Neck Pain Headache And Tinnitus

There are times when people have migraines that are not preceded by auras, there are times when despite all the posturing, there is neck pain and headache experienced. When going to a doctor, sometimes there is nothing to do but be prescribed pain medication. Sometimes, people have tinnitus diagnosed but taking the medications does not ease the pain. Instead, after the pain disappears, it just comes back again and again. To the point that there are some who become addicted to the pain medications.

When going to a dentist, you are told that there seems to be a misalignment of the jaws. When made to do some open and close jaw manoeuvres, the dentist hears popping and clicking sounds. You dismiss it and say you ve always had that and it is quite normal. The dentist tells you otherwise. He diagnoses you with TMJ, or temporomandibular joint syndrome.

When the dentist starts to give you possible symptoms that go with TMJ, you realize that the inexplicable headaches and the migraines and the neck pains were part of the symptomatology of TMJ. It is a surprising thing to discover, that the clicking sound your jaw makes and which you have sometimes entertained young children with was actually the sure sign that something was wrong.

When talking about TMJ, there are still some people who nod their heads in agreement to whatever is said. But at the back of their heads, there is a question: what is TMJ? Not a lot of people know about it. They may have heard of the term, but they never knew what the acronym stood for.

Some people even dismiss this syndrome completely and dismiss is as something which dentists invented to make more money. It can be funny listening to some people try to sound educated and acting as if they knew what TMJ was all about when they actually didn t. Get yourself educated and find out if your inexplicable headaches and migraines may just be the symptom to TMJ and you just didn t know it.

neck pain headache and tinnitus