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Why a Pie?

Ummm, duh, it's a great attention getter? If you're planning any event, like a Boy Scout meeting, a staff training session, even a party or a shower, think about getting everyone to loosen up a little bit with an explosive piece of nonsense like a pie throw. It's marvelous street theater, and can change the mood of these stultifying occasions from dreary to amazing in...the blink of a pie.

Who Gets It?

Key to the joy of pie throwing is the reason behind it. Above is a picture of Johnny Carson taking a pie. He did so on his show. He was the host. The boss. By taking a pie, the joke was on him, white and creamy. It's funny when the person in authority takes a pie.

Last year I had hired a local comedian to do a show teaching kids how to tell jokes. During her act she announced that I had agreed to take a pie, to show how it's done. Beforehand, she had worked out the scenario. I would stand beside her and protest and she would remind me firmly that I had agreed. Seemingly, to the kids anyway, I instead tipped the pie she held out into her face. Her act = her pie.

This year, I invited a group of kids from the local recreation center in for a storytime with their rec leader. I was the host. I took the pie.

The kids ate it up. The librarian gets a pie.


This part is pretty simple. Shaving cream, whipped cream or Cool Whip, a pie plate or an aluminum foil pie pan.

A word of warning. Your carpeting will need to be shampooed afterwards.

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Does it get any easier?

Splat Eggs (1 Dozen) - Bulk

Splat Eggs (1 Dozen) - Bulk

What do splat eggs have to do with pie throwing? They're a wonderful gag. You throw what looks like an uncooked egg against a window or metal file cabinet and they splat just beautifully. These are truly wonderful.

36 Stretchable Sticky Hands

36 Stretchable Sticky Hands

OK, you can see where this is going. Is it unfortunate that I know more about gags than educational aps?


As amateurs with bad aim and no chance of an off camera retake, here's what worked best for us.
  1. Work out the scenario. Who's going to get the pie, and who's going to throw it. Make up your intro.
  2. When the audience has gathered, stand side by side and deliver your intro. I did my pie throwing as part of an April Fool's storytime. You could do it for any reason at all, but just make sure you set it up so the audience is expecting the other person to get pied.
  3. The pie receiver picks up the pie and stands next to the pie thrower. The pie receiver explains that the thrower is going to get the pie, for whatever reason. The thrower can protest, roll eyes, look wise, whatever.
  4. The receiver is standing with the pies held out, one on each hand, arms at a 90 degree angle away from her body. The thrower simply tips the pie, by taking the receiver's hand, directly into the receiver's face. The receiver protests, and the thrower tips the other one.
  5. Wait for the wonderful big laugh to subside.

Makes It Look So Easy

because it is

Ringling Bros. "Fully Charged" - The Art of Pie Throwing
by ringlingbros | video info

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Fully Charged arrives at the DFW Metroplex in record setting fashion! In honor of International Clown Week, The Greatest Show On Earth invites Dallas/Fort Worth to POWER UP and take part in a Guinness World Records attempt for the largest shaving cream pie fight ever held! The largest shaving cream pie fight is a new record category, and has a minimum requirement of 684 participants. How about it, Dallas/Fort Worth? Let's show everyone how big The Greatest Show on Earth does it in Texas! This event will also raise awareness and generate funds for the Funnyatrics Clown Program at Children's Medical Center and Lewisville Life and Fire Safety Clowns. To learn more about these two great organizations, please visit the website below. For more information and to register for the event, please visit: Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents FULLY CHARGED! SM will be at American Airlines Center from August 1-12 and the Fort Worth Convention Center from August 15-19. Don't miss Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents FULLY CHARGEDSM, the all-new surge of circus entertainment from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey where megawatts of thrills explode off of the arena floor with breathtaking dare-devilry, superhuman stunts and never-before-seen performances that energize Children Of All Ages. The 141st Edition of The Greatest Show On Earth celebrates all kinds of power: horse-power, man-power, the power of beauty and grace, sheer amazing athletic power. For more information, visit Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

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