Ca 125 Results 41 High

Bajaj Discover 125ST is a comfortable motorcycle. The riding position is upright, and seat plush and wide that helps to make this bike the most relaxed for the rider. The fuel saving, high mileage engine of this bike is surely the one aspect of it that you will love most about, as you will be able to save a lot on the fuel price. It has different versions, and the 100cc and 150cc versions are best for fuel efficiency. If you need speed then this bike is definitely the one for you. It provides you with a top speed of almost 90 KMPH and the bike takes less than 9 seconds to reach the speed of 60 KMPH. However, these qualities are for 100cc version, when the higher versions like 125cc can reach a top speed of 105 KMPH.

Bajaj Discover 125ST comes in four different color shades, with each having two different colors. Apart from the red and blue version, the others have red, green and blue with black. The 150cc version is available in more color combinations too for unique looks. This bike has an attractive design which is really stylish. Everything about this bike, from front lights, wheels, tank and digital meters, makes this bike look sporty, as the entire appearance is carefully designed as a sports bike. That is surely one thing which will make you look and feel macho when riding this bike. The black and silver colored turn indicators and silencer are really attractive. The seat is designed the way most of the bikes from Bajaj are designed like. The curved seat is more comfortable even when you are riding the bike on a jerky road. The indicators of this bike are clear and placed the most perfect way so that you can keep an eye on it while riding. The 125 ST is the first Discover to use a four-valve head. Its a 124.58cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine with near-square bore and stroke measures, 54mm x 54.4mm, and uses Bajajs winning twin spark plug (DTS-i) technology.

Bajaj Discover 125 ST Price is Rs. 55,500 approximately. However, comparing the price with the quality and advancements of this bike clearly states that the price is very reasonable. Before you find out about the bikes price in India, it's very important for you to know about the comfort of the bike you are going to buy, as that is one thing which will be important when you are riding this bike for a long time and on tough roads. The Bajaj bikes price has always been the most attractive thing and that has not changed for this model too. Bajaj Discover 125 ST Reviews show that Bajaj Discover 125ST is a modern, edgy and smart bike.

ca 125 results 41 high