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Report of the economic information hookup, elevator accident that occurred shortly after nine o'clock last evening in Shenzhen Metro morning, responsible for the operation of longhua line rail company headquarters in Shenzhen held a press conference in Hong Kong, Hong Kong rail company said at that time of the incident, escalators and no line, and such an argument and was witness to the contrary, the stance of the Hong Kong Railway Corporation immediately to see the press conference.

In today's Conference, the MTR Corporation first announced the time of the accident, around escalators monitoring camera head the recorded picture. Report of the economic information hookup, passengers themselves fall on Earth, there is also an elevator accident, the saying goes, there is the truth, but in today's press briefing, iron company in Hong Kong but did not provide instantaneous monitoring picture passengers fell, they explained, the location of the camera captured without fall to screen passengers. However, our reporters get crash Shenzhen longhua subway line station of Lake of the Qing, field surveys have revealed (camera surveillance equipment).

Interpretation of the Hong Kong Railway Corporation is not established.Shenzhen longhua subway line to clear Lake station exit b has been posted on the suspended elevator maintenance flag iron group level published by accident in Hong Kong is exported and only you see in the video camera at the entrance of the screen, camera should be able to take passengers fell in the Central moment, however, and no related information on screen (home security equipment). In recent years, the Shenzhen Metro escalators safety problems have repeatedly has raised concerns. On December 14 last year, line 1 of Shenzhen Metro escalator step Oddis brand suddenly reversed when the uplink, killing 23 passengers were injured. Local rail traffic responsible persons of relevant departments also acknowledge that escalators injury probability is very high.But this is mainly due to the passenger when riding the elevator failed to comply with the relevant safety requirements.

Shenzhen rail transit construction Office, Chen Qiang told reporters from 04 (subway) opened to 6.3 day 85 were injured in the accident, escalators, 25 description of escalators injury probability is higher, just once in 21 escalators's own fault, others are caused by improper use. from:security equipment supply

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