final result.If possible, you should look at the photos of surgical patients.In contrast to the photos,you will appreciate different effects well. If the patients who suffers from high blood pressure or diabetes, they must visit to the doctor on that occasion to report accurately. The doctor can determine the relevant surgery;also it should avoid the women undergoing the surgery with menses.And it's best to avoid smoking a week in advance;at last,before this surgery, please do not make up.

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Fibroid Treatment Options Leopard Gecko Eye Problems

Health Problems of Leopard Geckos - How to See Issues

If you care for a gecko it is somewhat hard to even see that there might be a problem with your lizard, particularly if youre not used to handling it. However, there are some simple things that you have to watch out for, particularly during the first twenty-four months of the reptile's life. This is a time when geckos are at their most vulnerable, being young and not quite adult.

The biggest signal of a problem is when your gecko stops eating. Should you notice that it isnt touching its food, you will be required to act promptly. It is normal if it refuses to eat for one or two days; geckos arent supposed to eat everyday. Start to worry if they refuse to eat for a full week. Left too long, it's body and tail will start to lose weight, it will look emaciated. Less food means less activity as well. If you notice that it isn't moving much, or if it moved a lot when you tried to pick it up, but it has now become very still and flops over in your hand, then it has some kind of problem.

How do you treat a sick gecko? You could take it to a veterinarian who specializes in reptiles, but these are expensive and might not be available in your area. Ideally you've already found one before you brought your animal home. If you are lucky enough to have such a vet in your area, be sure to book an appointment and ask if they are willing to accept new clients.

If you have not been the owner of a lizard before, it is likely that you might find the dietary habits of a reptile take a little getting accustomed to. Geckos, like many other reptiles and amphibians, are insectivores. This means their primary diet consists of insects. Typical breeders which carry leopard geckos should also sell a number of bugs and insects, each completely are suitable meals for the gecko. As a special gift, especially for gravid female geckos, you might provide a pinkie mouse that is only a few days old. Waxworms are also an option, but you should give these to your gecko very infrequently, as they basically contain nothing but fat. Only use these once in a while.

The feeding schedule for your gecko will depend on its size. Babies require more food than adults do. Provide food for the juveniles each and every day, but adults only need to eat every other day. Only give as much food as will be consumed in one feeding, and if there are some bugs left over, then take them out and save it for next time. The duration of the feeding is based on how interested and awake your gecko is. As you learn more about your gecko's personality and needs, take a look at how they eat and get rid of the bugs once the animal has stopped chasing them around. For a small gecko, start out with four crickets. Larger ones can eat around eight crickets at a time.

As you select foods for your gecko, be sure to gut load the food for a day or two. Gut loading is a term which means youve given the bugs some food. If the insect isn't healthy, your gecko won't be either, You and providing nutrient rich foods, you are indirectly giving that to your pet. Everyone is what they eat, as you may have heard. Most insects will eat just about anything, especially crickets. Specialty food for crickets and worms is available, but you can also give them fresh fruits, leafy greens and vegetables. Calcium powdered vitamins are essential as well, the shake a little on your insects before feeding them.

fibroid treatment options leopard gecko eye problems

Low Abdominal Pain In Women

The human body has 360 joints. Joint pain often have a significant impact on, such as knees, hips and spinal joints, but many women experience pain in his wrists. The body can not absorb enough calcium from food. If the calcium level is too low, your body use calcium from the muscle, bones and nerve supply. Joint pain can lead to anything. It can be a common injury. If your joint pain caused by arthritis, you will need to begin your search for an effective way to treat it. However, you need to know the symptoms of arthritis. All forms of arthritis share the common symptoms of severe pain, loss of motion and reduced quality of life. What you will find that this painful, life-changing condition may be any person at any time in your life. However, there are joint pain treatments that may be effective.

There are many nonsurgical treatment option that may try to reduce back pain and rehabilitation, for example:

1. Good posture (eg, pulling the car seat quite forward or when standing at the sink, start with one foot on the ledge, bending that knee a little backbone, to maintain the normal curve), lower back support while sitting or driving cars. Pelvic tilt is a very useful posture, standing or sitting - if one pinches together the buttocks and rotate the pelvis forward and decided that a few seconds to do this several times a day.

2. The successful long-term treatment involves proper use instructions trained physical therapist or other health care provider.

3. Heat (such as thermal blankets, hot water bottle, hot shower) or cold (eg cold pad applications), can help reduce pain episodes

4.Anti-inflammatory medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory variety, known as NSAIDs (eg ibuprofen) and the newer Cox-2 inhibitors (eg Celebrex)

5. Changes in daily activities (eg, reduce or eliminate the long daily commute), and adding frequent breaks

Changes Lifestyle for joint pain treatment :

Patients who suffer from joint pain, should try to find the optimal balance between activity and rest. The rest is important when the pain flares, but the rest may also cause joint and muscle stiffness decreased. Managing pain in the joints, can often be achieved by combining the symptoms, weight control and enforcement, which can reduce wear and tear of the joints.

Exercise for joint pain treatment : Exercise in consultation with the doctor, increases muscle strength and flexibility and improve joint mobility. Excessive weight may exacerbate joint pain. Weight loss is therefore very important, joint pain management. A healthy well balanced diet, as well as training to help reduce weight.

Should be advised to quit smoking, because smoking affects bone health.

low abdominal pain in women

Poly Ovarian Cystic Piriformis Syndrome Treatment Video

We now come to the adult world that is facing VGS. Unlike the VGS world that is trying to take control of our kids'minds, the adult world of VGS has little to oppose it. VGS has its own heroes and creatures. They all will take total control of the adult user. No longer does the adult user have his mind free. He is totally enslaved by the scheming Captain Zappo, the muscular Lieutenant Spook, and the voluptuous LollyBird LollyPop. Numerous forums are out there on the web that deal with VGS. Their members post articles describing how VGS has altered or destroyed their lives. Other articles staunchly defend VGS because as their writers put it, if it weren't for video, they would have gotten into worse trouble. There are many conflicting opinions from psychologists claiming there is a problem with people being addicted to video games. Although there has been some research on VGS, the issues are still unresolved. Unlike alcohol or drugs, there is no chemical dependency issue. VGS is a self-created addiction. In that respect, it ranks with gambling, anorexia, and bulimia. If this holds true, then medical professionals and social workers can develop treatment plans that are not based on chemical dependency issues. However, there are multitudes of video game players that describe themselves as being addicted. That is good enough for many psychologists. They point out that self-described video game addicts often end up having family conflict and romantic failures as a result of their involvement with VGS. A psychologist might claim that the family conflict or romantic failures exacerbate the onset and spread of VGS. This depends on the individuals involved in specific cases. It is too early to establish which came first, the chicken or the egg. The purpose of this article is to establish what is the severity and extent of VGS and to make some preliminary recommendations how to fix the problem. The consensus of opinions and observations contained in forum posts appear to be as follows: Unless VGS players use drugs to stay awake and improve sharpness of the mind, there is no chemical addiction associated with involvement with VGS. VGS players have collapsed their entire family structure. Employers that have detected use of the company computer system have put such employees on probation, and have ultimately fired these employees. The burden of maintaining the family income has fallen upon the other spouse. VGS players will rarely admit they have a problem. In some cases, they will maintain that family or other issues have brought about the problem. This is nonsense and represents a weak attempt to hang the blame on an issue which he or she has brought on himself. VGS players have formed social relationships with people they can neither see, feel, nor claim as a true friend. The best that is available is a secure web conference that may be a part of the game itself. The game will not allow participants to fall back upon their own lives. There is always an electronic war going on somewhere on the planet. Missing a key battle might cost the participant key points. Serious side effects have resulted from initial VGS involvements. For example, the VGS participant may be in one or more sexual relationships, even though the participant has never seen his sex partner. Moreover, the participant may have fallen in love with a robot that has taken the place of the participant's spouse. This is a bizarre version of The Stepford Wives. Divorce appears to be the only permanent remedy to effect a cure for VGS. However, this has left so many broken hearts and broken marriages in its wake that an entire army of social workers must be recruited to fix the damage. Only the attorneys win in situations such as this. They are the ultimate victor in VGS games. The Lord of the Mighty Sky Fleet, Admiral Blotz, has indeed done his work well. Tough love appears to be the only solution how sanity can be restored out of this insane mess. Unlike pre-teen and teen involvement with VGS, the family structure either has collapsed or is on the verge of doing so. Here are several ideas how you might attack VGS. I must emphasize I am not a psychologist or social worker by profession. At best, I am a senior citizen that has not as yet lost his thought process. Step One. Get Help ! Combating VGS is not a do it yourself project. You must seek out the services of a professional that is not emotionally involved. However, the person you find must have empathy and understanding about what is happening in your lives. You should begin by seeking out the services of your priest, minister, or rabbi. At the very bottom of the VGS problem lies a loss of faith and belief that there is a living God in your lives, no matter what religious belief you occupy. If they cannot help you immediately, there may be others they can suggest. The most important issue behind Step One is for you not to give up after a single visit to your clergy person. He or she will put forth honest and sincere efforts in your behalf if he or she detects sincere efforts on your part to rid yourselves of the VGS nightmare. Step Two: Do Not Lose Communication VGS will succeed if one or both parties will break off the negotiations saying that he or she gives up. Remember that any contest will be lost if the team walks off the field while there is any chance of still winning the ball game. Step Three: Pull The Plug And Take Back Control Of Your Electrical Connection Unlike the previous two steps, this one means business. VGS can survive only if there is energy coming into your household to empower this VGS monster. Without energy, VGS will surely die. There are a number of options to follow here, some of which may not work to perfection at the time this article is being written. Your first option is to find out if your browser on your computer systems in your household will support anti-child software. You must do some preliminary work here to understand how a browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape works in your system. Using Google or making a trip to your computer store will get you started. If this proves fruitless, seek out the services of a computer consultant. Bear in mind that this will send out a clear and unmistakable signal that you mean business and are going to bring VGS to an end. You can expect serious resistance to your plan and could even encounter violent hostility. VGS does not give up easily. There may be software out there that will disable your browser. This software may act to time out your browser after one hour's operation, thereby cutting off VGS. If this sofware works as intended, your computer should be disabled from any further internet connection for the next 24 hours. If you know how to download and install such software, you're in like Flynn. In all likelihood, the VGS addict will soon learn ways how to defeat such blocking software to your browser. Video gamers do not give up easily, and for all we know, these are pathways other VGS victims may have already taken to take back control of their computers and their lives. You must prepare yourselves for many rough seas before you can reach your home port. This next step will be the ultimate. You should contact your telephone service provider or internet service provider such as Verizon, ComCast, or AT&T. Ask that they terminate your high speed broadband system and go back to a duplex telephone connection. VGS is totally dependent on a high speed broadband internet connection. If VGS does not see this, it will slow down and eventually die. No matter how advanced your computer systems are, they all must have a high speed internet connection in order to play the game. Understandably, if the land line connections are lost, cell phones can still survive to play the game. Here again, the monster needs to be fed. In this case, the feed is money. What you can do here is to block the money that is going to pay the cell phone bill. Companies such as Sprint, ComCast, or Verizon may work with you to remedy the problem. However, be aware that they are no friend. Ultimately, they will want their money. If you have not guaranteed their payment, they will target you for their collection procedures. I recommend you get a competent attorney before proceding with any money shut-off plans. Step Four: The Final Solution It is nice to think that the VGS addict will listen to your priest, minister, or rabbi. It may be like trying to put out a brush fire with a garden hose. Reasoning may be equally ineffective, particularly if the VGS addict is so far gone he cannot quit cold turkey. Taking measures to disconnect your phone service might have the best shot for success. It will send up a signal that this VGS nonsense is going to come to an end. However, VGS addicts are extremely protective of their games. They will resort to any or all of these countermeasures if they fear they will be losing the game. They might strike back physically. Call 911 if this happens. The police can handle the family beef. You can't. The VGS addict is skilled at handling internet disruptions. In particular, he can troubleshoot problems involving Windows or your browser. It will not take him very long to discover that Windows or the browser have been sabotaged Anti-virus software may have already corrected the problem. The game thus will go on. Shutting down your high speed broadband phone service thus appears to be the ultimate signal that the games are going to go or else. VGS cannot operate over low bandwidth telephone lines. The message is clear. Either VGS goes or your spouse or significant other will go. In conclusion, this article is not advice on getting a divorce. It only provides advice on getting rid of VGS, not on how to get rid of your spouse. VGS need not force you to leave your home, abandon your property, or lose custody of your children. My advice is to document everything. You must document the extent and severity of your particular VGS problem. Keep a detailed account of the VGS problem and its effect on your household. Describe the measures you took to get rid of the problem, including the people you visited and the advice they gave you. Above all, detail the secondary symptoms of the problem, such as the set up of chat lines and the passing of pornography. Above all, remember the words of the late President Roosevelt: There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

poly ovarian cystic piriformis syndrome treatment video