Dermoid Tumor Left Untreated

Alternative fibroid tumor treatments are not for those women who are seeking a quick-fix method of shrinking fibroids. Indeed, there is no such thing.

Many doctors advocate leaving fibroids alone until the menopause as the natural reduction in estrogen will help them to shrink to a more bearable size. The reason for this is that fibroids are very difficult to treat conventionally as they are not caused by a bacteria, disease or virus and therefore cannot be treated successfully by conventional medication due to their very nature. Hormonal treatment is sometimes given prior to surgical removal of either individual fibroids or a radical hysterectomy as this will help reduce the fibroids in size making bleeding and other complications less likely during surgery. However, as this hormonal treatment carries risks of its own, it can only be given for a limited period of time, such as a couple of months leading up to surgery. This hormonal treatment can cause thinning and drying of the skin on the face (leading to wrinkles) and thinning and drying of the vaginal lining, leading to discomfort during intercourse. In addition, one of the most severe side effects of this treatment is the risk of bone thinning leading to osteoporosis.

Surgery itself is not a surefire cure, with fibroids growing back in the majority of women unless a full hysterectomy if performed.

The reason why alternative fibroid tumor treatments can work very well is because they take into account what has actually caused the fibroids in the first place and treat the root causes rather than just the symptoms. They usually use a multi-faceted approach and looks at the individual, working out just what factors are relevant in her case, working to encompass all possible causes, ensuring that everything possible is done to shrink the fibroids.

It is known that fibroid growth is fueled by the hormone, estrogen, and so steps to reduce estrogen naturally is one way to begin to reduce the size of fibroids. This can be done by ensuring that a healthy weight is maintained as the amount of estrogen in the body has a direct relationship to the number of fat cells. In addition, certain pollutants and pesticides can mimic the action of estrogen within the body and these can be stored within the liver. It therefore follows that a good liver detox can help in this respect.

It is also thought that many women who have fibroids are prone to inflammatory conditions within the body so eating foods which have a natural soothing effect have proved helpful. Such foods include oats, cumin, hops and rosemary.

dermoid tumor left untreated