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It is crucial that you know how to prevent burns in the household and to treat them if they happen. Small children are most vulnerable to burns because they don't normally understand the traps and household dangers which can cause injuries. Prevention is the first step. It is crucial that we take steps to avoid injuries in the first place so that we won't have to treat them. If an accident does happen it is imperative that it is treated immediately and effectively. Immediate treatment can often be the difference between life and death. Effective treatment will save much discomfort and maybe disfigurement.Remove the burn threats to children in your household. Remember to plug up unused electrical outlets and to unplug and store unnecessary electrical appliances. Don't place hot pots and pans where children can easily get to them. If there is a hot pot or pan on your stove, place it on the rear where the child won't be able to reach it. Make sure to put shades on lamps and to move bare light bulbs to a safe place. Don't leave lighters and matches in places where they are easily accessible to children. Remember that children quickly learn to replicate adult behavior so be careful what you do in front of them when it comes to flame producing items. Remember to educate children of the hazards of residual heat in bar be que pits and grills.

Don't burn trash when small children are around and make sure that you put a flame guard in front of your fireplace if you have one.Remember to place all flammable liquids in a place where children can't get to them. Children are notorious for opening containers and exploring what's inside of them. You need to use child resistant caps on any and all potentially hazardous materials whenever possible.If you have done all of these things and a child is burned you must immediately remove him or her from the source of heat. It is critical that you place the injured part of the body in cold water. This will have an immediate cooling effect which will dull the pain and prevent the residual heat from causing more damage. Continue to do this until the temperature of the injured area has returned to normal. If the burn is serious enough to require medical treatment continue to keep it cool until the help arrives. After the burn has been treated in this fashion you may want to administer some sort of pain relieving aspirin. Use a dry sterile dressing to protect the area initially.

Once healing has begun you may remedy such as aloe vera oil to the affected area. Aloe Vera is wonderful when used to treat burns because it soothes the pain associated with the injury while it promotes the healing of the skin.There are other natural essential oils which may be applied along with salves, lotions, and ointments. These all can be used with varying degrees of success and pain relief. Aloe Vera is my first choice because of the unique characteristics and healing and restorative properties that it has. It soothes, heals, restores, and nourishes the burn area all at the same time. It contains vitamins, amino acids and chemical compounds which are natural. The advantage of this is that natural compounds and substances are the most beneficial for use on and in the human body. Aloe Vera has long been used to treat burns and is prized for its healing effects. I personally recommend that you keep a supply of this wonderful product on hand at all times just in case of an emergency. Fragrance Oil Express

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