Ovarian Cyst Home Remedies Lice

Hair lice are really a big problem for individuals and families all over the globe, these pesky little insects cause your scalp to itch and in time cause some red bumps on your neck and head. Now thats annoying, you wouldnt want your children to have those nasty looking wounds. Many products have been created to kill these insects, but some really dont work. They even have side effects that do not show up immediately, apart from that they are too expensive, and lets face it we only use those for one purpose. These products also have chemicals which I know you wouldnt want to put on your hair or your families.

As a personal observation, one of the causes of hair lice is heat and dust, lice cant fly and so it cannot arrive to your hair by flying. They get to you by riding on people or on dust particles which in turn will go to your hair. Louses are also attracted to heat thats why the heat of the sun is a big factor on why they are attracted to you. Although louses are small they run very fast and are hard to find when they are already in your hair.

The first stage of the lice cycle is the lice eggs, so if you do not see any live lice on your hair yet then you are kind of safe, all you need to do is remove those lice eggs before they hatch and become live lice. Live lice are the final stage of the lice cycle, these insects are the ones who moved fast and are really hard to see. They use their sharp claw to hold on to your scalp or hair then suck your blood for their food, this I know is really annoying for you and for your family.

But dont worry there are also methods on how to get rid of these problems without chemicals that could harm you. These methods will take time and effort but for sure it is highly effective. One of these methods is using a lice comb or nit comb, the procedure will be long because you have to manually comb the hair of the person and manually removing those lice eggs which will not be removed by just combing. You have to repeat the procedure for a couple of days to make sure that those louses are dead gone. You can also make use of Palm Oil, palm oil can be used to smoother lice eggs to get rid of them. You usually leave the palm oil over night and wash it the next day, this procedure has not really been proven to work but as per statements of people, the lice eggs are also washed up along with the oil. Similar substances are real mayonnaise and shampoo which are already inside your household. All of these home remedies will cost you only a small amount maybe even zero and you will get great results.

Lemon juice is also an effective home remedy to remove hair lice; lemon juice has natural toxins that can help remove lice. Apply 1 to 2 table spoon of lemon juice all over the head area, you have to wait for it to dry for at least 25 minutes. You can also make a mixture of egg yolk, lemon juice and vinegar as all substances can help in getting rid of hair lice.

But above all else, prevention is better than cure, louses are not caused by bad hygiene, because even the cleanest person gets the louse problems. In order to prevent these annoying insects, you have to be very observant about your surroundings and where you are at. As Ive said earlier louses are also caused by heat because they are attracted to it, so it is suitable to not go under the heat of the sun for a long time. Also avoid dusty areas for this is also one of the reasons for getting hair lice. Remember to kill the lice eggs before they turn into live lice.

ovarian cyst home remedies lice