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What is a video?

Video means pictures or images in motion. It is an electronic technology that processes, transmits, records, saves and rebuilds a series of still images that eventually appear like moving scenes and pictures. This technology was invented as it was required for televisions. But since that day, it has traveled miles. After television, they were used in video players to play movies or songs. They were used to make and view personal recordings. Today they can be viewed on computer monitors via the internet as recorded and uploaded clips.
Origin of the word

The Latin expression I see gave way to the term video.


Various kinds of storage devices can be called videos today. For example, when pictures and scenes are recorded by digital cameras, the video comes to the viewer through the digital media of MPEG-4 or DV. QuickTime and DVD fall in the category of digital video formats.
What are pictures?

The Chambers Dictionary defines a picture primarily as a copy, drawing, effigy, engraving, film, illustration, image, likeness, motion picture, movie, painting, photograph, portrait, print, replica, representation, sketch.

In today's cyber age, pictures mean images on the monitor of the computer, coming through the internet, as recorded and uploaded scenes, accounts, impressions, reports, depictions, descriptions and portrayals.

If one has a picture in his computer hard disk having Windows XP, one needs first to click on the folder containing the picture he wants to upload on the internet. Then he needs to click the publish this file/folder to the Web option under the File and Folder Tasks option. The Web Publishing Wizard opens shortly and one needs to click next. When the where do you want to publish these files page appears, he needs to select his preferred internet service provider, so that his picture gets uploaded on the website of his choice.

Games originally mean contests, competitions, plays, matches, rounds, sports or tournaments where people participate for amusement, entertainment, recreation, distraction, diversion, fun, frolic and pride. Games often include ploys, tactics and strategies apart from the skill and practice required.

Today's cyber world offers a wide array of games, namely arcade games, action games, board games, card games, puzzles, word games, trivia, multiplayer games, video games, poker games, casino games and skill games. Kids have a wide range of television and movie games, sports games and knowledge games to choose from and enjoy.

Cyber games are generally of the following types:

1. Online games
2. Download games
3. Cash-based games
4. Subscription-based games

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a website where video clips can be uploaded, shared and viewed.

History of YouTube

YouTube is the brainchild of three ex-employees of PayPal. It came into being in February, 2005 and was based in San Bruno. Later in October, 2006, Google Inc. acquired YouTube for US.65 billion.


Adobe Flash is the basic technology used by this service.


YouTube exhibits a wide array of video materials like television clips, movie clips, streaming media clips, music videos, videoblogs created by amateurs, personal video pieces uploaded by users and authentic and short films or videos.

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