Bladder Not Emptying

I've got to admit on days like this I just want to hide away in the house and not go outside. The problem is I've got horses so unfortunately I have to go outside and make sure they're fed and looked after. Up until this week we've had pretty fantastic weather for December and January in England but the weather has finally started to turn. I suppose we should be grateful it's not snow or ice but the wind is still a problem. Amazingly the wind got up to more than forty miles per hour last night and its been like this for quite a few days now. It's been a bit of a pain to be honest as horses are very stressed in the wind and it makes them very difficult to deal with. They get stressed because not only does the wind distort their hearing which makes them not aware where 'predators' are but along with this the wind mores everything and to horses anything that moves is a threat so as you can imagine they are very stressed in winds.

Although the wind chill is cold at least the weather is still reasonably mild in comparison to the weather we where having this time last year. I had to call out the septic tank emptying shropshire company last year due to the fact it got so cold my septic tank emptying shropshire tank froze! I suppose when you have minus twenty degree weather not much will survive.

Unfortunately for the cesspit emptying shropshire company I had to call them out again to help me move a big tree which has fallen down in my horses field. The cesspit emptying shropshire company seems to be the only company who has big enough trucks to move the tree.

Although I moan about the wind I suppose it's better than the snow as the snow and ice makes our little village very difficult to get out of and in addition to that I am unable to ride my horses in the snow. Although having said which I can't really ride them in the wind either!

bladder not emptying