Ovarian Cancer Support Items

Airline Miles

airplaneIf you are a member of the United Airlines Mileage Plus program, you can donate accrued miles (1000 minimum) to help The Salvation Army move personnel quickly in times of disaster, provide travel for those in need of emergency medical care outside of their area, and reduce administrative costs by providing travel for staff.

Whether you fly with United or not, you can still create a Mileage Plus account and donate miles accrued from flights with any of the Star Alliance carriers (i.e. Continental and US Airways). Simply call United at 800.421.4655 and request that your Mileage Plus miles be transferred into The Salvation Army's account.

Another organization that accepts airline miles, in the form of award tickets, is Room to Read. They use the tickets for designated travelers, which helps to keep their overhead costs low and to direct more of their funds directly to their programs.

(Image by andrewmalone via Flickr, Creative Commons BY-2.0 license)

Did You Know...

In 2010 charitable giving by individuals was 1.77 billion, 73% of the total 0.89 billion.

In descending order, contributions from foundations, bequests, and corporations made up the rest.

Source: Giving USA 2011 Executive Summary

Art Supplies (Especially Crayons)

CrayonsMany of us have crayons that we don't use or want anymore. If you do, consider donating them, whether they're brand new, slightly used, or worn down to nubs. Both of these programs turn your unwanted and unused crayons into new crayons:

If you have any boxes of new crayons that you aren't going to use, donate them to these organizations, which will use them for children's school activities and art therapy programs:

  • The Foundation for Coloring Away Pain gives your boxes of 24-count crayons, along with topic-specific coloring books, to displaced children who are dealing with devastating and life-changing events.
  • Cradles to Crayons gives your new crayons and art supplies to children up to age 12 who are homeless or live in poor or low-income households.
  • Crayons to Computers is a free store for teachers that gives educators your new boxes of crayons and art supplies, to reduce the amount of money they spend from their own pockets to get school supplies for their students.

(Public domain image via Wikimedia Commons)

Donation Town

Donation Town is an online directory that connects donors with children's, faith-based, homeless, medical, veterans, and other charities that offer free local pick-ups of donations (clothes, furniture, household items, toys, etc).

Blankets and Quilts

quiltIf you sew or quilt, and have homemade afghans, blankets, comforters or quilts that you can donate, here are two organizations that will gladly accept and distribute them to children in need:

Project Linus provides "love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and afghans, lovingly created by volunteer 'blanketeers.'" The organization has local chapters in all 50 states, where you can drop off or send your blankets to be distributed to children in hospitals, shelters, social service agencies, or anywhere that a child might be in need.

If you're already an unofficial "blanketeer," donate your new, handmade and washable blankets of any size. Note that they must also be free of pins and come from smoke-free environments due to allergy reasons.

Wrap Them in Love Foundation collects donated quilts and distributes them to children around the world, so they can be wrapped in love and comfort. In addition to quilts, you can also donate fabric, batting, sewing supplies and, of course, money, to help offset the cost of shipping and supplies. All physical donations should be sent to the foundation's Mt. Vernon, Washington location.

    "As we all know, a quilt is a very special thing. It isn't just a blanket; it has been lovingly created by a real person. A quilter leaves a part of themselves in every quilt they make. The child who receives it will be able to snuggle up in all the love that comes in that quilt." -- Wrap Them in Love Foundation

If you enjoy and have a talent for crocheting, knitting, quilting and sewing, check out scarlettohairy's lens, Charity Programs -- Craft and Give, for lists of charities that welcome donations of your handmade goodies on behalf of the people in need who will receive them.

(Image by normanack via flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.)

Project Linus

No Sew Fleece Blanket
by bradhneuman1230 | video info

57 ratings | 76,732 views

Project Linus instruction video on how to make a fleece blanket for seriously ill or traumatized children without sewing.

curated content from YouTube

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booksIn addition to donating your books to nonprofits in your area, such as homeless shelters, hospitals, libraries, prisons, schools and thrift stores, you can also donate them to national and international organizations, including:

  • Books for Africa, whose mission is to end the book famine in Africa, create a culture of literacy, and provide the tools of empowerment to the next generation of parents, teachers, and leaders in Africa.
  • Books for Soldiers, which helps you get your books, DVDs, games and relief supplies to soldiers overseas. (Application and notarized documentation required.)
  • E-Books for Troops (EB4T) donates gently-used Kindles to American troops overseas. Accepted models are the Kindle 2 U.S., Kindle 2 International, Kindle 3G, and Kindle 3 3G; yours must be in good working condition and include the battery charger. If you don't have a Kindle but would like to support this cause, you can donate money that EB4T will use to purchase Amazon Gift Cards, which they include with each Kindle sent.
  • International Book Project, which distributes books to organizations throughout the world that request them, such as churches, missionary groups, primary and secondary schools, community and school libraries, universities, and the U.S. Peace Corps. You may drop off your books at the organization's Lexington, Kentucky location, or ship them. Please read the book donating guidelines for details.
  • Operation Paperback collects and sends gently-used books to American troops deployed overseas, and provides books to military and veterans hospitals located within the U.S. and USO centers at U.S. airport transit points.
  • Prison Book Program, which gives books to individual prisoners in the U.S. for personal development during incarceration, in order to reduce the likelihood that a prisoner will return to the prison system.
  • Room to Read, which seeks to transform the lives of millions of children in developing countries by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education.

(Image by Annie Mole via flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.)

You Always Have Something to Give

When you think you have nary a thing to donate, read the Favorite Prayers lens and offer a prayer for someone in need.

Business Attire

womens-business-clothingFor Women
Dress for Success is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of women located in 85 cities across the U.S., Canada, the U.K., the Netherlands and New Zealand. The professional clothing, employment retention programs and ongoing support that they provide to clients symbolize their faith in every woman's ability to be self-sufficient and successful in her career. The clothing donations they accept include:

  • Coordinated, contemporary, interview-appropriate skirt and pant suits
  • Beautiful, crisp blouses
  • Gorgeous blazers and jackets
  • Professional shoes

Dress for Success provides this clothing to disadvantaged women returning to or entering the workforce. Each of the organization's clients receives one suit when she has a job interview and additional apparel -- up to a week's worth of clothing -- when she becomes employed.

(Image by USCPSC via flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.)

For Men
Similar to Dress for Success, Career Gear is a nonprofit organization that promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged men by providing professional attire, a network of support, and career development tools to help men thrive in work and in life. They accept new or gently worn ready-to-wear men's professional and business casual clothing, shoes, accessories and products that are appropriate for a job interview, such as:

  • Suits
  • Dress Shirts
  • Blazers
  • Dress Pants
  • Shoes
  • Belts
  • Ties
  • Overcoats
  • New black or brown socks
  • Briefcases & portfolios
  • New toiletries
  • Watches, tie clips & cufflinks

(Image by jhritz via flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.)

If You're Thinking of Donating Your Car...

Read Charity Navigator's Guide To Donating Your Car first.

Children's Movies

kids' moviesParents, if your children don't watch what used to be their favorite movies, and you haven't donated, gifted, sold, or discarded them yet, considering donating them to Kid Flicks. Their goal "is to provide every Children's Hospital and Pediatric Department in the country with a Kid Flicks 'movie library.'" As of May 24, 2010 Kid Flicks has donated 54,300 movies to 543 different hospitals throughout the United States and South Africa. Note: They only accept movies on DVD, as hospitals have been phasing out their use of VCRs and VHS tapes.

(Image by Ant McNeill via flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) license.)

Donating Poll

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computersComputers that are relatively up to date technology-wise and in working condition can be donated to the organizations below, which support individuals in need worldwide.

The National Cristina Foundation provides computer technology and solutions to give people with disabilities, students at risk and economically disadvantaged persons the opportunity to lead more independent and productive lives. Your donated computers and other technology equipment are matched to charities, schools and public agencies around the world, who then (generally) pick up the donations from you. You can also drop off equipment at a designated location or ship it to the partner organization. Visit the How to Donate page for additional information.

The World Computer Exchange is a grassroots network of thousands of groups in 71 developing countries, working together to help improve the educational opportunities for more than 1 million youths annually. You can drop off your computer at a local chapter or ship it to the main office in Massachusetts. Visit the Donate Computers page for details.

(Image by Guillaume Paumier via flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) license.)

Electronic Gadgets

electronic gadgetsThere are websites where you can sell your used electronic gadgets for cash and have the proceeds donated directly to the charity of your choice, such as BuyBackWorld, BuyMyTronics.com and Gazelle. (For more information about these and other sites' fundraising programs, see my Squidoo lens, "Sell Your Used Electronics and Get Cash.")

However, if you prefer to simply donate your gadgets to help charities, then visit these sites:

  • Cell Phones for Soldiers (CPFS) is a nonprofit that buys and sends calling cards to active duty U.S. soldiers overseas. By donating your old cell phone(s) to CPFS, you are giving them more phones to sell to a recycler, thus helping them get more money to purchase more phone cards and talk time. (Sales proceeds for each cell phone buys approximately one hour of talk time.) You can bring your phones to any of the 40,000+ drop-off locations across the U.S., or mail them with a prepaid shipping label to CPFS.

  • HopeLine is a Verizon Wireless program that puts wireless services and equipment to work to assist victims of domestic violence. They collect used wireless phones in any condition from any service provider for refurbishing or recycling, and with the funds raised from the sale of the refurbished phones, they donate wireless phones and airtime to victims, and provide funding and other contributions to nonprofit domestic violence shelters and prevention programs across the U.S. You can bring your phone to any Verizon Wireless retail store, or mail it to them with the prepaid shipping label.
  • Recycle for Breast Cancer provides prepaid shipping labels for you to recycle your gadgets, then donates the proceeds to breast cancer charities. Items that qualify for free shipping include: business phones; cell/smart phones, PDAs, and pagers; digital cameras; inkjet and laser toner cartidges; laptop computers; MP3 players; and storage media.
  • Sprint Project Connect uses the net proceeds from the sale of wireless phones, batteries, accessories and data cards (all makes and models and regardless of carrier or condition) to fund and promote free Internet safety resources for kids, parents, and educators. To donate yours, pick up a free, postage-paid envelope at any Sprint-owned store across the U.S. or print the free, pre-paid shipping label on the site.

(Image by Glutnix via flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.)

Excess Access

Excess Access is an online matching database system that connects donors' in-kind items with nonprofit recipients' wish list items across the U.S. and Canada. When there's a match, each party is notified and they can then coordinate item pick-ups. Registration is required, and your account name is the name that is put on your donation receipts for tax deduction purposes.


eyeglassesIf you have old pairs of prescription glasses, reading glasses or sunglasses that you don't wear anymore, donate them to New Eyes for the Needy, a national charitable organization whose mission is to improve the vision of the poor.

Eyeglasses in good condition are recycled and sent to medical missions and international charitable organizations for distribution in developing countries, inlcuding those in Europe, the Middle and Far East, Africa, and Central and South America.

For residents in the U.S., vouchers are given for the purchase of new prescription eyeglasses. To help New Eyes for the Needy pay for them, you can also donate money and/or the following items, which the organization sells to generate funds.

  • Hearing aids
  • Pairs of prescription lenses
  • Watches, silver and gold jewelry, and costume jewelry
  • Silverware and giftware
  • Dentures with gold inlays

OneSight is another organization that collects gently used prescription eyewear and non-prescription sunglasses to recycle and hand-deliver in developing countries around the world and in local communities throughout North America. You can donate yours at any LensCrafters, ILORI, Optical Shop of Aspen, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, Target Optical or participating local practitioner locations.

(Image by pj_vanf via flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.)

Jake Gyllenhaal Speaks on Behalf of New Eyes for the Needy

Jake Gyllenhaal Speaks on Behalf of New Eyes for the Needy
by 128smd | video info

58 ratings | 13,850 views

Jake Gyllenhaal speaks for New Eyes for the Needy.

curated content from YouTube

Donating Your Small Change Can Make a Big Difference

Dimes Can Do Good as Much as Dollars

Wendy Smith, the author, highlights examples and provides compelling evidence of how donating even small sums of money can and do make a big difference. Of the hundreds of billions of dollars raised by charities, the bulk of it comes not from million- and billionaires, but from everyday working people.

Give a Little: How Your Small Donations Can Transform Our World

by Wendy Smith

After reading this book, what I used to consider an insufficient amount to help anyone, I now know can help someone, and not just that person but their family and community as well.

It inspired me to do something different with my spare change: Instead of just depositing it every time I fill my change jar, I now write a check for that amount and send it to a charity whose work I want to support. I invite you to do the same with your spare change.

And if you purchase this book, part of the proceeds earned goes directly to Donors Choose, a nonprofit that helps public school teachers get the funding they need for supplies, field trips and more, so they can give their students what they need to learn.

Formal Wear (for Teen Girls)

prom dressSomewhere in a squidette's closet is a formal dress that saw the light of day once. Maybe twice. And it's been in the back of the closet ever since. (I'm guessing.) Well, here are a couple of places where you can put that dress to good use for someone else.

DonateMyDress.org is the first national campaign designed to encourage girls around the country to donate their prom and special occasion dresses to those who cannot afford them for prom, sweet 16, quincea era or formals. The site features a directory of local dress drive organizations across the U.S. that will enable girls to easily find out where in their local markets they can donate or receive a dress. Many of the organizations also accept dress donations by mail.

Operation Fairy Dust provides New York City high school girls in need with formal prom dresses. This rite of passage is expensive, and while most teens hope to attend the event, they are often unable to meet the costs to participate. So, when you donate your old prom or bridesmaid dress, you are giving a girl the ability to attend her prom with confidence and an increased level of self-esteem. Dresses can be dropped off at any of the three participating dry cleaner partners in the New York City area, or shipped to them. Visit the Donate Dresses page for more information.

(Image by Mikee Aguilar via flickr, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.)

Inspiring Ideas to Make a Difference for Others

And Yourself, Too

It is said by many that, when you give, it is returned to you tenfold. Others say it is returned to you a hundredfold. Regardless of the amount, don't give just to get something back; give because it feels good to make someone else feel good.

Donating some of your things is just one way to do something nice for needy individuals who could really use them. There are multitudes of other ways to give of yourself for the benefit of others, and these books offer many ideas for how you can. When you purchase one or more of them, a portion of the sales proceeds goes to Donors Choose, a nonprofit organization that supports school teachers and their students in the U.S.

How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist: 330 Ways to Make a Difference in Your Home, Community, and World - at No Cost!How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist: 330 Ways to Make a Difference in Your Home, Community, and World - at No Cost!Buy Now

Do One Nice Thing: Little Things You Can Do to Make the World a Lot NicerDo One Nice Thing: Little Things You Can Do to Make the World a Lot NicerBuy Now

The Difference a Day Makes: 365 Ways to Change Your World in Just 24 HoursThe Difference a Day Makes: 365 Ways to Change Your World in Just 24 HoursBuy Now

Doing Good for Goodness' Sake: Heartwarming Stories and Inspiring Ideas to Help You Help OthersDoing Good for Goodness' Sake: Heartwarming Stories and Inspiring Ideas to Help You Help OthersBuy Now

Instant KarmaInstant KarmaBuy Now


hairIf you're fortunate enough to still have a full head of hair, be grateful. And the next time you head to the salon or barber, or cut your or another person's hair, consider collecting it and donating it.

One organization that desperately needs hair right now (and animal fur, too) is Matter of Trust. The folks there are using it to help clean up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. For more information about this, read the lens, Using Human Hair (and animal fur) to Clean Oil Spills.

Other organizations that accept hair donations, which they use to make hair prosthetics and wigs for children and adults afflicted with medical hair loss, include:

Be sure to read each organization's guidelines for hair donations, and to learn more about donating hair, read the Squidoo lens, How to Donate Your Hair.

(Image by justj0000lie via flicker, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.)

Need More Inspiration? How About the Benefits of Decluttering Your Space?

Clutter is one of those things that drives most people crazy, yet it lingers on and on. We get it handled, only to have the clutter rear its ugly head again and again. And so the cycle continues.

Decluttering isn't just a matter of getting rid of certain things and organizing the rest, and the books below offer intriguing insights as to why we keep so much of what we don't need and how doing so can actually get in the way of our being our best selves, achieving our goals, and living our lives to the fullest. When you purchase one or more of them, a portion of the sales proceeds goes to Donors Choose, a nonprofit organization that supports school teachers and their students in the U.S.

Clutter Busting: Letting Go of What's Holding You BackClutter Busting: Letting Go of What's Holding You BackBuy Now

The Clutter Diet: The Skinny on Organizing Your Home and Taking Control of Your LifeThe Clutter Diet: The Skinny on Organizing Your Home and Taking Control of Your LifeBuy Now

It's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less StuffIt's All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less StuffBuy Now

Making Peace with the Things in Your Life: Why Your Papers, Books, Clothes, and Other Possessions Keep Overwhelming You and What to Do About ItMaking Peace with the Things in Your Life: Why Your Papers, Books, Clothes, and Other Possessions Keep Overwhelming You and What to Do About ItBuy Now

SHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life: A Four-Step Guide to Getting UnstuckSHED Your Stuff, Change Your Life: A Four-Step Guide to Getting UnstuckBuy Now

Hearing Aids

hearing aidYou can donate hearing aids -- any make or model, regardless of age -- to Hear Now, which collects hearing aids for recycling purposes.

As a part of The Starkey Hearing Foundation, Hear Now is a national non-profit program committed to assisting those permanently residing the in the U.S. who are deaf or hard of hearing and have no other resources to acquire hearing aids.

(Image by rabbitdan via flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.)

More On Decluttering

How-tos and benefits

The Top 3 Reasons to Be a Clutter Buster
Clutter. A lot of us have it and almost none of us wants it. So why is it still in our homes and offices? The reasons could probably number as many items as...

How to Organize Any Room
Several years ago, I did what I call "the big purge," when I got rid of literally 1,000-plus things from my home and organized everything that I ke...

Sell Your Used Electronics and Gadgets and Get Cash
We bought the iPads, Android phones, digital cameras and the like. We used them and maybe abused them, and now we have newer digital devices that have taken ...

Don't Let the Bamboo Bamboozle You: A Lens About Feng Shui
Feng shui is the ancient Chinese system of balancing spatial energy -- that is, the energy of a space, such as a building or room. It is both a science and a...

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How Much Are Your Donations Worth?

If you intend to claim tax deductions for your non-cash, in-kind donations, check the Salvation Army Donation Value Guide for help in determining the fair market value of your items.

School Supplies

school suppliesAll over the U.S. municipalities are closing public schools and letting teachers go due to budget cutbacks and shortfalls, and the remaining educators are facing a huge challenge in getting the necessary materials to effectively teach students.

Here's how you can help them: Viist DonorsChoose.org and ILoveSchools.com to donate money as well as supplies that you have but aren't using anymore, e.g. laptops, magnetic letters, writing materials, etc.

(Image by tolitzdelacasa via flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.)

Track Your Donations Online for Free

TurboTax ItsDeductible Online

Tracks your donations

Provides resale values for your non-cash donations

Lets you add donations at any time

Helps reduce your risk of an audit

And more

Visit ItsDeductible for details.


shoesSpring cleaning isn't just for spring, so the next time you clean out your closet, gather up all of the shoes you don't wear anymore (including the new ones that look great, but feel awful on your feet) and donate them.

One organization that you can donate them to is Soles4Souls, which collects shoes from donors and the warehouses of footwear companies, and distributes them free of charge to people in need, regardless of race, religion, class, or any other criteria. They recently partnered with the flipflop brand of wine and spirits to create National Flip Flop Week, an awareness- and fund-raising campaign. Click on either of the two links here to learn more about the Week's activities and how you can help.

For sneakers only, there is the Nike Reuse-A-Shoe program, which takes old sneakers (any brand) and recycles them into sports courts and playgrounds so kids around the world have a place to play. If your sneakers are still in decent shape, donate them to One World Running, which distributes them to needy athletes in the U.S. and around the world.

(Image by BluEyedA73 via flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.)

If You Want Tax Deductions for Your Donations (in the U.S.)

You must:

1. Donate items in "good used condition or better" to 501(c)(3) organizations, per the IRS.

2. File Form 1040 Schedule A to itemize your deductions.

3. Keep records of your donations -- a picture of each item, a list of all items with each item's value, and a donation receipt from each organization to which you've donated.

4. Consult with the your accountant / tax adviser for more information about IRS regulations regarding tax deductions for donations.

Sports Equipment

tennis racketsAfter your kids (or you) outgrew a sport, you may have kept the balls, bats, rackets, and whatnots in a closet or the garage. Instead of having them continue to take up space and gather more dust, donate them to Sports Gift.

The organization works to improve the lives and give hope to impoverished children through a variety of sports programs, and with your donations, they gift sports equipment to deserving children all over the world, including the U.S., Mexico, Central and South America, Indonesia, Africa, and the Middle East.

To see a list of the items Sports Gift accepts, visit their Donate Sport Equipment page.

(Image by CORE-Materials via flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.)

Information on Donations from the IRS

If you want to know all the nitty-gritty details about charitable contributions and donating goods according to the Internal Revenue Service, read these:

IRS Publication 526 (PDF)
Charitable Contributions

IRS Publication 561 (PDF)
Determining the Value of Donated Property


wheelchairsIf you have a wheelchair that is no longer being used, consider donating it to someone who needs it through The Wheelchair Project. Instead of accepting and distributing the wheelchairs, the organization matches donors with individuals who request one.

(Image by Engineering for Change via flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) license.)


The Beauty of Donating Your Items

Recipients get the things they need, and you feel the warm fuzzies knowing you made a difference for them.

For U.S. Veterans

veteransMany veterans need the gently used or new items that you might have, and the following organizations coordinate receiving and distributing them to those who have served us and our country well.

Please note that while all organizations that serve veterans are worthy causes, many of them only accept financial donations. This section only covers organizations that accept in-kind goods.

Cause USA
"Cause organizes programs that promote recreation, relaxation and resiliency for members of the US Armed Services recuperating from injuries received in support of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan." One of the programs is the Cause Digital Entertainment Library (CDEL), which currently operates in nine locations: Ft. Belvoir, VA; Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, MD; Ft. Stewart, GA; Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, TX; Naval Medical Center, San Diego (Balboa), CA; Landstuhl Regional Medical Center; Ft. Hood, TX; Ft. Bragg, NC; and Ft. Riley, KS. You can donate DVDs and video games to the CDEL by sending them to Cause at 4114 Legato Road, Suite B Fairfax, VA 22033. You can also check out the CDEL Amazon Wish List to see/purchase the titles they are requesting.

"ClothingDonations.org is a service of Vietnam Veterans of America," and your donations of used clothes and household goods are used to generate funds (via sales of the items) to support programs across the U.S. for all veterans. Clothing of all types and sizes are needed, as are jewelry and accessories, shoes, baby items, kitchenware, glassware, small appliances, books, toys, bikes, stereos, radios, portable TVs, bedding, curtains, small furniture, rugs, and tools. You can schedule a free pick-up of your items if you are located in one of the 30 states where this service is offered.

Veterans Health Administration Facilities
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has facilities in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and the Virgin Islands. The needs of each facility varies, so it's best to contact the Volunteer Service Office of the location nearest you to find out the types of items they accept. A quick review of several locations indicates that most of the V.A. facilities accept books (including large print and puzzles), magazines, lap robes and other new and gently used clothing, handheld computer games, and prepaid phone cards and gift cards, amongst other items.

Veterans Inc.
"Veterans Inc. is the largest provider of services to veterans and their families in New England... Operations are expanding further into New England and beyond in (their) goal of eradicating homelessness among veterans." Clothing (men's and women's), dry goods and canned goods are needed, as are the rest of the items on the Veterans Inc. wish list (PDF). Local donations can be taken to their office in Worcester, MA. If you need to ship your donation, please contact them to make arrangements.

VeteransSupport.org (VSO)
The VSO helps homeless, needy and disabled veterans, and currently provides services to veterans in CT, FL, GA, KY, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, TN, TX, VA, VT, and WV. "Clean, unblemished clothing" is needed for veterans in the VSO's local communities and transitional housing programs. To donate, please contact the VSO office nearest you.

(Image by The U.S. Army via flickr, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.)

Donate to Donors Choose

An Online Charity Connecting You to Classrooms in Need

DonorsChoose.org is dedicated to addressing the scarcity and inequitable distribution of learning materials and experiences in our public schools.

We at Squidoo passionately believe in creating new ways to support good causes online. By making a donation to Donors Choose from this page, you are sending money directly to that organization, in whatever amount you want. We don't touch it. We don't even see it. The author of this page doesn't either. And if you made it this far, thanks for caring.


Thrift Stores

thrift storeIf you have items that you would like to donate and they are not in any of the above categories, then consider taking them to a thrift store. Most cities have at least one nonprofit thrift store that accepts donations.

Just remember to make sure it is a registered 501(c)3 organization if you want to claim deductions for the value of your items on your taxes, because many thrift stores operate as for-profit consignment stores.

TheThriftShopper.com and ThriftStoreListings.com are websites with thrift store lists, where you can search for a thrift store near you by city, state, or zip code. And The Ultimate Consignment & Thrift Store Guide book covers "the world's best consignment, thrift, vintage & secondhand stores."

The Ultimate Consignment & Thrift Store GuideThe Ultimate Consignment & Thrift Store GuideBuy Now

(Public domain image by JGKlein via Wikimedia Commons.)

For Neighbors and Others In Your Area

freecycleAs noted in the introduction, you can donate many of your things to Goodwill, The Salvation Army and United Way, which use funds generated from the sale of your donated items to provide goods and services to the needy around the world.

But if you would like to get your things directly into the hands of people who need them and don't mind that you won't get a tax write-off for them, then consider using Freecycle.

    "The Freecycle Network(TM) is made up of 5,022 groups with 8,878,732 members around the world. It's a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It's all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills..."

The economic downturn has caused hardship for many of our neighbors, who may be going without much of what they need. So sign up to become a Freecycle member (it's free) and see what people in your area need what you have that you can gift to them. While many members use Freecycle specifically for "green" reasons, a lot of them are also using it because they can't afford to buy what they need.

(Image courtesy of freecycle.org.)

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A class action lawsuit is used when a group of individuals have all suffered from the same wrongdoing or the same injury. The most common products that people file class action lawsuits against are medicines and rugs because they are the products that are known to most commonly harm people, both physically and mentally. The people that file the class action are all being affected similarly and as a result, a class action lawsuit can be filed. Some of the more common lawsuits are cases that pertain to consumers harmed by defective products or employees being discriminated against by their employer.
The hottest topic when it comes to drugs and class action lawsuits is the case of the decision as to whether a Januvia class action lawsuit should be filed or not. Well, Januvia is a drug that is means for the betterment of every type 2 diabetic adult but has shown some side effects that are rather severe. There are many different steps to the class action lawsuit process, but each one is fairly simple.

However, there is more to a class action lawsuit than just the step. Yes, the things meant here is indeed the benefits that filing a class action lawsuit brings. Here are some of the many benefits of filing a class action lawsuit, if filed, against the makers of Januvia.

1.One is good, two are better and thousands are fantastic- When a class action lawsuit such as a Januvia class action lawsuit is filed, the numbers are what matters and the numbers are indeed the biggest benefit of any class action lawsuit. That is simply because the more the cases in a class action lawsuit, the better the chances of winning the lawsuit.

2.Getting hearing dates is easier- The second biggest benefit of filing a class action lawsuit is that getting hearing dates is pretty easy. That is simply because when there are so many cases packed in one, the judges dont have any choice.

3.The minds of the lawyers meet- Another benefit of filing a Januvia class action lawsuit is that the minds of great lawyers can meat and come up with a better strategy.

Well, when side effects started surfacing and people started panicking and suing Merck, lawyers started specializing in the product liability regarding the drug Januvia. The lawyer that specialized in this was then known as the typical Januvia lawyer who fought for the right of the people affected by the drug in a negative manner. Every product or service has perks and so do Januvia lawyers. Here are some of the many benefits of hiring Januvia lawyers.

1.They are professionals- The first benefit of hiring Januvia lawyers is that they are professionals and who doesnt want a professional to deal with their case. In addition, when the case is a sensitive one such as a Januvia lawsuit case, a person has no choice but to hire professionals to aid them and assist them in suing the makers of the drug, i.e. Merck.
2.They can help a person win- The second benefit of hiring a Januvia lawyer is that they can simply help a person win the lawsuit which means that the person will indeed receive their monetary compensation which can help them build a brighter future for their loved ones so that they dont perish at the hands of fate.

ovary cyst diabetes medication januvia

Cyst On Ovary Removal By Plastic Surgery Korea

Plastic surgery is related to low self-esteem
Plastic surgery has long been big business in the US, but now the trend is sweeping across Asia.

Figuresreleased by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), suggest that when population is taken intoaccount, South Korea is now the world's largest market for cosmeticprocedures.

In a bid to change their looks, 20 percent of women between the ages of 19 and 49 in Seoul, the country's capital city, admitted they had gone under the knife.

The most popular surgicalprocedures include double eyelid surgery - which reduces excess skin in the upper eyelid to make the eyes appear bigger, lipoplasty - which uses high-frequency sound waves to eliminate fat - and nose jobs.

While on the nonsurgical front, Botox and laser hair removal remain firm favourites.

Overall more than 5.8 million enhancements were performed in Asia during 2010, while just over 4.5 millionprocedures were carried out in the US the Economistrevealed.

It is believed that the rise of South Korea's pop music industry is behind the boom, and many patients visit clinics with photos of celebrities, asking surgeons to emulate nose angle or eyes.

One of the country's largest clinics, JK Plastic Surgery Center founded by Joo Kwon, recently opened a hotel to better serve customers, who spend an average of ,675 during a single visit.

An increasing amount of clients are non-Koreans, from China, Japan, the Middle East and even Africa, and ministers believe medical tourism will help boost the Korean economy.

However Mr Kwon warned that young ball mill people should be cautious when seeking such operations.

'I think South Korea has a very rigorous and narrow definition of beauty because we re an ethnically homogenous society and everyone looks pretty much the same. It is also related to low self-esteem.

'I think the situation will somewhat moderate in future as society becomes more diverse. But it will take quite a bit of time until we get there,' he told the reporters.

Last year, the Education Ministryissued a booklet warning Korean high school students of 'plastic surgery syndrome', citing Michael Jackson and a local woman whose addiction to plastic surgery left her with a grotesquely swollen face.

cyst on ovary removal by plastic surgery korea

Lower Back Pain Mohave Skin And Cancer Kingman

Yuma, Kingman, and Lake Havasu Enjoying Latex Mattresses

If you are having trouble in Yuma, Kingman or Lake Havasu, getting a good nights sleep then you need to seriously consider purchasing a latex mattress. Latex mattresses are the new rage however theyve been around for over half a century. They are the best bed no one knows about, although lately the news about these comfortable and durable mattresses are hitting the internet mattress forums in a big way.
Arizona Premium Mattress Company is the leader in offering high quality, hand made Natural Latex mattresses directly to the public including Yuma, Kingman and Lake Havasu. These non-toxic eco-friendly Latex Beds are not only extremely comfortable but also have a durability track record second to none and heres proof -

Kingman, Yuma and Lake Havasu Getting Affordable Latex Mattresses

Who says Going Green has to cost so much? Not us here at Arizonas latex mattress company. We strive to bring the lowest prices possible to all of Kingman, Yuma, Lake Havasu and the rest of Arizona. Being homegrown means that the money is used in state helping out our local economy instead of those in other countries like China. Many of the raw materials we use to make our latex mattresses are also made in Arizona. Lets face it, our state needs all the help it can get. Bottom line is that if you are looking to upgrade your existing mattress, latex foam is hands down the best choice available anywhere and having the low price leader just a few hundred miles away is a no brainer. From our North Phoenix latex mattress factory we ship all points in Arizona including Kingman, Yuma and Lake Havasu City.

Latex Mattresses are Cool!

Yes, literally, these mattresses are cool to sleep on. With the open cell construction of latex, air flow can get in and get out producing a much cooler nights sleep than the closed cell construction of a memory foam mattress. Lake Havasu and Yuma are already hot enough, you dont need to be sweating on your old mattress as well. If you are looking to improve the feel of an existing mattress our latex mattress toppers can offer the same cool surface to place over your old bed and provide additional comfort and support. This is a much more economical solution if your bed needs a little TLC to bring it back to life. However, if your bed has massive dips like most pillowtop mattress do after a few years, this will not eliminate those dips as latex will just follow the contour of the bed below. Latex mattress toppers are best suited for making a mattress that is too firm into a softer, more conforming bed.

If you are in Town, Visit our Latex Mattress Showroom

Many of you in Yuma, Kingman or Lake Havasu City have cause to visit Phoenix once or twice a year. Next time you are in town please feel free to drop by our latex mattress factory showroom located just North of the 101 off I-17 and Deer Valley Road. Our normal hours are M-F 9-5 and weekends by appointment. You can also order any of our products directly online at our Yahoo Store at www.mattresses.net. For more information please visit our Contact Us page. We welcome any visitors from Kingman, Yuma or Lake Havasu City and surrounding areas.

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Large What Is Cyst Removal Water Filter

Water is essential for life and the human body is large made up of water. Water replaces lost body fluids and promotes cell metabolism and other vital functions. In fact every adult should consume around 8-10 glasses of water every day.

This need would vary depending on size, weight, and health conditions. Children need more water and fluids than adults.

Clean water prevents ailments and diseases. In industrial environments clean water prevents contamination of process. World wide water filtration systems are in use to ensure that clean water is available for human consumption. Filtered water is used not just for cooking and drinking but for bathing purposes as well.

Drinking water comes from various different sources: wells, rivers, lakes, ponds, springs, rain, snow and so forth. Natural water can be hard or soft and contain many pollutants from the environment.Very often the water gets contaminated by bacteria, viruses, organic and inorganic substances. Contaminants in water include: taste and odor causing contaminants, rust and sediments, bacteria, parasites, lead, and other chemical poisons. And these could cause diseases. To ensure that water is clean for domestic or industrial use water filters are used.

1. Water filters remove dust particles from water.

2. Filtration also ensures that contaminants like fungi, cryptosporidium and protozoa gardia are removed from the water.

3. Filters are designed such that they remove harmful substances like lead from drinking water.

4. Bacterial and viral contaminations are also removed. Often water contamination is the source of wide spread gastrointestinal diseases.

5. The filtration process effectively removes excess chlorine, its byproducts, and volatile organic compounds from water.

6. Filtration however does not remove trace minerals contained in water that are essential for health. Most water filtration systems encourage adsorption.

Among all water purification systems filtration is the least expensive and does not require huge amounts of electricity. Filtration is efficient and does not waste water. There are many kinds of filters: whole house filters; under sink filters; faucet mounted filters; countertop or canister filters and so on.

The World Wide Web has immense information on water and filtration systems. You can read articles and tips on water filtration and view the various options available online at websites that are solely devoted to water filters for domestic and industrial use. Always comparison shop and compare product efficacies as well as price. The internet brings you the convenience of being able to buy a water filter for your home, office, or factory from your computer.

large what is cyst removal water filter

Ovarian Cancer Family History

Cancer is scary for the fighter and for the family and friends...

so all involved need love and support.

cancer awareness ribbon color chart - my little Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop helps raise money tooDo what you can.
Maybe that is having coffee together every week as usual.
Maybe that is helping with the chores.
Maybe that is donating to the cause.
Maybe, it is walking the dog every day for a few weeks because he/she doesn't have the strength right now.
Maybe it is a quick phone call or text to say you're thinking about him/her.
Maybe it is a prayer to ask for the strength that all of you will need.
Maybe it is going with him/her to doctors appointments to take notes and help ask questions or even just sit quietly in support, maybe just be the driver - whatever is needed.
Whatever it is, thank you !

When you think of breast cancer...

who comes to your mind ?

breast cancer ribbon for Mom

For me, it's my Mom who is THE strongest person I know.
She is the reason that I took over the Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop.
She loves her customers and comes in when she can to sell her vintage jewelry and glassware.
If you're local, stop by at 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road in Hubbard, Ohio.
* Read more about my little gift shop, get directions and even a map here:
http://www.squido.com/Gifts-and-Collectibles-Business to cheer on my Mom and help us by keeping our sales up so we can keep our doors open and be able to keep donating gift baskets and gift certificates... to our various local community's cancer fundraising efforts.

Sad update: My Mom lost her battle with cancer just before 5pm on Monday, March 25th, 2013 :(

I used to smoke 2-3 packs a day so I worry about lung cancer

but even non-smokers can get it.

lung cancer awareness ribbon

My super brave Sister-in-Law just lost her battle with lung cancer at age 48 on January 1, 2013 (yesterday, as I write this).

Please don't start smoking.
If you are a smoker, please stop.
Yes, it can be VERY hard to stop smoking, but when you do - you'll be so glad that you did :)
If you don't want to quit for yourself, please quit for those people and pets who live around you. They shouldn't have to suffer because of your choices.
I remember when my kids were little I'd ONLY smoke on a different area than them and thought that the smoke wouldn't reach the rooms that they were in. Years later, after I had finally quit and was scrubbing down walls and windows... I was so upset by the yellow/brown gunk that was on those surfaces and realized that the smoke was coating their lungs during those years too !

Again, do what you can to show support even if all you can do is offer a REAL smile - it can help brighten someone's day.
All of us are fighting some sort of battle, be it cancer, depression, financial... so be kind.

Cancer awareness stuff on Amazon

ovarian cancer family history

Ovarian Cyst Symptoms Australia

Withdrawal, from drugs, alcohol, or any other addictive behavior, can be extremely painful. At its best, it still causes a great deal of suffering. Unfortunately, withdrawal is rarely dealt with appropriately. The absence of the drug or behavior cannot fix the individual all by itself. Something needs to replace it. This new treatment cannot be another type of destructive behavior. The replacement must occur with positive filler.

Nutritionists strong urge coffee drinkers to not quit their caffeine addiction, but to just begin ingesting raw fruits and vegetables and appropriate amounts of high quality protein, such as organic beef or chicken. Over time, the need for the cells to require caffeine is depleted and replaced with a strong urge to actually feed yourself higher quality nutrition. In this scenario, a replacement is made based upon your own urges, not based upon needing to exercise a great deal of self control. In this instance, it is not necessary to actually reduce the amount of coffee which you are drinking, but to simply add certain types of food to your diet, and watch the change occur naturally.

Withdrawal symptoms can be the make-or-break point of getting off of drugs or alcohol, and it is extremely necessary to remember the point about replacement. There must be a full or 60 percent partial replacement of substances within the body. Many individuals who have abused drugs or alcohol in the past find themselves starving for nutrition, which can be a very real pain within their bodies. To mask this pain, individuals are more likely to return to their substance abuse than deal with the multiple causes of their withdrawal symptoms. You see, withdrawal is not just about the pain you feel when you don't abuse the drug. It is also about the nutritional starvation you have been feeling for some time now that the drug has been masking. Now that you are no long abusing, the previous pain becomes apparent.

Onsite drug and alcohol testing will evaluate your employees for you and let you know which of them may be continuing to abuse on the side. Workplace drug testing is essential in maintaining a consistent workplace.

ovarian cyst symptoms australia

Cervical Cancer Immunisation

Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy is a most useful therapy that you can avail of if you happen to be suffering from psychological problems such as depression. Such therapy enables individuals to develop mental power so as to be better able to lead their lives on a regular basis. Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy is practiced in the different countries in the world and has a huge success rate. It is known to have been most successful in the country of America. If you want to know how to use this therapy to cure your depression you need to keep some vital points in mind.

Curing Depression with the Help of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy

Practice the Process of Metacognition and Identify Thoughts with FeelingsPractice metacognition that is the ability to contemplate or ponder over various kinds of thoughts. Trace the different thought patterns in your mind. This is something you can do by linking previous thoughts with your current thoughts. Then link the various thoughts going through your mind to the emotions that you undergo. You can use your feelings as a guide to identify the kind of destructive thoughts which you might be having. A conscious and firm connection needs to be made between your feelings and your thoughts.Identify all Negative Core BeliefsIdentify all your negative core beliefs. Your thoughts eventually lead to the formation of what is known as belief system. You can use cognitive therapy in order to cure beliefs in you that might be quite damaging. If you have a core belief that you are shy then this is something you need to identify and gradually eliminate.

Thus, cognitive therapy can be used quite successfully in order to cure depression. There are so side effects associated with such therapy and it can be carried out without the supervision of a professional psychologist.

Health Screening

Health screening is something that is very useful and should be undergone by you if you are a working professional. Professional life is becoming increasingly difficult and demanding and you need to ensure that you are in the pink of health if you want to be in a position to carry out your work properly. Health screening is a procedure which will provide you with crucial information as to your overall physical wellbeing. By undergoing such a screening you will be able to know if you are suffering from any kind of ailment or not. There are various benefits associated with health screening.

Thus, there are numerous benefits associated with health screening services which you ought to bear in mind when you are a working professional. By carrying out a health screening at a clinic you will be suitably positioned to work to your potential and avoid worries of an impending sickness.

cervical cancer immunisation

Ovarian Cyst Nursing Diagnosis Nanda

Democracy is a term that has often been misused in our nation, says Suresh Nanda. But the fact is that democracy is synonymous with maintaining a garden where slight carelessness in the nurturing process can have an adverse effect on the entire appearance of the garden. Thus, democracy should be considered as serious and must be applied appropriately for betterment of the country.

Suresh Nanda adds that being an Indian, each one of us should acknowledge and sincerely respect the sacrifices of our legendary leaders like Mahatma Gandhi Ji, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and Bhagat Singh, to name a few, who shed their blood and sweat to make us withstand all challenges and emerge as one of the fastest developing countries when compared to other nations under the same banner. This has enabled us to be focused in working toward our goals, in the right direction.

One of the chief strengths of democracy is that we can defend our rights in case of any disparities. Even if we feel that we have made the right decision, there might be others who have their own opinions so, instead of being a control freak, we must grant them this freedom to share their point of view in diversified matters in order to foresee a progressed futuristic tomorrow.

This only lies at the root of democracy that we allow opposing views as well. It will undeniably strengthen our thought process because meanwhile, by advocating democracy, we will be listening to those who think in a dissimilar way, proactively.

At any point in time, if we begin to censure others, we would end up becoming non-democratic and that would mark the beginning of the end of true democracy, says Suresh Nanda. So, instead of submissively agreeing to something that goes beyond the wellness of the nation, one should always stand up and raise their voice when and wherever it's necessary. Merely sitting and thinking that an individualized action would not be able to help a nation, in any which way, is a sign of being a coward, which would undeniably be the last thing that you could ever wish for.

Conclusively, it is best that we stop fantasying a Utopian world where an inspirational-muse would conveniently fly over us, endowing us with both the knowledge and anticipation required to know how things should progress. This attitude won't help an individual or nation and hence, each one of us need to take a stand, be proactive and advocate honesty to be embedded at the core of all our actions if we want to live in a country that is progressive and responsible.

ovarian cyst nursing diagnosis nanda

Burst Ovarian Cyst Web Md Heat Stroke Symptoms Treatment Guides

Majority of us do not take health nutrition guides seriously. Nonetheless it's something which ought to be done as the positive and negative connection between nutrition are something which can not be seen immediately. Rather, their effects will only be shown over time to come; of which time that it may well be too far gone for you health wise.

For example, as becoming a young adult, should you be not contemplating health nutrition guides you possibly won't grow proper healthy middle adulthood. Not adhering to health nutrition guides means you might consume excess of food things that harm your body in many ways. For example, you may be a sugar addict that may well result in diabetes inside your late middle adulthood owning an relation to most your life.

Health nutrition guides are accessible to help you lead balanced, natural life. In case you stick to the nutritional plans in these health nutrition guides, you'll most likely grow proper healthy adult with less medical complications inside your well becoming.

One inside the safest techniques to obtain health nutrition guides would be to fix an appointment employing a nutritionist. They will access how old you're, weight and lifestyle and develop health nutrition guides which are custom-made to let you have a healthy style of living.

Men and women are asking about health nutrition guides could be the age by way of which one ought to seek assistance from a nutritionist. This is the subjective question. Possibly you have been a appropriate kid but grew proper teenager with consuming habits. You may have grown to be pregnant with gestational diabetes at the same time as in middle adulthood you may have developed heart difficulties. Given that every single person's medical history is significantly too various than others, it's often safer to have your consultation done before something fails. So ideally, you'll want to have various health nutrition guides at each and every and every single developmental cycle to aid your body to grow to its optimum prospective.

Health nutrition guides and hormonal supplements are two numerous things. You must never mistake the gap over these two. A growing number of the younger generation nowadays settle for hormonal treatments that may well supply an adverse impact inside the end. But so far as health nutrition guides are involved, what they will contain is specifics of nutrition which is needed by way of the body. So to ensure that you are able to supply nutrition, you just need to seek natural ways of obtaining them natural merchandise. Nonetheless coming from all, be sure to make contact having a nutritionist about your health nutrition requirements.

burst ovarian cyst web md heat stroke symptoms treatment guides