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Lapel pins are popular among people of all ages. Now, one can not only spot men and women wearing traditional custom pins on their coat lapels, but also young boys and girls flaunting their attractive custom lapel pins on their bags, purses, hats, jeans, backpacks and elsewhere. Soft enamel lapel pins are the most popular style of custom pins, offering an outstanding balance of price and performance.

Soft enamel lapel pins are die struck pins with an enamel fill. When the pins are struck, the process creates raised and recessed areas. The recesses are filled with colored enamel, with each color applied separately. The lapel pins are fired in a kiln to harden the enamel. The raised metal borders give the design a 3-D look. If desired, a clear epoxy coating can be applied to further increase the durability of the pins.

Soft enamel pins are available in a wide selection of shapes, sizes and colors, depending on the customers preferences. They provide a look very similar to more expensive cloisonn lapel pins, but at a lower cost. Because of the outstanding appearance and economical price, the majority of custom lapel pins sold are soft enamel. Many organizations, including non-profits, schools, clubs, businesses and others use soft enamel pins for promotion, branding, showing membership and other uses.

Benefits of Soft Enamel/ Die Struck Lapel Pins

Soft enamel lapels pins are widely used for many purposes. Schools use them to help reinforce positive child behaviors. Businesses use custom lapel pins as part of promotional activities to help reach their target audiences.

Many businesses help maintain employee morale by presenting employees with soft enamel pins for achieving job goals such as sales quotas, budgets or production expectations. The pins also are very popular for company-wide awards programs that recognize employees years of service to the company. Such programs and awards keep employees motivated and let them know that managers appreciate their dedication and commitment to their jobs.

Soft enamel pins are by far the most popular style of custom lapel pins to be used for trading pins for youth sports teams. Their attractive artwork, custom shapes, bright colors and economical price make them ideal for youth baseball teams to trade at games and tournaments. Players, coaches, officials and spectators love to trade custom team lapel pins among themselves.

Any good provider of custom lapel pins will have talented graphic artists on staff who will be able to help designed the perfect soft enamel pins for just about any team, business or organization. They can create attractive, colorful designs that will be perfect for just about any use imaginable. Reputable suppliers will offer free artwork and design services.

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