Ovarian Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma Grade 3

A food grade compressor oil for use in a high pressure compressor includes a base oil, an N-acyl derivative of the amino acid sarcosine, an imidazoline, and an amine-phosphate. Each of the three additives comprises no more than 0.5% by weight of the oil composition, and results in high lubricity and very low corrosion even when water is present in the oil. The compressor oil may also include polybutene which serves as a thickener, and an antioxidant. The compressor oil of this invention is particularly well suited for use in a hypercompressor used in the manufacture of polyethylene.
Food Grade Oils are basically synthetic oils with high stability used in processing Food Grade Grease. Special type of Food Grade Gear Oils is required in maintaining gears in food process industry. A food grade oil composition, comprising: a base oil comprising at least 84% by weight of the oil composition; an N-acyl derivative of the amino acid sarcosine comprising from 0.2% to 0.5% by weight of the oil composition; an imidazoline comprising from 0.2% to 0.5% by weight of the oil composition; an amine-phosphate comprising from 0.2% to 0.5% by weight of the oil composition;an antioxidant; and a thickener. The food grade compressor oil as defined in claim 17, wherein the antioxidant comprises no more than 0.5% by weight of the oil composition and is selected from a group consisting of butylated hydroxy toluene, dibutylmethylphenol, and 2,6-Di-tert-butyl-para-cresol. The food grade compressor oil as defined in claim 1, wherein the base oil is a white oil comprising from 84% to 92% by weight of the oil composition. The food grade compressor oil as defined in claim 1, wherein each of the N-acyl derivative of the amino acid sarcosine, the imidazoline, and the aminephosphate comprises no more than 0.5% by weight of the oil composition . Food Grade Oil, commonly known as No-Tox HD Oil, is a series of multipurpose white mineral lubricating oils that are NSF H1 registered for use where incidental food contact may occur. No-Tox HD Food Grade Oil, available in 12 grades from ISO VG 15 to 1000, is designed to give exceptional anti-wear and rust and corrosion protection in a wide range of applications including hydraulic systems, gear cases, chains, compressors, bearings and circulating systems and other applications found in the clean industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care products.

ovarian infiltrating ductal carcinoma grade 3

Can Cysts Be Removed From Hysterectomy Ovaries Keeping

soldiers anglesSoldiers' Angels is a volunteer-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit with hundreds of thousands of volunteers providing aid and comfort to the men and women of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, veterans and their families (Tax ID# 20-058-3415).

How I Started Sending Care Packages

Care packages are such a welcome sight to those fighting overseas. I have been sending care packages as often as I can. When I first decided that's what I would do, I didn't personally know anyone in the active military. I looked online to find out how to help and found a web site, ANY SOLDIER.COM

You don't get every individual name, but the name and APO Address for a group coordinator who will see to it that everything gets distributed within their group. It is on a more personal level that way so the leader can make sure that men and women who receive little or nothing from home will be included. At the ANY SOLDIER.COM website, you will have to register so they can avoid spam mail, but then you will be able to read the wish list.

Packages are addressed like this

ATTN: Any Soldier (Marine, Airman,Sailor) There is a list for each service branch.
c/o Pvt 1st Class Bob Smith (for example)
with the military address

Sending a care package became an easy thing to do after I read their wish list. They really don't ask for anything, but list what they miss from home or have a hard time getting access to where they are. I never imagined that dark colored hair pony tail holders would be on that list. Turns out that they are not supposed to wear bright colors or ones that contrast with their hair color, camo of sorts.

How To Make Your Own Care Packages

If you have an individual in mind, it is pretty easy to tailor a custom care care package. I have been sending packages to people I don't know, but since they are fighting for my freedom, that's good enough reason for me.

I read letters from group leaders who serve anywhere from 2 to 200 troops. They provide wish and need list for those in their group and make sure that no one is forgotten.

A very simple thing to do is just sit down and write a few letters, put them in a large mailing envelope or box and send them. Throw in any paper, pens or envelopes you have left over so they might use them to write letters to their loved ones. I do the same thing with greeting cards. I'm not sure where they would get a birthday card for their child while they are on the battlefield.

Shipping Materials For Making Your Own Boxes

Get Free Boxes And Labels From The USPS

The Unites States Postal Service provides boxes to be used with their Flat Rate Service. Boxes can be picked up at your local Post Office or they can be ordered online and delivered to your home. Yes, Free Boxes And Labels.

The boxes ordered online come in bulk packs starting with 10 boxes. Just set up a Free account on the USPS web site and select what you need.


Items To Put In Care Packages

One of the most request items is wet wipes, especially the small size pack that is easy to carry in a pocket.

They also love hand warmers and something to keep their head warm.

The women appreciate these hair bands and please remember that they can not wear anything bright or flashy.

Hard candies are prefered. Soft candy sometimes melts in transit.

More Ideas For Making Your Own Care Package

Personal Care Products

Items I see often on wish list are: Razors for men and women * Lotion * Shampoo and Conditioner * Hair brushes and Combs * Flip Flops or Shower Shoes

( rubber Flip Flops from the dollar store work fine for the shower )

Coffee Tea Hot Chocolate

Separate bath items from food items so they don't absorb odors.

One Thing Leads To Another

You won't believe how the little things that we disregard and throw away can add up to a wonderful care package or gift box.

A few years ago I helped on a project in my community called Share Your Christmas. The main objective was to host dinner for anyone who needed it and provide gifts for children. I was on the gift wrap committee. While I was working on that, I saw many more opportunities to help. I had so many clothes left over from a huge garage sale, so I made arrangements for a classroom at the church for the day of the dinner. I brought in clothes racks and used their tables to set up what looked like a little store. I gave away all the clothes.

One thing that kept bothering me was, what about the adults, the people in my community who were recommended to attend the dinner by social services. Would they get anything for Christmas? The answer was Yes, if I had anything to do with it. At that point I was on a mission.

I started in my closet looking through my suitcases for all the pretty little soaps and shampoo bottles I had saved from my trips. They would have been souvenirs or handy if I ran out at home, but I started with those as the basis for gift baskets for the ladies. Then I went door to door to all the businesses in town, explained what I was trying to do and asked for things. The things they give out to their customers anyway. I got caps, key chains, t-shirts, pens, note pads, calendars, movie rentals, coupons for ice cream cones and lots more goodies. The grocery store gave me the wrapping paper also.

I gathered and sorted till I could make a little gift baskets for about 125 men and women. With help from my grand daughter and niece and many hours in what I think is the world greatest craft room in (my) world we made packages. Pretty packages.

On Share Your Christmas day, the children and adults all had a gift. This lead me to sending packages to soldiers.

I guess the moral of the story here is,

You don't have to spend a lot of money to put together a box.
You don't have to do it by yourself.
You can do it.

Gathering Gatherers

It's better than gossip. I shared what I had been doing with my family. They are great support , always chipping in anything they can. My project for sending boxes to the military was no different. My mom and step dad were already sending phone cards and boxes to children of people they know.

They are grand parents and great grand parents of my grand kids and nieces I write about in many of my articles. From time to time, my mom will go through the play room and box up things that they had handy for the kids to play with, but never used. I get coloring books, crayons, markers, tablets, word games, puzzles and craft items. Well, that's the short list. Those things are also among some of the things that are on wish list I have read, so I send them.

It never crossed my mind before I read a letter, that sauce from Taco Bell would be missed. Simple things that we take for granted and throw in the trash with our empty hamburger sack would be great for a soldier to stick in his or her pocket to spice up a meal in the field. So here I go again, I put out the word to save those packets for me. When I had a box full, I sent them. Ketchup, mustard, tarter sauce, taco sauce, soy sauce, you name it, any thing that came with take out meals.

I love to fix up small individual packages with the things I save from hotels. For the women I add a few things like hair bands and and tie it all up in a little bag with a bow. For men, I add things like razors and hair combs. They also like the hotel shoe shine cloths to wipe their guns down. I use zip lock bags or cellophane treat bags. When I have extra time, I sew up draw string bags from fabric. Then all of the small packages go into a box with a letter of thanks to whom ever receives it.

Get the picture? You can do that.

Items To Make Pretty Packages

Other Things I Have Sent

Christmas Lights and Decorations for different occasions. They would like to have things to fix up there area a little to enjoy on their down time.

I had a whole new reason for untangling a bunch of lights that I probably would have never used again.

The checkered flag banners that we had acquired at sometime went to help spruce up an area where they can watch sports on tv.

What I have done is not the story here. I hope to inspire others and provide information and ideas on ways to help.

Some Organizations Helping The Military

Soldiers Angles
Link to Soldiers Angles. All proceeds from my page go to them.
Any Soldier.Com
Link to Anysoldier.com for contact info on who you can help.
Wounded Warrior Project
Link to the Wounded Warrior Project website

Vintage Photo From My Family Albums

Military Posters

Military Greeting Cards

Tribute To Roy J. Houston ~ My Step Dad

Thank You For Your Military Service And For Contributing Your Story To My Article

I joined the Texas National Guard in november 1953 and when discharged in 1956 I was a corperal and a radio operator.I was in the 49th armored Division. I joined the Air Force in January of 1957 went to basic training at San Antonio and from there to Bolixie Mississippi for basic electronics and Radar Equipment training.

When I completed training I had 30 days leave and was assigned to West Mesa Air Force Station New Mexico west of Albucueque New Mexico in the Air Defence Command. I stayed there for 2 Years and then was sent to a radar site at Ajo Arizona. After 6 months I was sent to Puntzie Mountain Air Force Station West of Williams Lake British Columbia in the Pine tree defence command where I stayed for a Year. During that time I was promoted to airman first class. I then transferred to Manassas Air Force Station Virginia in the Air defense Command where I stayed until April of 1964.

I received orders to go to the Pillippines and after moving my family back to Texas I went to California and flew out to the Pllippines on June 6 1964 I was assigned to 5th tactical Air Force. I was on temporary duty assignments which covered Vietnam, Thialand, and Japan in southeast asia I was assigned to.

My wife got sick in Feburary of 1965 and I came home on leave. I tried for a reassignment in the states but was turned down. I then asked for a discharge and it was approved on March 11 1965. That is the story of my life in the Guard and in the Air Force.

Send Pre-Made Care Packages Or Gift Baskets Online

There are several care packages online that are called Military Care Packages. Those are great to send.

Other gift boxes and gift baskets not labeled for Military are in reality, just more of the same with a different name.

Gift Baskets And Care Packages Available Online

Show Thanks

Military Care Packages

More Gift Boxes

Sgt. Jason Gaskin Talks About The Importance Of Letters

Click the arrow to play video

Letters for Lyrics
by RainbowAutomotive | video info

0 ratings | 255 views

S.Sgt. Jason Gaskin from the I-155th CAB discusses how important it is for you to support our Troops by sending letters. Sgt. Gaskin just returned from a tour in Balad, Iraq. He is currently serving in the Mississippi National Guard.

curated content from YouTube

Have Time To E-Mail A Letter?

Soldiers Angles LogoThe You Tube video is targeted at a local audience, but you can e-mail a letter instead of dropping it off at a dealership.

Go to the Soldiers Angles Facebook page where you can send a letter online.

It will only cost a few minutes of your time.

Click this logo or the link below.

Letters For Lyrics
Link To Soldiers Angles Facebook page to send a letter by E-mail.

Pearl Harbor And Memorials

When my oldest niece graduated from High School, I was asked to accompany her on a trip to Hawaii.

We visited many sights and I would like to share some of those pictures with you.

An American Hero

Just one of the many heroes, but J.R. Martinez came to my attention on Dancing With The Stars. He was severely wounded in Iraq and has turned his story into a beautiful dance in honor of all the fallen heroes.

I cried through the whole thing when I watched it on t.v. so I was glad to see that the video is on You Tube. I watched it, cried a little more, then posted it to share with you.

As a competitive dancer, I know that behind the scenes, dancers are made up a lot, some you may not recognize in their "good morning" face. I have the highest regard for J.R., with what he has gone through and his attitude for making the best of things.

Meet J.R.

Iraq Wounded Warrior dances with the stars..
by 3rdID8487 | video info

24 ratings | 3,009 views

A 2003 IED attack left J.R. Martinez with burns over 40% of his body. It took him 36 months to recover. Today, he's using his appearances on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" to call attention to work of the Wounded Warriors and servicemen and veterans in general.

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What Does Once Removed Mean

To be successful is most people's main goal in life; though what that success actually means to each person is usually very different. So what does success mean to you? Perhaps you feel that in order to be successful you need more money? Or maybe it could be that you want a family of your own? Success to you could also be that you want to go back to university and study to improve your career prospects? There are so many things that success could be and you have to realise what it is in your life that you want to achieve, in order to know how to be successful. Achieving Success in Your Life Now you know what success actually is, how do you go about actually achieving it? Well the answer is simple - you have to take the next logical step forward. For example, if you feel that to be successful you need to get a better job and earn more money, you first need to understand what to do in order to make that happen. So, sit down and make a list of all of the ways that you could get a new job. Perhaps you need to create a fresh resume or maybe you do not yet have the right skills in order to get the job that you would like? Whatever it is that is stopping you, write it down. Next you need to figure out how to overcome those obstacles. If you need to create a resume then you may need to look through various tips in order to write one properly. If the problem is a little more complicated such as you do not have the right skills, then maybe you could join a part time course near you in order to achieve those skills needed? There is always a way around things; though the path may not always be an easy one. The problem many people have is that they just give up before they achieve their success. It is thought that most people throughout the world are not living the most successful life that they could be leading. That is a shame when you think about how easy it could be once you know just what it is that you want to do. Excuses come into play all of the time yet the truth is that most of the time people are just too scared of their own success. Are you scared of your success? Does change worry you? If change does worry you then it could potentially hold you back. In that case you will need to understand what it is that scares you and you will need to confront it if you do want to make a success of your life. In fact, if you do manage to conquer your fear then that in itself is a success. Overall being a success could mean a whole range of things to many different people. It all depends upon your own personal preferences what a successful life is for you. You just need to understand what it is that you want in life and write down your life goals. That way you will know exactly what success means to you and you will also have a clearer idea of how to achieve it.

what does once removed mean

Ovary Removal Complications Zuko Jin

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Footwear companies manufacture logo design shoes on a mass-production basis with low quality and less originality. Footwear is in so much demand that it seems as if every company is trying to capture a share of the market and make profits. Hence, when we come across a company that deals with high quality, original and unique designs, we tend to relive the wonderful experience. When people invented shoes, it was just to meet a requirement of protecting the feet. Shoes were handmade, custom designed and

They are also wow power leveling environmentally friendly as they use the raw materials which are not harmful to our atmosphere unlike plastic or synthetic resins.Pikolinos are a brand with the European Eco-label qualification and it is the first brand in Spain to have received this accolade. Womens Pikolinos or Mens Pikolinos are made out of environmentally friendly products so they do not pollute our environment and they have followed this practice since 2005.

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Ovary Pain How Long After Ivf Will Period Start

After many a valiant searches and researches, it is now universally accepted that, it is not medication but yoga that is the most effective treatment for various types of back pain. This is, however, not to say that all types of yoga exercises relieve back pain. Your yoga teacher will be able to tell you, depending upon the severity of your back pain, the types of exercises you need to start with.

There are specific poses for relieving the back pain. Yoga exercises should not be done under pressure or with artificial compulsion. That is, hold on to each poses for 5 to ten seconds. Yoga is never done on bare floor. Use a mat or any soft supportive surface. Yoga exercises need to be done regularly. Morning hours are preferred though.

Some of the important yoga postures mentioned in relation to back pain are Cat Stretch, Wind Releasing pose, Corpse pose, Sage Twist, Palm Tree, Fish pose, Locust, Bending forward pose and many more.

The problem with the modern lifestyles, whether in office or at home, is that your body gets limited type of physical exercise. For example, you sit in a particular position in the office, for 8 to 10 hours. Other parts of the body are virtually left lazy. Even blood circulation is at times impaired. Toxins get deposited and the blood circulation is not proper so the problems start in that area.

Treatment for back pain has much to do with muscle relaxation. If muscles are stressed in particular part of the body, that surely means you have pain. Your local herbal medicine specialist or the Chinese Medical practitioner will be able to help you relieve your back pain, with medical formulations tested for back pain for thousands of years. The virtue of this sort of treatment is that they do not create any side effects.

Medication is okay, when you have back pain, herbal or any other. But, the real solution to get rid of the problem once and for all is to understand your body alignment. An insignificant looking thing may be the cause of your recurring back pain.

For example, the chair on which you sit. You sit in this chair for hours together and even if the alignment is slightly wrong, you suffer for the whole day. You feel uncomfortable, go on shifting from angle to angle, but over a period of time, your body will protest in the way, it should- by reporting pain. Unless the basic cause of the pain is treated, any medication is not going to do you any good.

So, home back pain relief methods are the best, only you have to chose your method and follow it with regularity and sincerity.

ovary pain how long after ivf will period start

Cysts Rib Removal Surgery Before And After

Rhinoplasty A Surgery for Altering Nasal Area

It is a fact that out of all the facial features, Nose is one such feature that dominates the complete appearance. A deformed nasal area can result in messing up the looks of a person and hence it is always a desire of everyone to have a perfectly shaped nose that would further enhance ones appearance. Rhinoplasty is the surgery that has made it possible to alter or modify ones nose with ease.

In ancient times, it was a very complicated process to revamp ones nasal area and lots of complications were faced by doctors in this process, however with the invention of the latest and most hi tech procedure called rhinoplasty, the nose restructuring can be done with ease and without any complications. The best way to prepare for undergoing rhinoplasty is to first carefully analyze the facial features and then decide as to which structure of the nose would suit you the best. Several images with different nose shapes and sizes can be gained from internet and this should help significantly to decide what kind of structure would you like.

The next step after this would be to spot the best available Rhinoplasty specialist surgeon that would perform the surgery on you. It is indeed an important decision in ones life since a wrong choice can result into a complete disaster and hence it is always recommended to do an extensive research on the internet and review about various surgeons that specialize in rhinoplasty to spot the right hands that would do wonders on your nasal area. Having done that, you can discuss your needs with the doctor during consultation prior to surgery. A surgeon would carefully analyze your current nose structure and would let you know if your chosen shape and size would be an ideal fit for this surgery and if your nose can be restructured without any complications. Once this is done you are all set for undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure.

Another important thing to consider is the cost of this surgery. It is really an expensive deal to undergo nasal restructure procedure and needs good amount of budget and hence it is also important to get an exact estimate from your doctor as to what exactly would be the cost of your surgery including facility charges, doctors fees, equipment charges etc. Some of the good doctors in America also offer finance facilities that enable people with low budgets also to undergo this surgery.

United States of America can be the best place to undergo this surgery and lots of best surgeons with ample experience can easily be found here. If you are looking forward to undergo Rhinoplasty, we highly recommend you to check out http://www.usrhinoplasty.com

cysts rib removal surgery before and after

Removal Of Ovaries Lh Level

What is PCOS?

PCOS / PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome / Disease) is characterized by the formation of multiple cysts in the ovaries. These cysts are actually immature follicles. Every woman has thousands of follicles in each of her ovaries, right since birth. In the absence of this disorder, during reproductive age, every month one follicle from either ovary matures and releases an ovum (egg). In the case of a woman with PCOS, the follicle often fails to expel the ovum, which is what causes immature follicles to collect in the ovaries. This happens because of hormonal imbalance.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of PCOS?

Most women with PCOS experience at least one of the symptoms listed below.

Common symptoms of PCOS include:
- Menstrual irregularities or abnormalities
- Acne
- Facial hair / hirsutism
- Weight Gain / Obesity
- Symptoms associated with Insulin Resistance, which may result in Diabetes Type 2
- Infertility
- Early miscarriage

PCOS Treatment Options:

1) Allopathic Drug Therapies:

- Insulin Sensitizing Drugs
Metformin has become a common treatment for PCOS, in spite of the fact that it has not been approved for this purpose. Metformin is reported to affect kidney functioning and needs careful monitoring.

- Ovulation Stimulation Drugs
As part of PCOS infertility treatment, ovulation stimulating drugs like clomiphene are administered. Clomiphene carries the risk of multiple-pregnancy.

- Androgen Suppressants / Blockers
There are several medications that can block and reduce the effects of androgen. They include spironolactone, cyproterone acetate and flutamide. Low doses of dexamethasone, a steroid which suppresses androgen production from the adrenal glands, is often combined with drugs like clomiphene.

- Anti-Estrogen Therapy
In some difficult cases, a newer anti-estrogen drug called letrozole is used. This is the same drug that is used to treat breast cancer.

2) Natural Medicine:

- Ayurveda
Ayurveda has several time-tested and renowned herbal remedies for PCOS. These have proven efficacy in alleviating PCOS symptoms, improving insulin sensitivity, regulating menstruation and promoting ovulation safely and naturally.

- Advanced Biotechnology Sarcode Remedies
Sarcode remedies are often referred to as the modern-day miracle! Sarcodes, an inherent therapy of resonance Homeopathy, are essentially bioenergetic impressions of healthy organs, tissues and secretions. Sarcodes are used to teach various systems of the body how to function optimally. Sarcodes have shown astounding results in the treatment of PCOS. Here, sarcodes of reproductive glands and organs are used to coax overall optimal function.

Today, great naturopathic minds have been combining the benefits of various natural medicinal systems like Ayurveda, Homeopathy and advanced Biotechnology sarcode remedies! The results have seen a manifold increase in success rates in the treatment of PCOS, with benefits that cover both quick symptomatic relief as well as a complete balance in the factors that cause PCOS, thus bringing lasting relief.

removal of ovaries lh level

Ovaries Feel Hard

About Carnatic Music

What is Carnatic Music?

The Carnatic music has its origins in the ancient Hindu Sama Veda and has unquestionably no other foreign inspirations. It is said this music was previously created by celestial beings, (Gandharvas) and various parts of the music was composed by the famous saint Narada.

The Carnatic music is extremely much accompanying with sacred songs to divinities. Very few apparatuses are used in this music and even if the instruments are used, they are used solely, and they follow the singing. The music is constructed on seven sounds, SA, RI, GA, MA, PA, DHA, NI.

powered by Youtube

These seven sounds are accurately placing it to generate thousands of tunes named Ragas. And the repeated rhythmic arrangements are identified as Talas. It is of ancient tradition and influential in South India "Ragam-Tanam-Pallavi", Kriti-Jawali, and Panam Tillana" are its forms. It is regarded one of the ancient musical heritages. Even today, South India has several prestigious Carnatic singers who spread this music all over the world. Carnatic music is becoming extremely popular after Indian movies on the go creating film music to the tune of this music system.

Useful Books on Carnatic Music

Music in South India: The Karnatak Concert Tradition and Beyond: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture (Global Music)

Music in South India: The Karnatak Concert Tradition and Beyond: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture (Global Music)

by T. Viswanathan, Matthew Harp Allen

This book is one of the Global Music Series. the Author go on to delve into the evolution on Carnatic music during the 20th century and elaborate the unusual applications and the basic factors underlying Carnatic Music. Worth to read book for music lovers.

Solkattu Manual: An Introduction to the Rhythmic Language of South Indian Music

Solkattu Manual: An Introduction to the Rhythmic Language of South Indian Music

by David P. Nelson

The first book on spoken rhythms in South Indian Classical music tradition. This books give you basic lessons on the easiest Carnatic music's tala cycle, eight beat Adi tala and go into further challenging elements.

The Grammar of Carnatic Music (Phonology and Phonetics)

The Grammar of Carnatic Music (Phonology and Phonetics)

by K.G. Vijayakrishnan

This book is elaborately pinning down the reason for the bright and early style has not endured. Because they conk out to meet the three essential demands, the language, ethnic group of practitioners and body of musical documents and a felt informative need. An exciting research work on Carnatic music.

Carnatic Concert

Carnatic Music Concert

Photo Source: Flickr

Carnatic music Kacheri (concert) comprises a variety of compositions and approximately continues for three hours. Each Katcheri is beginning with small metric pieces called a Varnam. This Varnam is put together with an emphasis on Swaram which constructed of seven notes, "Sa__Ri__Ga__Ma__Pa__ Dha__Nee".

It is exciting and easy to get the attention of the audience. After the varnam, keertanams (Compositions) are executed which are varied in form and style. The Kritis ordinarily depend on Pallavi, Anupallavi, Saranam.

These stick together to one raga, but like Ragamalika, in a rare cases parts of a song composed of different ragas. A raga is specifies a set of regulations for constructing carnatic songs.

Many Carnatic vocalists first start a leading musical work with a part called raagam. With the raga lay the foundation, the song begins, sung normally only with the saahityam. The Pallavi is comparable to a chorus.

After the anupallavi, the pallavi is as well sung and once again after the saranam. Each piece is played back with varieties.

Carnatic music is usually performed by a modest assembly of musicians, consisting of a key performer (vocalist), a melodic support (customarily a violin), a rhythm instrumental music (usually a mridangam), and a tambura, which play the part of a drone throughout the concert.

A Carnatic Concert is always ends with Mangalam. Other regular instruments used in concerts may consist of the Ghatam(Mud pot), Gangira(Handheld drum), Morsing(mouth instrument), Flute and Veena.

The most distinguished concerts and the highly regarded presentation of Carnatic musicians are found at Chennai. Different music festivals are held all over India and out of the country which largely consist of Carnatic music concerts.

The Madras Music Festival has been regarded as one of the world's greatest cultural performances.

Carnatic Songs

Check out my favorite songs! I've handpicked these MP3s from Amazon. Take a listen. If you like, you can click to buy them on Amazon.

Great Carnatic Music Composers


Purandara Dasa (1480-1564) : He is honored as the grand father of Carnatic Music. His enrichment to Carnatic music is extraordinary. His raga Mayamalavagowla is the primary scale to be learnt by newcomers. He also structured sorted lessons called as swaravalis and Alankaras.

Thyagaraja (1759-1847), Muthusamy Diksidhar(1776-1827) together with Shyama Sastry (1762-1827) are the three famous composers. Thyagaraja is familiar for his Kiritis, Diksidhar for his variations and Sastry for his compositions. These three composers are known as the Trinity of Carnatic Songs.

Some of the famous composers are listed below, and their compositions are now and then employed by Carnatic singers today.
Arunachala Kavi
Swathi Thirunal
Muthiah Bagavathar
Gopalakrishna Bharathi
Subramaniya Bharathi
Papanasam Sivan

And many others.

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My Favorite Carnatic Singer and Song


Kattassery Joseph Yesudas is my beloved Classical Singer, and he sings Indian classical, religious, and playback singing.

In the year 1999, UNESCO awarded him an honorary citation for his Great participation in "Music and Peace".

Yesudas has sung in many metropolitan cities around the world.

In the year 2011, Yesudas was awarded the CNN-IBN excellent performance citation for having made a record of 50K+ songs in his five-decade singing profession

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There are many great Carnatic vocalist in South India, But no one amazes me like Yesudas. Among many legendary singers, Dr.KJ Yesudas is one who has given many hit songs. His voice is mesmerizing his accent is impeccable, his pitch pattern is perfect.

One of my favorite Carnatic songs from Yesudass is Harivarasanam. This song is a Hindu ceremonial song created in the astakam metre. This song is daily performed in front of the sanctum sanctorum before closing the door at Sabarimala Ayyappan Temple.

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Some More Carnatic Songs

19 Nithyasree Mahadevan kuRai onRum illai rAgamAlika Adi C Rajagopal
by kamakotisankara | video info

264 ratings | 270,036 views

19 Nithyasree Mahadevan kuRai onRum illai rAgamAlika Adi C Rajagopal

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Great Carnatic Concerts

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