What Causes Lower Back Chest Pain In Women Vs Men

Most of the chest problems are related to the lungs, and purification (detoxification) of lungs is the best way to prevent chest problems. In this article you will find some useful exercises and home remedies to keep your chest problem away. Home remedies and exercises are very helpful in getting relief from several health problems naturally. Below are some of the simple and effective home remedies and exercises for chest problems.
Jogging is the most convenient and easy exercise for everyone.
Take deep breaths while jogging. Make a habit of inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. As a result of this exercise, the brain and blood receive maximum oxygen and undesirable gaseous and liquid elements are excreted. Thus the whole body is purified.

Laughing loudly in an airy, non-polluted green area with more oxygen, like parks or garden, makes the lungs clear and strong. Pranayam prevents several disease of the respiratory system. A person doing pranayam daily is free from cough, cold, asthma and other respiratory ailments. It also helps in removing wastes out of the body and provides oxygenated air to lungs and helps keep germs and viruses away.

These are both chest pain situations that are not indicators of a problem with any of your vital organs. Both of these can be cured with a visit to your doctor and some bed rest. However, thorax pain can be a warning sign of more serious problems with the vital organs contained in your chest.

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Causes of Chest Pain:
1. Cardiovascular system. (relating to the heart and the blood vessels)
2. Pulmonary system. (relating to the lungs)
3. Digestive system
4. The Bony system
5. The muscular system

Some of the important natural remedies for treating this problem -
1. One of an effective natural remedy is to chew 2-3 black pepper seeds for treating this problem.
2. Prepare a saline solution to gargle. It is the simplest natural remedies for chest congestion. This remedy is effective in children as well as in adults.
3. Some of the therapies like yoga and aromatherapy have found to be valuable and effective in treating this problem.
4. You can also massage the chest with essential oil as it will help you in reducing the problem of congestion.
5. Increase the intake of warm fluids in your diet. It is one of the simplest and effective natural remedy to reduce this problem.
6. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables which are rich in minerals, essential vitamins and antioxidants.
These home remedies are useful and very effective in treating the chest congestion problem.

what causes lower back chest pain in women vs men