Ovarian Cyst Nursing Diagnosis Uti

UTI is an infection that occurs in the urinary organs. This infection is mainly found among women but some men suffer from urinary infection due to enlarged prostate. Most of the men suffer from urethritis or prostatitis. Urethritis occurs due to bacterial infection in urethra while prostatitis occurs due to infection in prostate gland.

The bladder and kidney infection occurs among men above 60 years of age. This infection occurs due to presence of kidney stones that block the flow of urine from the urinary bladder. Hence, the urine gets contaminated inside the bladder which facilitates the growth and multiplication of bacterial infections. Few men acquire UTI due to the use of catheter for the drainage of urine. It can also occur due to diabetes or unsafe sexual activities.

Hence, you should undergo a diagnosis as soon as you notice the symptoms of urinary infections. The medical practitioner will ask you to undergo an urinalysis to detect the presence of bacterial infections. He might conduct tests to detect the type of bacteria and its possible treatment. Hence, you should cooperate with them so that they can analyze the extent of infection and means to provide relief from its side-effects.

A majority of doctors recommend an antibiotic treatment for the cure of UTI. These antibiotics kill the bacterium responsible for the infectious disease. However, you should complete the dosage to avoid recurrence of the infection in the urinary organs. You can also consume over the counter pain medicines that provide relief from the pain incurred during urinary infections. However, it's advisable to consult a doctor before purchasing one for yourself.

You can also take certain dietary precautions during the infliction of UTI. Ideally, you should drink 8-12 glasses of water to flush the bacterium from the urinary tract. You can also drink fruit juices to counteract the disease. So, take the necessary precautions and undergo proper treatment to get cured from the urinary tract infections.

ovarian cyst nursing diagnosis uti