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Running a business can be complicated and stressful. Thats why it is important to keep your home party plan business as simple as possible.

Think of K.I.S.S.- keep it simple, stupid!

Really though we do not want you to call yourself stupid. That may be the acronym but it is not a good business strategy.

How about KISS for keep it simple silly!

No matter how big or small your business, no matter if your business is only you or if you have several team members, one of the best ways to keep your business simple is to keep your home party plan presentation simple.

Keep Business Simple

There are five ways to KISS when it comes to your home party plan business and your home party presentations.

1. Create a plan for all your presentations. Creating a plan ahead of time that fits for all your home parties may take some time initially, but it will save time later. Have a flow chart or an outline that you can follow for each and every presentation. This will keep things organized and make things simple!

2. Dont have too many products at your presentations. If your product line is extensive, you certainly dont need to bring all your products to a presentation. Dont have so many items that your guests get bored or confused. Dont let Party-Guest-Attention-Deficit-Disorder set in! Take enough of your product line with you to show a good variety, but not so much that your guests are overwhelmed with products, pricing and variations. Having the ability to set up quickly and go through all your products in a reasonable amount of time will ensure that your guests are still paying attention when you get to the last product.

3. Long presentations complicate matters. Your guests want it short and sweetand simple! Keep your presentations under 45 minutes. You prevent Party-Guest-Attention-Deficit-Disorder and give them more time to buy!
4. Keep your party games simple. Long, complicated games will usually turn out to be duds, and duds wont help you sell products.

4. The hostess should also stick to the KISS rule. Simple invitations and a simple spread of food will help the guests pay attention to the product line.

5. Create a simple method of record keeping. Having a simple yet effective way to record sales, guest lists, no-shows, returns, effective party games, and other items will allow you more free time.

It may take a little extra time to set this up when you start your business but it will save you tons of time as your business expands.
For any business, utilizing the power of KISS is important for a less stressful and more successful home party plan business. KISS is the best way to make business easier and more fun!

So, remember... You will be guaranteed business success when you do not over complicate things and keep it simple, silly!

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