Ovary Cyst Surgery Recovery Letter

In the property business, there is always the chance that you may at some point have to commence possession proceedings. No matter how carefully you choose your tenants, this is a possibility that you always need to be prepared for. You may want to repossess your property because the tenant has fallen into rent arrears, because they refuse to move out at the end of a term, or because they have violated the terms of the tenancy agreement.When commencing possession proceedings, it is important that you follow the correct procedure. One of these is the letter before action.

The letter before action is crucial. Firstly, if your tenant has not paid their rent, it may be all you need to resolve the situation. A letter before action is a formal notice giving your tenant a deadline for payment, or alternatively a deadline to vacate the property before further action is taken.Often, this would be all that is required in jolting your tenant into action. Most people would want to avoid the time and effort involved in court proceedings particularly with a possible negative effect on their credit ratings. The letter before action is your tenant's last chance to set things right - in most cases, they will comply.

A letter before action is a necessary step to take before commencing court proceedings as (pursuant to the Pre Action Protocols under the Civil Procedure Rules 1998) the court can penalise you on costs if you do not serve such a notice and provide your tenant with reasonable notice to settle the matter.If you are unfamiliar with the letter before action or unsure of how to write it, it is advisable to seek the help of a company which has experience in the drafting of such a letter.KMP Solutions, as a professional property management company can assist with the drafting of the relevant letter before action. You will then be advised how to take the matter further should the letter not yield the desired results.For a professional, efficient and transparent Residential Property Management service, Land Registry Lease Plans - for a professional, quick and cost effective service anywhere in London visit http://www.kmpropertysolutions.co.uk

ovary cyst surgery recovery letter