Ovarian Cyst Cause Cancer Food

Most people do not know this but the main causes of deadly human diseases and illnesses are actually found in the dinner table (or in the food cabinet, or in the refrigerator). Anyway, the kind of food that we eat may actually determine our state of health. Healthy food equals healthy bodies. Cancerous food equals, well, cancer. Here are the top four foods that will probably cause you to develop that dreaded C disease.Eating meat can cause cancer. No, let me say that correctly, eating processed meat can cause cancer. And why is that? That is because processed meats are high in sodium nitrate, a chemical compound used as an additive for processed foods like meat. When combined, sodium nitrate and meat can produce NOC s or N-nitroso compounds. NOC s are known to cause different types of cancer.Speaking of sodium, sodium chloride or commonly known as salt is another preservative you don t want to use for your cooking. Consuming salt can cause the fluid balance in the body to be altered causing cells to get injured or die. When that happens the body loses its ability to fight off heart problems, stroke and worst of all cancer.A few years ago, there were some researchers that claimed potatoes contain chemicals that can be bad for the body when taken in large quantities. Well, just recently another study against eating potatoes came out stating that deep fried potatoes and potato chips contain acrylamide, a substance that when tested on lab rats proved to be cancerous. Fact or fallacy, you still don t want to settle on fried foods since they re not good for the heart.We know that fish is good for the health especially tuna and salmon that contain omega-3, a fatty acid that is healthy for the heart. But recent studies suggest that certain types of fish should be avoided due to high level of mercury found in them. Swordfish, shark and even tuna are some of them. While the tuna fish s health benefits exceed the health problems it may cause on pregnant women, who wants to eat shark and swordfish? No one I guess.Aside from staying away from foods that may probably cause cancer, doing regular exercise and getting enough sleep is what you need to stay fit and healthy. Eating your favorite French fries, hot dogs and bacon once in a while will not prove to be fatal actually, just make sure you eat them in moderate amounts.

ovarian cyst cause cancer food