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The child in us

Have a look at this child...We were all this young at some point...pure innocence...we had no choice in what family we would be born into.

We had no choice as to who are 'mother' or mothers would be.

As we grow up and grow older we learn that not all mothers are the same.

Some mothers tend to their little ones, loving them unconditionally.
While other mothers wish that their child had never been born. It's a sad reality...and a very common one.

This child in the photo is my grandson.

His mother Monika, (the beautiful woman in the photo above) is my youngest daughter.
Monika took this photo one day when we took her son to the beach.

I watched her play with him in the sand.
As I watched them play together... I thought about how fortunate they both are.

This child is loved...loved by his mother, he is loved by his grandmother and his family.
He is one of the fortunate children.
He doesn't know yet just how fortunate he is...I'm sure one day he will...he will one day learn that not all mothers are the same, not all mothers are loving and caring like his mother is.

It will most likely become a complete surprise to him when he learns that not all mothers are like his.

There might come a time though that even though he has a wonderful mother in his life - one day she might not be there...she might not be always be there because 'life happens'...

This young boy is taught that he is loved...always - and unconditionally. He is no longer the young toddler that he is in the photo...he's much older.
He does know he is loved by his mother and his family.

He loves his Grandmother and I love him...he often tells me how much he misses me when I am not around.

I have taught my grandson that I am always with him...as are the others in his loving family...
This was something that I taught my own 3 children...that regardless if I was physically around or not that I would always be with them.

I often ask my grandson if he knows where I am when I am not around...his answer is 'Right here Grandma' pointing to his chest...pointing to his heart...he has learned that even though I may not be around physically, that I to am always with him.

He also knows that I am in his head...meaning that all he has to do is 'think of me' - and he will 'see me' he knows about the 'mental picture' that he can create if he misses me, his mom or anyone...

While that is true for him, the same truth stands for all of us...for those of us who do not have a mother we have a mental picture of 'mother'

What about children who aren't taught this - or who have a mental picture that brings them feelings of pain in relation to his or her mother?
This page is about being your own mother, it is about the 'Mother in You'


I often read books that give me insight, or inspiration. I personally need that...inspiration helps to move us forward...to be inspired - is to become motivated.

These selections will no doubt inspire you...

ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS Vinyl wall quotes Inspirational sayings home art decor decal

ENJOY THE LITTLE THINGS Vinyl wall quotes Inspirational sayings home art decor decal

Beautiful vinyl wall quotes. Wonderful daily reminders...I particularly liked this one.
There is a large selection you will surely find at least one that will inspire you...great daily affirmations.
They are beautiful to look at and adds a nice touch to a room.

Change Your Life!: A Little Book of Big Ideas

Change Your Life!: A Little Book of Big Ideas

by Allen Klein

Need some ideas to make a change or two in your life?
This little book has some 'Big Ideas'
Sometimes it's just one little thing or change that can make a huge impact in your life....

The Smartest Words Ever Spoken: 1001 Timeless Quotes

The Smartest Words Ever Spoken: 1001 Timeless Quotes

by Lee Jenkins

Timeless treasures...1001 of the smartest words ever spoken are quotes from the very famous inspirational people, to the 'Author Unknown' -
Some of the quotes from the unknown authors are my favorites.

Great Quotes From Great Women

Great Quotes From Great Women

This book is filled with great quotes from women.
Don't have a mother or woman in your life who can offer you wisdom or support?
Inspiring and encouraging quotes...
Great messages...

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES ULTIMATE COLLECTION: 3000+ Motivational Quotations With Special Humor Section

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES ULTIMATE COLLECTION: 3000+ Motivational Quotations With Special Humor Section

3000 Quotes that are sure to inspire and motivate anyone.
Many are classic quotes that I'm sure you have heard.
Many of these quotes I had never heard before...they were very thought provoking.

When you don't have a picture perfect family

Whether it's a holiday when families gather, or a day like Mother's Day... there are many people who become deeply depressed... they may even become resentful of those who have 'picture perfect families', and family gatherings...

Special day's like Mother's Day is a perfect example of a sad day for many.

That mental picture that I mentioned earlier might be one of horror...memories of what was, is...or mental images of what we hoped for or wanted and wished for in a mother, in a family...

We mourn over our mothers...no matter where they are, or if they even ever existed.
We mourn the loss of what we either had, or wish we had.

The Picture Perfect Family

The fact is this; even in these 'other' families there is no such thing as the perfect family.
Every family has issues, struggles, or may have set backs as far as everyone 'getting along' and as beautiful as that is image is that we create in our minds about their 'picture perfect family' the fact remains that no family is that perfect.

Maybe there ARE some families that are 'perfect' ... personally I don't know of any...
That doesn't mean they aren't 'out there' it simply means that I, myself, haven't come across them...

You may be one of the fortunate people who has a wonderful loving family... if you do, you are truly blessed.

For those who do not have a mother, or a family - you can do something.

First- accept things as they are... start giving yourself everything you ever wanted and needed or want in a mother and give yourself what you need right now...
Love yourself regardless of who you had, have or don't have in your life.

Celebrate the 'present'

One of my favorite quotes;
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a 'gift' - that's why it is called 'the present'

The Mother - the cheerleader and your choice...

We have what it takes to love ourselves and be our own 'cheerleader'

Would a great proud mom make a difference?
Perhaps...that being said...mothers still won't give YOU what you want or need in this life...we need to go get it...do it...claim it...and be grateful for the resources to help make it happen. Whatever 'it' is.

Want to make a holiday great filled with great memories?
That's something that we CAN do, and give ourselves and also give to someone else...

Want to make a day like mothers day special when you don't have a mother in your life?

Find a family, a friend's family, a mother you admire and honor her. Honor another persons mother or grandmother maybe she needs someone like you in her life.

Believe me, there are mother's without children...there are women who wish they had or could have had children...there are 'childless mothers'

You don't have to look far for a women stating how much she wished she had children, or a mother who is anxiously waiting to become a grandmother...

Image - Inspirational Quotes

Love Yourself...

Be 'The Mother in You'

You are never alone...you have everything you want and need inside of you.

You have love. You have unconditional love. We all do. (Do you feel it? It's right there inside you)

We need to learn to love ourselves unconditionally.
We need to love ourselves with all of our strengths and weaknesses.

We can take weaknesses and turn them into strengths... we can turn sadness into happiness....
We don't need a mother or anyone to give us permission to be who we are or will be...

Having a mother, that nurturing person, that one person who we really want and need to support us is wonderful to have, there's no question...
if you don't have 'her' you need to be that wonderful nurturing person to yourself.

We have this ability... And only 'we' can give ourselves that - mother or not, it is up to us.

No one can do this for us, not parents, mothers, teachers or employers...no one can do any of this for us...it always is, and was up to us...sure, it's nice to have encouraging people, and families, friends or employers to support and encourage us to help us move forward in all of our endeavors...
and yes, a mother's support is especially great at any age or point in our lives.

There is nothing like a 'mother'; a mother's nurturing love and support is what most all of us want, need and crave.

About 'Family'

Mothers protect their young

I am a mother...this is my immediate family. These are my children, all adults now with children of their own...that's their dad in the photo...

My children are loved by both their parents, and by Marc, my husband.

They didn't have grandparents growing up...my ex husband's parents passed away when my children were very, very young...
They also didn't have grandparents on my side of the family.

I don't have a mother...or father...(I am not alone in that- I know there are many people like myself)

I chose long ago not to maintain any sort of connection or relationship with my mother and step father...for very good reasons...
The most important reason was that I loved my children, and I needed to protect them as a mother.

That is what mothers do, mothers protect their young.

However, we know that many mother's do not protect their young.

Nature and nurture is isn't always natural...even though we might think that it is...it is not.

When you don't have a mother

Remind yourself that we as human beings were born to use our wings and fly away from the nest.

Even people who have had a great parent or mother will need to leave this nest.

The purpose of having children is to raise them to be self sufficient and go off and spread their wings

The nest you came from may not have been the prettiest...it might have been created with tangled string and it hung loosely from the tree, ready to fall at the first gust of wind.

The NEST was unstable...

the unstable nest doesn't mean you are

You're not 'who' you came from. You are not 'where' you came from.
You are who you are and choose to be; today and tomorrow.
We might be who we are today because of our pasts; I am who I am because of my past.
My past taught me who I wanted to be.
It also taught me who I DIDN'T want to be.
I promised myself that I would not be the mother who parented me.
Therefore, my mother DID teach me well. Very well.

Family and 'Mother' facts;

  • 1
    There are many people who have no mother for one reason or another.
  • 2
    Mothers are not created equal - a mother can be your best friend, she can also be your worst enemy
  • 3
    Many people mourn the mother they once had. Many mourn the mother they wish they had.
  • 4
    You CAN be, and often MUST BE your own mother...Be your own 'cheerleader' and your own biggest supporter.
  • 5
    We were all born to eventually leave the nest. This is a fact of life.
  • 6
    There is no perfect family. No perfect mother. The perfect mother might only exist in your mind. (that's OK too)

Start where you are

- Use what you have.

- Do what you can.

- Always.

- Not sometimes.

- Always.

Mothers are teachers aren't they?

No matter who your mother is, or was, you are here now to give...not only to yourself, but 'of' yourself.

This image / poster was posted on my Facebook wall one day by a friend.

My mother ~

My mother was my teacher...

My mother taught me well.

'My mother taught me who I DIDN'T want to be'

Therefore, she taught me who I DID want to be...

My mother was an example in my life...

Let your smile change the world...

Image credit;
Inspirational Quotes

Random thought about 'Mothers'

It doesn't matter how old you are, or how old our children are...when we aren't feeling well, or when we are sick, we want someone to care for us, and take care of us...

For most, it's our mother that we want...

It's natural to want your mother.
It's natural to want 'A' mother

Everyday write down something that YOU did, something you accomplished without the support of anyone

Recommendations by me for you.

#7 'If you have a Mother'...Please do this...

Some may apply to you...none may apply to you...all may apply to you...
The key word is 'Apply' ...
  • 1
    You can look online for daily inspirational quotes - I recommend one of the books in my selection. I have one at my nightstand. Commit to reading at least one quote everyday, mornings work best for me.
  • 2
    Everyday write down one thing about yourself that you are proud of; something that you did or accomplished. You can keep the notes in a journal to remind you that YOU motivated yourself into action.
  • 3
    Purchase a book that has quotes in it that you relate to. Not all 'Inspirational book quotes' are the same. Highlight the good quotes, dog-ear the corners, rip out the pages. It's your book, you can do with it what YOU want.
  • 4
    Give yourself permission. Often growing up we needed permission to do things. We sometimes carry that into adulthood. YOU are 'allowed' to feel what you feel, you can do what you want, give yourself what you need. (So long as you aren't hurting others, or yourself)
  • 5
    Love and accept yourself. You are your own best friend...you can be your own best mother or parent.
  • 6
    Allow yourself to grieve...just don't stay there. Grieving is a part of life. Missing that which we had, wish we had, or want to have IS o.k.
  • 7
    If you have a Mother - let her know how much you appreciate her...be 'SPECIFIC' say "This is what I love about you" or "This is what I loved about you when I was growing up"
  • 8
    We all deserve happiness. Live, love, give, and be open to receive. Find all that there is around you presently that you are grateful for.

For #2 and # 3 above. Use a journal like one of these.

Having a nice journal helps and it becomes a keepsake to reflect back on...

I bought my first journal many, many years ago...at first I had a hard time writing in it...I wrote as if someone else might read it
I realized that by doing that I wasn't being completely honest with myself, or writing my thoughts (I suppose I wondered about someone finding it and reading it)

Journals are for YOU. You have permission to be honest in it. A journal can be your best friend.

When I have filled all of the pages I tuck it away...not to far though...it's a good idea to read it down the road.
You'll read how far you have come...or re-read some of those accomplishments that you did, and are proud of.

Journals are great not just for writing in...I doodled in mine, I colored in mine... it's yours.
You are allowed to do what you want with it, and use it in whatever way you want.

Of course you can use any type of note pad...however more often than not it ends up becoming a grocery list note pad.

The Spirit of Flight Journal (Notebook, Diary) (Oversized Journal) (Journals)

The Spirit of Flight Journal (Notebook, Diary) (Oversized Journal) (Journals)

by Peter Pauper Press

This is a beautiful looking journal...it's nice and large if your looking for something a little larger than some of the regular sized journals.
This simply a stunning looking journal...
Much better than a simple notepad for writing in.

Green Embossed "Be The Change" Leather Journal - Lined

I love the color of this journal...and particularly like the 'Be the Change' words embossed on the front.

It's leather and is lined...'Be the Change' reminds you to do just that..

Small Chestnut Pocket Journal with Handmade Paper

Small Chestnut Pocket Journal with Handmade Paper

If you want a small pocket journal this one is great.

Tucked beside a night table, or a pocket...I have a small one like this in my purse at all times...

It's great for jotting down ideas as well.
A cute little compact journal.

Genuine Leather Legends Journal - Hand made in the USA, Saddle

Genuine Leather Legends Journal - Hand made in the USA, Saddle

This journal is great for men and women...

It's made of genuine leather so for guys it has a more masculine feel...it really is a nice looking journal.

The Secret Me: A Questionnaire Journal

The Secret Me: A Questionnaire Journal

by Shane Windham

This journal is filled with questions, which is kind of cool...there is still plenty of extra space to write in.

The questions do help you find out a little more about yourself.

I am a survivor.

There are many types of survivors...you may have survived the loss of your own mother, or another mother who you were close to...

Regardless of your circumstance "Be the Mother in You"

About Karin Hiebert - I am a survivor - I also am a thriver in this life
In my about 'Who is Karin Hiebert' page; I briefly share that I am a survivor.
I had to become my own biggest supporter, my own cheerleader.

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One of my favorite 'Mothers' - Mother Teresa

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A great gift for a Mother or Mother figure in your life. Something special for yourself

Create something truly beautiful and memorable

You learned from yesterday, you live for today, and hope for tomorrow...

In this beautiful journal you can write all of the things you learned from your mother.
How you live today because of your mother, and what you hope for tomorrow...

A beautiful gift to give to your mother or the special mother figure in your life...including a great gift for yourself; for the 'Mother in You'

Write down all of the great memories you have and give it to 'mother'.

What have you learned, experienced, and what are your hopes for tomorrow?

Embossed Learn, Live, Hope, Journal Diary, Hard Cover, Lined 5x7"

A beautiful journal.

Use it for yourself...give it as a gift filled with notes and messages of the great times and memories you have of the past and present.

Anyone would be deeply touched by this gift and gesture.

A treasure of a gift...a gift that touches the heart.
These are my favorite 'Mother's Day' gifts, or gift for any occasion...

Or a 'just because gift'

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