Amenorrhea What Causes Lightning

Lightning Strike on building causes much damage to property and also takes a toll on the lives of people living in the building. With more and more electrical appliances making place in the houses and commercial areas, the risk of electrocution has increased considerably. Large number of damages is registered because of lightning strikes and to control the damage, Lightning Arrestors are designed. Lightning arrestors protect the structures from Lightning strikes by diverting the Lightning strikes away from circuit into the earth.

The Working Of Lightning Arrestors
Voltage fluctuation causes damage to the electrical circuit and also affects the working of the electrical appliances. Lightning Arrestors act as a mediator that divert Lightning strikes from circuits into the earth Lightning Arrestors and thus protect the electrical appliances from burn out. Lightning Arrestors are useful in keeping the circuit intact and proof from the damaging effect Lightning strikes.

Lightning Arrestors Vs Circuit Breakers
Lightning Arrestors are different from circuit breakers in terms of their application. Circuit breakers are used to protect the electrical circuits from voltage fluctuation but Lightning Arrestor is different. It is not used in case of voltage surge but to protect the circuit from Lightning damage.

About Lightning Arrestors
Every Lightning Arrestor has a specific clamping voltage level. Clamping voltage level is the final amount of voltage allowed to pass through the circuit. Generally the clamping voltage ranges from 250 to 500 V. Any type of electrical appliance connected to the electrical circuit is protected from Lightning strikes by Lightning Arrestors. For the protection of large number of electrical appliances in homes, separate Lightning Arrestors are not required. One Lightning Arrestor installed in the line of the electricity is sufficient for many appliances.

Types Of Lightning Arrestors
Lightning arrestors are of two types:

  • Lightning Arrestors with Silicon Arrestors: Lightning Arrestors with Silicon Arrestors offer faster reaction time because of the removal of the need of spark gaps.
  • Lightning Arrestors with Series Resistors: Lightning Arrestors with series resistors require spark gaps to initiate a discharge necessary for arrestor conductivity.

Renowned Lightning Arrestor Manufacturers with wide domain experience offer Lightning Arrestors with high effect against the destruction caused by lightning strikes. These Lightning Arrestors if manufactured using high quality Copper metal, remain in use for a long time without any risk of damage or corrosion. If purchased from trusted manufacturers, these Lightning Arrestors are sure to offer long-lasting service in offering protection to the electrical equipment and human life.

The best way to search for reliable Lightning arrestor Manufacturing Company is to look for companies enlisted online. Their websites offer detailed information about all types of Lightning Arrestors, which help the buyer in making the selection.

amenorrhea what causes lightning