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Mivista Consulting, Inc is based in Miami, FL offers consultation on brand strategy and delivers workshops, seminars & keynotes, especially for women's groups and companies marketing to women. Mivista Business Skills Training trains small businesses to network, market and sell more effectively. They help small businesses achieve their own turnarounds. They provide live educational programs, online articles and videos to help those who couldn't afford or didn't desire full-blown consulting/coaching to learn the same business concepts and skills in a fun, interactive and hands-on environment. MIVISTA has developed a series of workshops open-to-the-public, which has captivated thousands and generated a large and loyal following. Mivista Workshops & Seminars has also developed or delivered educational business programs for Gibraltar Private Bank & Trust, WebMD, Frito Lay, BNI, MPI (Meeting Planners International), Comcast, Burger King (Women's Leadership Foundation).Management Training Florida methodology from Mivista is based on one key belief that people who participate and engage learn better. Whether trying to change beliefs, behaviors or develop skills, lecturing is simply not as effective as active learning. They combine the relevant elements of each to develop a unique approach to corporate education, workshops, management, team building and learning. Mivista is the Florida's #1 management training firm because they know how to drive business results. Management Training Florida has the unique vision, talent, and training modules to accelerate your business development. They offer more than just team building. Their management coaching services as career planning for business owners and entire companies. Using a combination of advisory and learning services, Management Training Florida accelerates strategy development and implementation, minimizes risk, and maximizes earnings for their clients. Their passion is helping thought leaders achieve results. For implementing new strategies, engaging employees, or adapting to a constantly changing economic environment, Management Training is the tool to accelerate your results. Their world class group of faculty not only brings real life management experience, but proven track records of success in the application of the training back at the workplace. Skills are not really learned until practiced and applied. In order for the training to be targeted, there are many forms of individual and/or organizational assessments that they may use to align the training to business outcomes for the organization and/or individual department or division. Mivista offer a variety of management training programs and management seminars so that you can keep yourself and your organizational team up-to-date with the latest developments in management and be reminded of the management concepts you believed in.

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