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David Dalquist

Inventor of the Bundt Pan

In the late 40's, David Dalquist, a metallurgy expert, and his wife Dorothy started a Minnesota company that would make Scandinavian Bakeware (Rosette Irons and Ebelskiever pans).

In 1950, he was approached by a group of woman from the local Hadassah Society. They asked him if he could recreate the Gugelhopf Pan that they remembered their mother's using in Europe. (The original Gugelhopf Pans were heavy, made of Cast Iron or a thick Ceramic, and didn't travel well). The American cakes of the time were too light and fluffy, and they missed the dense rich cakes of their childhood. A pan with a hole in the center would allow the heat from the oven to reach the batter in the center of the cake... baking it evenly.

David Dalquist headed down to his basement workshop, and reproduced the Bund pan out of cast Aluminum.He added a few extra folds to the pans shape, to give it flair.

Bund is German for Club or Group... these cakes were served at gatherings. When it came time to patent the form, he added a T to the end of bund... making it BUNDT.

At the time, he made enough for the women, and sold a few extra in the local department store. The original price for the "new" Bundt Pan" was .00. They did ok, but did not set the world on fire.

photo from Nordicware Website

Spreading the Word About the Bundt

In 1960, the Good Housekeeping Cookbook showed how to bake a Pound Cake using a Bundt Pan. More women began to buy them for their kitchens.

The Original Bundt Pan

Own A Piece of History....

The Original Bundt Cake Pan looked like this one..... Round with a hole in the middle... and bumpy folds. For the 60th anniversary Nordic Ware re released it's classic pan.

Nordic Ware Original Platinum Collection Bundt Pan

Heavy duty to last for generations... and handles!

The Inside of the Bundt Pan

Tunnel of Fudge

The Cake that Lit the Fuse

Tunnel of FudgeEvery year since 1949, the Pillsbury Bake Off contest brought together women from all over the country to show off their stuff in the kitchen. In 1966, Ella Helfrich used a Bundt Pan to bake her 'Tunnel of Fudge' cake for the bake off.

SHE WON! (2nd Place)

Within days, Nordic Ware was inundated with over 200,000 requests for the pan with the hole in the middle. Everyone wanted a Bundt Cake Pan.

Find the recipe for Tunnel of fudge Cake on the Pillsbury Website Tunnel of Fudge

Taken BY Maggie Powell
Slightly More Complex Bundt Pan

Baking Cakes at Home

The Bundt Finds Its Spot in the Kitchen

Recipe books and magazines began publishing recipes specifically or the new Bundt Pan.

They were the perfect cake.... easy to make, versatile, good enough for company, and good for family. The perfect cake for a gathering of friends... or for the kid's after school snack.

Added bonus... the Bundt Cake sort of decorated itself. You didn't have to create frosting or pipe elaborate designs on the cake, just a simple glaze, or a dusting of powdered sugar and done.

Can you just imagine a 60s hostess getting ready for a club meeting with the "girls"... frilly apron on.... and a bundt cooling on the rack.

Find Pillsbury's Best Bundt Recipes on Amazon

How Popular Is the Bundt Pan?

Over 60,000,000 (that's SIXTY MILLION) Bundt Pans have been sold.

Half of the homes in the United States own at least one bundt pan.

It's a BUNDT


Fun scene from the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding.... cultures finally bump into each other with Cake.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding - Bunt Cake
by Kaira Haneem | video info

28 ratings | 10,609 views

Ian's mother offers a bunt to Toula's mother Maria, who is unfamiliar with this American dessert.

curated content from YouTube

What is the Best Way to Get the Cake OUT of a Bundt Pan

Once the cake is in the pan, it's too late to prepare.

Make sure you grease your pan.... yes, even the non-stick ones (apparently, cake batter can't read the lable that says non-stick)

I use that spray great

Over -prepared is better than a stuck cake.

Let the cake cool in the pan for about 20 minutes....

Get a rack ready

Grab hold of the pan

Say a quick prayer to Betty Crocker

And without hesitation....



And like magic.... it will come out.

Nordic Ware Produces Bundt Pans in All Sorts of Shape

Fancy Up Your Bundt Cakes

A bundt cake is a bundt cake.... even if you make it swirly...or rose shaped. The fancy shapes make the cake look even more special.... without creating any more work.

Taken By Maggie Powell
Lots of Ridges on This Bundt Pan

Looking for A Bundt Cake Recipe Book?

Bundt Cakes Come in All Flavors

You can make a bundt cake from a mix, you can make a bundt cake from scratch... or you can even combine the two to create a new wonderful flavor!

Cake Mixes for the 60's Housewife

No More Measuring!

The 1960's ushered in the Cake Mix as a fabulous helper in the kitchen for the busy 1960's housewives (no, I'm not being sexist.... the househusband hadn't been invented yet).

It was now possible for ANYONE to buy a box, add some eggs and liquid, and produce a great looking cake any day of the week.

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