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Process services in Ulan Bator and other parts of Mongolia could have been the problem decades before, but today it has become quite convenient and easy way out to take up all kind of legal works and now it takes hardly few days to cover up the whole procedure of serving legal papers in Ulan Bator and other prominent cities of Mongolia. Earlier, these processes was quite hectic and cumbersome to take up due to the non availability of the experts servers and lack of proper training procedure to make them, more confident and self reliant in making these works a success.

The available agencies were not having proper resources and the international exposure to take up all these works was minimum most, so there were no much ways to polish the skills or possibility of connecting with international agencies to upgrade the skills was just negligible and to get huge knowledge to make effective strategies for getting the successful ways to serve the documents. There were no fruitful ways to do all these works and these processes remained ineffective and unreliable at par. People had to face a lot of difficulties and see the failures in the hopes to get the successes and there was no solution other than just to pull on with dilapidated sources.

The real change in the system came with the government involvement in all such processes. It was the great initiative of the government to accept the process services rules undersigned through Hague convention held on 15 November 1965 at The Hague, Netherlands. As per this convention, it is quite possible to have the process services in the signatory states without using the diplomatic or consular channels for serving legal papers in Ulan Bator. It acted as the brilliant ways to getting the international expose to polish the major skills which could be utilized in all such works. Besides, it became the best way to deliver the legal papers and judicial document of any defendant in any part of the signatory states without much problem. Although it was the reliable and best assured way for successful litigation works, but due to channelized lengthy procedures, it used to take more time in getting the formal services through Hague convention.

Apart from this, these is another in formal way of providing such services by hiring the local process servers which is now a day become a very popular and effective method of extending the litigation supports to the people of Mongolia. This is the quickest way for enlarging such services and in present, people around this country prefer these fastest means of Process services in Ulan Bator.

This is due to the some of the best advantages of getting the speedy services, higher successful rates and economically cheaper procedure with the universally approved affidavits as the proof of the services which are undersigned by the notary. It leaves no confusion among the people for having any doubts about the services and it grows the trust between clients and hosts.

The people of this country has found an edge to their worries for serving various type of documents of a defendant with surety and effectiveness with the arrival of a most incredible agency which is offering not only process services but also the trust and confidence in work.

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