Cyst Do Fibroids Cause Bleeding Post Menopause

There are various alternative remedies for fibroids which have been used with varying degrees of success. If you are diagnosed with fibroids, you may be advised to do nothing at all as they are likely to shrink at the time of the menopause. However, if you have unbearable symptoms which might include bloating, heavy bleeding, discomfort during intercourse and exhaustion, you will be in no doubt that you wish to do something to alleviate your symptoms.

Conventional treatments are usually surgical in nature and as with any surgical procedures, they should only be undertaken if absolutely necessary. The very nature of fibroids means that they are very rarely dangerous or life threatening, so this gives women the opportunity to be discerning about which type of treatment to choose.

The causes of fibroids are thought to be multifaceted and indeed, many doctors are undecided on the exact causes. However, there is no doubt that there are certain common factors which predispose a woman to fibroids and these include:-

* Being overweight
* Having a family history of fibroids
* Being of Afro-Caribbean descent
* Having unbeknown exposure to pollutants or environmental toxins
* Having a build up of toxins in the body
* Being prone to inflammatory conditions

As there is no medical reason to rush your treatment, it makes complete sense to try out alternative remedies for fibroids before consenting to invasive treatments. A word of warning though. To be successful, you need to bear in mind that you will need to play an active part in the process and you will need to make various lifestyle and dietary changes. The good news is that most women, when following the process correctly, will see a dramatic reduction in their fibroids.

Your own treatment will depend on an analysis of your lifestyle and circumstances to determine the most likely reasons why you have fibroids. For many women, high estrogen levels are a likely cause as this hormone is known to fuel fibroid growth. A general reduction in estrogen levels often forms a part of most treatment plans and this can usually be achieve by maintaining a healthy weight, as estrogen is both stored in, and produced by, fat cells. Other women may have high levels of harmful pollutants locked in the liver and these can mimic the action of estrogen. The only way to remove this is to follow a particular form of detox which might include herbs such as milk thistle and dandelion.

It is thought that some women might develop fibroids as they are prone to inflammatory conditions. One simple step which might be included would be eating foods which are naturally anti-inflammatory in nature, such as oats, hops and cumin.

There is a comprehensive system which has been proven to shrink fibroids naturally. Please bear in mind though, this requires you to be proactive and take charge of your own healing by making dietary and lifestyle changes and following a systematic program-it is not suitable for women who simply want to take a tablet and be cured.

cyst do fibroids cause bleeding post menopause