Symptoms Of Cystitis In Women

As is known to all, cystitis can be affected in both woman and man. But woman is much easier to get it and the incidence rate of it as high as 60%. Therefore, the aim of this article focuses on the causes, symptoms and treatment in women.

What is cystitis?

Cystitis is characterized by lots of uncomfortable symptoms such as frequent urination. As we know that the definition of cystitis is bladder infection, so bladder is easy to infect bacteria which can be transmitted by sexual intercourse. The reason why woman is easy to get this problem is because their urethra is shorter and closer to anus. Except the sex, other factors can lead to this problem too, such as chemical drugs, radiation therapy. But the cause of interstitial cystitis is unknown.

The causes and symptoms of cystitis

Once a woman has cystitis, she can experience many symptoms, although the symptoms are various and depend on the health condition of woman, it also has some common symptoms. There is no doubt that the symptoms can be various from woman to woman. Some women can experience Sharp pain when urinating, Persistent and strong will to urinating, Blood urine, Cloudy and smelly urine, Pain and pressure on the lower abdomen and pelvic region and frequent urination, while some might experience nothing. So the woman who cannot feel symptoms cannot treat it timely and the untreated disease makes it severe and produces a huge damage to body. What a pity for this kind of women.

Treatment of cystitis of woman

Because cystitis can be classified into bacterial and nonbacterial cystitis, the treatments are different too.

  1. Treatment for bacterial cystitis: antibiotic is used to treat this kind of problem. It is easy for antibiotics to work on bacteria and bring them out of your body. This kind of treatment is effective and the treating course is short too, but the weakness is obvious too, a long time treatment of the same antibiotic makes bacteria develop drug resistance easily.
  2. Treatment for nonbacterial cystitis. If woman who has this problem is caused by chemical drugs or radiation therapy, they shouldn't choose antibiotic. They would better choose home remedies such as take sitz bath, for it can wash away the bacteria and relief the symptoms, they also need to avoid soap, for the soap can stimulate the bladder to make the symptoms more severe. Spicy food such as pepper should be avoided too, because they can stimulate the bladder too.
  3. Take Fuyan Pill. Fuyan Pill is safe and no side effects for the materials are from the nature. And it also can clear away bacteria. So the effect of this pill is excellent.

symptoms of cystitis in women