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Yamask (Japanese: Desumasu) is a Ghost-type Pokmon.

It evolves into Cofagrigus starting at level 34.

Yamask is a shadow-like Pokmon holding a simply designed stone face which was from its time as a human, one rather similar to that of the one in the forehead of Cofagrigus. It has two shadowy, tendril-like arms and large, red eyes.

Due to being a human long ago, it has memories of being a human. If someone wears the mask Yamask carries, they will become possessed by the Yamask in question.

Yamask are known to have once been human, and as such, they retain memories of their former lives. Each Yamask carries a mask depicting the face it once had. Sometimes, it looks at this mask and cries, Pokemon Cards For Sale apparently in longing. Yamask are known to wander the ruins of ancient civilizations.

Yamask wander the ruins of ancient civilizations.

A Yamask appeared before Team Rocket in Battling For The Love of Bug-Types! where James proceeded to catch it.

Yamask made an appearance in A Night in the Nacrene City Museum!, where it was causing havoc in the Nacrene City Museum because its mask had been put on display after it accidentally dropped it while sleeping. In the end monstermmorpg monster Barnacold Lenora, Kissing Games along with Ash, Iris, Cilan and Hawes gained an understanding with it and gave its mask back and Yamask left the museum peacefully.

Yamask is based on Harry Potter Games an Egyptian Ba holding a death mask.

Yamask may be a combination of yami (darkness), ya (bad), Make Your Own Pokemon or Yama (lord of the dead in Hindu and Buddhist play with fake pokemon Gardeel mythology), and mask.

Desumasu may be a combination of death and mask.

Last Call First Round! (Japanese: The Grand Festival Begins! The Art of Flame and Ice!!) is the 174th episode of the Diamond & Pearl series, and the 640th episode of the Pokmon anime. It first aired in Japan on April 29, 2010 and in the United States on September 18, 2010.

Dawn, Ash and Brock reach Lake Valor, where the Grand Festival takes place. Everyone does their best in the Appeal Round, but who's going to the Battle Rounds?

In Ursula's portion on the blue stage she starts out with two Eevee. She uses a musical seal and it causes musical notes to shoot upward out of the Pok Balls, revealing the Eevee. Dawn never saw Eevee before, so she checks her Pokdex. She starts with having the two use Iron Tail repeatedly with each other. She tells them both to use Hidden Power. Then she tosses a Water Stone and a Fire Stone at each, causing them to evolve into Vaporeon and Flareon. During evolution each has a cluster of silver bubbles around it and then as the stones are caught one Eevee is caught in a whirl of flames and the small silver bubbles become red bubbles and it evolves into Flareon, whereas the other is covered in a wave of water and its silver bubbles come blue bubbles as it evolves into Vaporeon. The two then fly together and they swirl in the air then fire the bubbles and they land softly on the ground as the bubbles land softly and pop into shimmering light. Again, Dawn checks the Pokdex. Kenny remarks that he never thought of using evolution in an Appeal, though Zoey notes that while it looked impressive and Ursula will get high marks, it will only work once.

Nando on the green stage uses Kricketot and Altaria. The two start by floating through the air and spinning together and Altaria goes upward using Perish Song and Kricketot remains on the ground and uses Sing. The two combine and make the music notes glow. The judges compliment Nando and Ash checks Kricketot on his Pokdex. It says that when Kricketot falls over, its antennae makes a xylophone-like sound. Ash comments that it's just like Nando to use sound during a performance.

Jessilina (Jessie) on the red stage uses Seviper and Yanmega in the Appeal Round. She has Seviper use Haze to create a circular spiral of smoke around it. She then jumps and flips onto its Pokemon Heartgold head without disturbing the Haze. Yanmega uses SonicBoom and aims it directly at Jessilina, causing a brilliant glow. This attack sheds her original Contest outfit, revealing a brand new one beneath it.

After several other Coordinators perform, it's Zoey's turn on the blue stage, of which the center opens up to reveal a pool for a water stage. She has Lumineon uses Aqua Ring and then her Gastrodon blast out of the tank. Gastrodon uses Water Pulse and it fires at Abc Games For Kids Lumineon and the Aqua Ring bursts into a brilliant light. The lights form into three rings that float over the water's surface, which Lumineon jumps through, as Online Multiplayer Games well as Gastrodon. The rings then float closer to the surface and flatten out and shoot up whirlwinds of water. Zoey jumps onto the center and her two Pokmon next to her.

In Kenny's performance on the red stage he chooses to use his Floatzel and Empoleon. Floatzel starts by using Aqua Jet straight up into the air into which Empoleon blasts three shots of Hydro Cannon at the Aqua Jet trail and it turns into a large waterfall. Floatzel fires off Razor Wind into the water around himself, which disperses into many beautiful flying discs around the stage. Empoleon then uses Metal Claw and shatters the discs, creating a large colorful mist. To finish, Floatzel uses Whirlpool and Empoleon uses Cooking Games For Kids Flash Cannon. While Floatzel turns the Whirlpool sideways to face Empoleon, the Flash Cannon blasts into the center, breaking up into droplets of rainbow energy. However, the Flash Cannon is too powerful for him to hold back; the Whirlpool quickly collapses and Floatzel is thrown back.

The final performance is Dawn's portion of the Appeal Round on the green stage, where she uses Cyndaquil and Buneary. First, using a Seal that sets off a large blue ribbon that ties itself into a bow and blasts into a shimmering light she sends out Buneary and makes her spin while letting off an Ice Beam. This spinning and Ice Beam combination creates a large, roller-coaster type ice path. Cyndaquil then rolls and uses Flame Wheel and rolls down the path, making a place for Buneary to slide, who follows just behind Cyndaquil. Buneary then charges an Ice Beam and Cyndaquil uses SmokeScreen in order to cloak themselves above a large center ice spike. The glow is seen game map Stone Walk through the SmokeScreen. The smoke is blown away, revealing Buneary to be inside a large Pok Ball of ice with Cyndaquil standing on top. She bows as Cyndaquil, having used its back flames to form flapping wings of fire to clear the smoke, continues to fan, the flames illuminating the ice to give off a brilliant glow and causing sparkling snow to fall.

Marian announces the show of Coordinators that made it through to the second round. It is revealed that Dawn, Nando, Ursula, Zoey, and Jessilina (Jessie) have all made it through, but Kenny is not: he has been eliminated.

The group, along with Zoey, are saying goodbye to Kenny. Dawn is concerned about Kenny leaving, but he Pokemon Soul Silver says he has to get ready for the next Grand Festival. He says he'll be rooting for Dawn. They say goodbye to him and he walks off.

Moltres (Japanese: Fire) is a dual-type Fire/Flying legendary Pokmon.

It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokmon.

Along with Articuno and Zapdos, it is one of the three legendary birds of Kanto.

Moltres takes the form of a large bird with flame-colored plumage, resembling a phoenix. Its dazzling wings and elaborate head crest appear to be covered with flames. It has a straight, pointed brown beak that is the same color as its feet. Compared to the other legendary birds, it has the smallest feet and legs. It is the largest of the legendary birds, but its feathers make up a good portion of its bulk.

When Moltres flaps its wings, it creates a brilliant flash of flames. It is also one of the few Pokmon known to naturally wield the very powerful Flying-type move Sky Attack.

Moltres is one of the legendary birds of Kanto, and is a poorly understood species, believed by many to be pure myth. Its behavior is largely clandestine, monstermmorpg monster Aquayro but it appears to migrate to the south during the springtime. There are many folktales surrounding this species, but perhaps the most popular is that its appearance will bring about an early spring. When Moltres flaps its wings, it sheds hundreds of tiny embers. It is believed that these embers have healing properties. If injured, it will immerse itself in lava to heal.

Moltres appear to live in hot regions, particularly active volcanoes. They are spectacularly rare. Moltres have been Dog Games sighted on Victory Road and near the Sevii Islands. One has been recently sighted, roaming Sinnoh. Another, possibly the one from Victory Road, lives in Mt. Silver.

Moltres made its first true appearance in The Power of how do i get fake pokemon Coppey One. Lawrence III wanted to capture the three legendary birds as well as their master Lugia.

Moltres also appeared in All Fired Up where it defeated Team Rocket. It reappeared in a flashback in Round One - Begin! and in another flashback in Friends to the End.

Moltres appeared in The Search for the Legend where Butch and Cassidy attempted to steal it.

A robotic Moltres was shown chasing Jessie, James, and Meowth in Island of the Giant Pokmon.

Additionally it was mentioned in The Fortune Hunters where James mistakenly believed that it was his "Inner Pokmon" and dressed up in a Moltres costume. Most Powerful Pokemon

A Moltres appeared in An EGG-sighting Adventure! as Strongest Pokemon part of Team Rocket's fantasy.

A Moltres made a cameo in the intro of Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, The Rise of Darkrai and Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

Sabrina is shown to have obtained Moltres for Team Rocket during the Kanto saga, but it is not seen in battle. It is later combined with Articuno and Zapdos to form a singular legendary bird, but they separate once Sabrina is defeated and go back to the wild.

Green later catches Moltres on Mt. Ember during her training journey to overcome her fear of birds. She used it and its fellow legendary birds in the fight against Karen and Will, who were commanding the Masked Man's Ho-Oh and Lugia. She has not used any of them since, meaning they have probably been deposited in the box or released.

Moltres appeared in Goodbye to a Peaceful Village, where it attacked Ginji and Mudkip because it believed that Ginji was destined to destroy the world.

Moltres made a cameo appearance in the Saffron City stage. Very rarely, it will fly by in the background.

When released from a Pok Ball, Moltres will remain where it is released, flapping its wings. It will then use Sky Attack in Melee or Fly in Brawl to leave the arena. Any opponent that touches it will receive a sizable amount of damage. Moltres is the only legendary bird to return in Brawl.

As tradition has it, the onset of spring heralds the return of this legendary Pokmon from its southern home. Its bright orange color and fiery aspect lends to its overwhelming appearance. Sky Attack, the strongest of flying moves, is a perfect fit for this burning phenom, but it obviously also excels at powerful Fire-type moves.

"A Flame Pokmon. It's one of the legendary bird Pokmon. When Moltres appears in a town, it is said that spring will come earlier there than in other towns. If Moltres is injured, it apparently returns to a volcano to heal its wings with magma. Moltres spreads its wide, flame-covered wings and Game Websites attacks opponents with the exciting and highly damaging Sky Attack."

(with Mystery Part or Secret Slab in the bag)

Like Ho-Oh, Moltres is based on the legend of the phoenix. It is most likely based on either the Arabian phoenix or the Slavic Firebird. Others claim that the bird is based on the Japanese mythical bird known as Suzaku, guardian of the South, and is not a true phoenix. Regardless, the Pokmon has a very similar appearance to both the phoenix and the Suzaku. It may also be based on a heron or Bennu, because of their similarities in shape. It also embodies traits from a number of other firebirds, such as the three-legged bird.

Moltres is a combination of molten and tres (Spanish for three, indicating that it is the third in the series of Kanto legendary birds). It may also derive from molt.

A player character in the world of Pokmon is the protagonist of the games. Remarkably silent, player characters are the avatar of the player; it is left up to the latter to "fill in" what they imagine the character is feeling, thinking and acting, thus immersing the player within the world of the game.

The player character is a critical part of the Pokmon games' core. Set in an approximate background, player characters are effectively the players themselves, giving the latter the opportunity to add in their details, color the journey with their views and personality and co-exist with other players. Concurrently, they are the hero of the said myth, the one person to take part on the main events of each game. This twofold nature of the player character gives players the opportunity to choose from several alternatives and distinguish themselves from one another, while at the same time the adventure of the protagonist of the game unfolds, with the several details not being set or standard. Ultimately, the events of the game progress with the player assuming the protagonist's role, while all at once finding themselves in the world of the game as a unique entity.

In the main series games, the player characters are Pokmon Trainers beginning their Pokmon journey. They start their journey in their hometown by getting a starter Pokmon, a Pokmon that appears very early in their native region's Pokdex, and is of the Grass-, Fire-, or Water-type. The region's native Pokmon Professor will always fake pokemon Ryuuo give them this, as well as a Pokdex. Starting in Pokmon Crystal, players can also choose their character's gender. Usually, they have rivals who begin their journey at about the same time. Players take part in several events, and meet a great Pokemon Doujin number of Pokmon and people during their adventure. A common target is to conquer a Pokmon League's eight Gym Leaders and Elite Four, and become the Champion. Several additional sidequests occur during and after each game's main plot.

To date, only one player character has reappeared from an older generation in a role other than that of the player. In Generation II and the Generation IV remakes, when Ethan or Kris/Lyra travels to Mt. Silver and reaches the deepest point of the cave, Red is found, utterly silent as he was under the player's control. At the time of these games' respective releases, Red's Pikachu was the highest-leveled Pokmon owned by an in-game Trainer (Barry's fully evolved starter Pokmon temporarily surpassed the standard set in Gold and Silver until the release of their remakes, HeartGold and SoulSilver).

Three unnamed player characters appear in Pokmon Stadium series. Japanese-only Pokmon Stadium featured one male character, whose design was likely based on Red. However, for the sequel a brand new male character was created. This player was also in Pokmon Stadium 2, where he was given a female counterpart. She appears when a player uses a Pokmon Crystal Game Pak with the girl chosen in the saved game. Like the main series player characters, these three remain silent throughout the games.

Aside from the standard that many of the games' player characters take in their journey, there are Flyff also several other ways in which other player characters complete their journey, such as Wes and Michael in Pokmon Colosseum and Pokmon XD: Gale of Darkness who are called to defeat Cipher and free all of their snagged Pokmon from their Shadow state.

In the Card GB series, Mark and Mint do not use actual Pokmon themselves, but cards instead.

In the Pokmon Ranger series, Solana, Lunick, Kellyn, Kate, Ben and Summer are not Pokmon Trainers, but instead Pokmon Rangers. They use the Pokmon they have captured with the Capture Styler to help them along the way. They also have partner Pokmon that follow them wherever they go.

In the Mystery Dungeon series, players play as actual Pokmon. Unlike most other Pokmon games, the pl

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