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Vaginismus is a condition in which there is an involuntary tightness of the vagina during an attempted sexual intercourse. This tightness is usually caused by the involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscles that surrounds and protects the vagina. In this condition, the woman does not directly control the tightness. She doesn't have the will to control the tightness to occur. She may not also be aware of her condition, she might not know that her response to the penetration is causing the muscles to tighten and cause a problem.Complications with VaginismusNonetheless, vaginismus causes discomfort and problems for the partners. Some of them may include: 1.Severe pain during intercourse2.Burning pain during intercourse3.Stinging pain during intercourse4.Unconsummated relationships5.Unable to insert the penis during intercourse Severity varies from woman to woman and usually the condition stops whenever the sexual attempt is stopped and intercourse must be halted too in the process. Types of Vaginismus There are basically just two types of vaginismus. These are the primary vaginismus and secondary vaginismus. Primary vaginismus. This occurs when the woman has never been able to have any kind of penetrative sex or sexual experience without the pain. This condition is commonly found on women that use tampons, had early pre-marital sex and those who have undergone a Pap smear. These women may not be aware of their condition unless they have attempted the vaginal penetration. There are many things that causes primary vaginismus and the list below is just among the many that have been proven: 1. Physically invasive trauma 2. Knowledge of the sexual abuse of others 3. Fear of pain that is associated with penetration 4. Domestic violence and conflicts at home 5. Sexual abuse 6. Rape Secondary vaginismus occurs in women who previously have been able to achieve penetration. This development may be caused by: 1. Psychological causes 2. Trauma during child birth 3. Physical causes like yeast infection Treating Vaginismus There are two different ways to treat vaginismus. It depends primarily on the causes of the condition. The two types of causes are psychological and physical causes. It is important to know that each case is very different and it requires a different approach when it comes to treating the conditions. Psychological treatment of those that have undergone trauma and fear of painful sex requires consultation with a good psychiatrist. Those who have this condition because of trauma need to see the psychological aspect as well. The woman may choose to address and provide solution to the problem on her own, but she can use the services of a therapist as well. Women who suffer from vaginismus often suffer from low self esteem, fear, and depression. Physically treating this condition may include innovative treatments from the medical group. Some of the common treatments include the following. 1).Using vaginal dilators2).Exploring the vagina through touch3).Sensate focus exercises4.)Use of Botox

pelvic pain center