Kidney Yang

Winter Health Focuses on Kidney

Self-cultivation in the winter of medicine, focusing on Yang Shen, and black into the kidney, the black sesame seeds, black beans, black seaweed and other foods in the winter season can help you keep fit Yang Shen. Black fungus Black fungus is an excellent anti-cancer foods, because of its high cellulose content, can be a good way to remove the rubbish and intravascular carcinogens, prevention of cardiovascular disease, and dilution of carcinogens in the colon help prevent colon cancer. Black fungus, but also regulate blood sugar, reduce blood viscosity, lower blood cholesterol. Eating black fungus can increase satiety, help control weight, stay in shape.

For fried, stewed, rinse, cold dishes and other cooking methods produce. Bubble long before cooking, and cleaning more than a few times to remove impurities. Black beans Also known as Wu Dou, sweet natured, Rupi through, kidney. Traditional Chinese medicine, black beans help to anti-aging, treatment with medicine and food with special features. Contains rich protein, fat, carbohydrates, carotene, vitamins B1, B2, niacin and other nutrients, which contain estrogen, beneficial anti-aging, skincare. Black beans can also benefit the treatment of edema, and blood detoxification. Pharmacological studies showed that black beans can yin qi is strong and nourishing food. Eat a variety, suitable for stewing food, porridge, or make soy milk, and ground into refried beans and candy making. Black soybean milk can be used for mitigation and treatment of food and drug poisoning.

Laver Rich in calcium, iron, not only beneficial to the treatment of anemia in women and children, and children and the elderly can promote bone and teeth growth and health. Seaweed is also rich in choline in the composition, can enhance the memory effect. Laver has Endometriosis of the function, because it contains a certain amount of mannitol, it is a strong diuretic, can be used as dietary supplements for treatment of edema. Seaweed is also high in iodine content, in ancient times for the treatment of iodine deficiency caused by the "big neck disease," or "goiter." For soup, or sushi foods, delicious. Application of bubble water before cooking and for one or two of water to fully clean. Kelp Kelp is known as "longevity food" reputation. And spinach, rape, compared, in addition to vitamin C, its protein, sugar, calcium; iron levels were higher than several times or more. High iodine content of kelp is seaweed, on the prevention and treatment of goiter and other edema is extremely effective, phlegm, relieves congestion function. Kelp attached to the layer of white frost-like white powder, is a valuable medicinal substances mannitol, with lower blood pressure, diuretic effect, and swelling. Kelp also contains large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acid EPA, can reduce blood viscosity, reduce hardening of the arteries, eat can prevent cardiovascular disease.

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