How To Treat Endometriosis Natural

Natural endometriosis treatment can be a very effective option when it comes to dealing with this common yet often difficult-to-treat condition. Like many women, you may have been disappointed to learn that conventional treatment has little to offer in the long term. Of course, there are certain options which will certainly help bring you some symptomatic relief but are severely limited when it comes to actually curing the condition.

There are various options when it comes to using natural treatments and in general, these gentle, less aggressive strategies often work best when combined. So, for example, as well as changing your diet you should consider the full range of options you have in respect of natural therapies. However, a great and very effective starting point is to look at your diet, as what you are eating can be your greatest ally or worst enemy.

1. Begin With Checking Your Diet

Have an honest, critical look at your diet and think about the foods you eat every day. If possible, keep a food diary for a week or two so you are under no illusion as to what passes your lips! Making simple and often subtle changes can be one of the best natural endometriosis treatments. For example, try to avoid foods high in saturated fats, such as fatty meats, high fat dairy produce and certain processed foods. Healthy fats include olive oils and other nut oils. The best strategies involve eating unprocessed foods and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Wherever possible, your foods should be organic, with the aim that you avoid eating anything with artificial additives or which has been grown or produced with the use of pesticides. Whole grains, natural cereals and protein packed snacks should also be included.

2. Consider Dietary Supplementation

Certain remedies are thought to help balance your hormones-an imbalance of which can contribute to the formation of endometriosis. The right combination can not only help bring about symptomatic relief, but can also reduce inflammation. Calendula, Holyhock and Snapdragon are all herbs which can help reduce inflammation and other natural endometriosis treatments include burdock, evening primrose, ginger and red raspberry. In addition, good all-round multivitamin supplements are a good idea as well as fish oils, which can help promote hormonal balance.

3. What You Drink

Keeping well-hydrated is very important for overall good health and for conditions which involve hormonal imbalances and the reproductive organs, this is particularly crucial. Dehydrated organs are generally unhealthy so you should aim to drink an absolute minimum of 2 liters of filtered water (filtered to remove impurities). This can help with circulation and the proper flow of oxygen to your internal organs.

Of course, improving what you eat and drink is only one part of solving the rather complex puzzle that is endometriosis. Other natural endometriosis treatments include taking regular exercise and using complementary therapies such as massage, acupuncture and yoga.

how to treat endometriosis natural