Symptoms Gluten Intolerance

Most of the individuals suffering from gluten intolerance are hardly aware of it. Most of the time the disease is undetected as the common symptoms for gluten intolerance are often disregarded.

However being gluten intolerant does not mean that you cannot eat at all as there are plenty of options available in the market. These days there are many gluten free cuisines available. Many confuse gluten intolerance with wheat allergy symptoms, though both of the are entirely different. Gluten is a protein composite which is insoluble in water and it derived from endosperm. Gluten is generally found in wheat, barley, rye, which is actually elastic in nature which binds the flour products together. We regard gluten to be an important part of nutritional protein, however many individuals cannot digest or tolerate the gluten in their body. When the gluten intolerance symptoms occur in our body it is actually regarded that the person is suffering from celiac disease. The celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder which affects the small intestines. A blood test or an intestinal biopsy can be carried out on a patient as to whether the person is suffering from gluten intolerance or not. The symptoms for gluten intolerance are constipation, bloating, fatigue and joint pain.

It is important to stay healthy and stick to one's diet to remain fit. There are many healthy diet recipes to choose from. Try to make some changes in your current diet and some healthy dishes can be just whipped up in easy steps. Maintain a diet chart and adhere to it. You could try having pancakes for breakfast, however they are known to contain calories and fat so you could try to make them with egg whites and oats and some low fat cottage cheese. Apart from pancakes protein fortified muffins are good for breakfast and they contain all the vital nutrients that will keep you going throughout the day. One can try by mixing protein powder, baking powder and some applesauce with some low fat milk. Place all the ingredients in the muffin and bake them. Those who are looking for a light afternoon snack can opt for a smoothie with berries with some fruit flavored yoghurt. Blend all the above ingredients in a blender to have a smooth consistency. Healthy diet recipes can also be made with quinoa which is cooked in the same procedure as rice It is rich in amino acids and is a great option for vegetarians. Research on the web to find out thousands of healthy diet recipes to choose from.

symptoms gluten intolerance