Stabbing Ovary Pain On Left Side

If you've had a case of the side stitches chances are, you never want to get them again! We'll cover several preventative measures to keep you from getting cramps. Side stitches have several other names across the a side ache, side cramp, side sticker, stitches or simply a side crappie. It doesn't matter what you call them, they hurt! And, if your in a race, your can just about kiss that one good by! Because they'll sure bring you to a stop.

A side stitches is an intense stabbing pain under the lower edge of the ribcage that occurs while exercising. I find they mostly come to runners and swimmers, but anyone exercising can get side cramps. They're also referred to as an exercise related transient abdominal pain. Some people think this pain may be caused by the internal organs like the liver and stomach pulling downwards on the diaphragm.

There's one thing for sure. A case of the side stitches seems to find their way to the newer runners or beginners. Once you've had them a few times, you get a feel for how to avoid the side stitches. Hopefully if you do get them, they'll come on during one of your daily runs and not during a race. Later, in this article I'll cover a trick you can do, if you do get a side stitch during a race.

Some of the most common things I found to bring on side stitches was by eating to much before running. A safe measure is to not eat anything three or four hours before running. Preferably four hours. Eating is the sticker. I personally walk around all day fairly close to a water bottle. You should always be up on your fluids. Drinking should be cut back an hour before you run. If it's hot...sure you can drink a couple ounces of water ten minutes beforehand, but that's about it. Some say, if your low on potassium, that could bring on the cramps. I don't know how true that is, but it's a good idea to eat a banana or an avocado a day anyway!

The second biggest cause of side cramps is by going out to fast! Even if your on a daily run you still have to ease into your first couple of miles of easy running. In a race, you would have...already of warmed up. Then everyone is standing there waiting for the gun to go off. Most of your front runners are going to shoot off like a cannon! Let them go! You'll pass them at some point later in the race. If not, they may haven't been in your age-group any way. Though your running with a bunch of people, it's best to "run your own race."

The last couple of good reasons to warrant a case of side if you don't warm up enough, before going into your faster part of the workout. That can bring them on. I mentioned earlier what to do, if your in a race and you get a side stitches? Other than stop, you can jab your finders into the opposite side of your body and try to create "more pain" than the side stitches itself! Not real glamorous, but some times it works! You hate to lose a race...that you may have been building up to for two months, then get side stitches that you may of prevented. Good luck racing!

stabbing ovary pain on left side

Ovaries Removed Regis Philbin Surgery Update

As the league draws closer to the holiday season and the fixture list piles up it is make or break for many clubs as the coming weeks will determine the potential success or failure of a club. With a number of managerial exits in recent weeks due to perceived poor performance by club owners it is a tense time at many clubs.

At the top of the table early favourites QPR remain in contention sitting in the Championship automatic promotion spots, with a slight gap opening between the top three and beyond. At the bottom of the table it remains close with only a win or two separating the bottom third of the table.

With an increase in fixtures it can be hard for some of the smaller teams to keep their first team fit and healthy and free from football injuries. At this time of the year it is sometimes the club physio who is one of the busiest people at the club doing what they can to have a full strength team on the pitch.

Causes of football injuries

The majority of football injuries occur as a result of overuse, where a player becomes tired throughout the match and fatigue plays a pivotal in the injury occurring. As we become tired our movements are sometimes more lethargic and as a result we are more prone to rolling our ankle when running or landing from a jump than when we are fresh and running on all cylinders.

In a high paced contact sport, the contact element can also be a cause of injury from a bad challenge. Sometimes it is not the challenge itself which causes the problem but how a player lands following it, with an awkward landing resulting in an array of injuries including sprains and strains.

Football injuries are typically located in the lower body ad can be identified as either joint or muscle based complaints.

Muscle based football injuries

The key muscles within the lower body from a footballing perspective are the calf and hamstring, with issues in either of these muscles preventing a player from running and performing fully. The hamstring is very active when running and jumping and stretches from just below the buttocks to just below the knee. An injury here can prevent a player from being able to sprint and depending on its severity can leave them out of action for a few months.

Joint based football injuries

The main joints susceptible to football injuries are the ankle and the knee. A sprained ankle or knee is caused by damage to the ligaments within the joint as a result of an unnatural movement i.e. rolling your ankle. In a game where players are required to change directions at speed an even or wet surface can lead to such injuries and be very painful.

Ligament damage can range in its severity, from a simple sprain requiring a few days rest to a rupture or tear requiring surgery and a lengthy lay off. One of the most serious knee injuries a player can incur is an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injury, a ligament responsible for the overall stabilisation of the knee joint.

Treatment of football injuries

Luckily, the majority of complaints are self-limiting and will heal providing you rest. It is also worth noting that ice can be used to help manage ay inflammation and help to address any pain experienced. Should you feel after a few days that the injury is not getting better then it is advisable to seek a professional diagnosis and visit your doctor.

Treatment options available include some or all of rest, physiotherapy, surgery and the use of a sports brace. Rest is the best remedy for the majority of football injuries, allowing your body time to repair itself before you can begin strengthening exercises and get back onto the pitch.

Physiotherapy may be suggested by a doctor to help with strengthening exercises and stretching, working to get you back to full fitness faster.

Surgery is often seen as a last resort and is only reserved for more severe injuries such as broken bones, ligament ruptures etc. This form of treatment requires the greatest amount of time on the sidelines as following recovery from the actual surgery a player will need to undertake intense physiotherapy before being able to get back on the pitch.

A sports brace is typically worn post injury to help offer additional stability to the joint and protection against unnatural movements i.e. preventing the ankle joint from rolling. Many sports braces are designed to manage football injuries through compression, helping to address inflammation of the joint which can help a player perform, for longer.

Final thoughts

The most important thing to remember following any football injuries is to stop and rest to prevent more damage taking place. If you are suffering from a sprained ankle there is a weakness in the joint and instability, increasing the risk of rolling the joint once again and causing further ligament damage. If you stop immediately you can address the problem wither through ice to manage inflammation or donning sports braces to offer greater stability.

If you are ever in doubt as to the severity of an injury then seek clinical advice and visit a doctor or a physiotherapist.

ovaries removed regis philbin surgery update

What Causes Postnatal Depression

Throughout the past 33 years in private practice, hundreds of women have told me they felt that their current health problems started soon after the birth of their child. The child may have been her first or fifth, and might now be a teenager or even a grown man or woman, but the mother remembers the postpartum onset of her symptoms as if it were yesterday.

The symptoms that usually start within the first to twelfth postpartum months vary widely among mothers. A few of the most common are despondency and despair, chronic fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiousness, lack of confidence, loss of sex drive and passion, muscle and joint pains, unhealthy skin, hair and nails, digestive disturbances, bladder problems, heart disease, trouble breathing, and a host of troubling emotions and moods swings. A woman can be puzzled, frustrated, even embarrassed when she reveals symptoms that have plagued her for years. She may have shared her self observations with doctors only to find that they were not worthy of an acknowledgment or comforting comment from her physician. Any attempt on her part to connect the birth of one of her children with those symptoms may have been met with skepticism or passed over. Yet, she can't shake the feeling that something about that particular birth began her health decline.

Her observations do have validity and merit. What most mainstream medical practitioners don't fully take into consideration is that a baby's body is formed and made entirely of nutrients donated by the mother's body. Her child's brain, eyes, muscles, bones, organs, glands, nerves, skin, tissues and fluids are entirely make from the nutrients taken from its mother's bloodstream via the placenta.

If there is a lack of vital nutrients, the mother's body is the first one that is deprived because her developing baby is Mother Nature's priority. All mothers need to consciously replenish their lost nutritional and energetic reserves during the postpartum period. If this isn't done, they might end up spending the rest of their lives wondering why they "just haven't felt the same since the baby was born."

The energy demands of caring for a newborn can further drain and deplete the mother's nutrient reserves, especially if she is breastfeeding and sleep deprived. If a woman has lost a great deal of blood while birthing her baby, the need for replenishing the nutritional components of blood is even more critical. Women who undergo Cesarean section also need to restore nutrient reserves; not only have they become mothers, they have had to have major surgery in the process. Women who lose a good deal of blood during the birth process and who don't replenish key nutrients might experience light headedness and throbbing headaches, along with extreme fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression.

A new mother is also faced with the stress of integrating the intense needs of a new baby into her lifestyle while tending to her mate and perhaps other children and returning to work. All of these responsibilities that women and those who are cared for by them have taken for granted for millennia demand high quality nutrients. Our food supply presently contains only half the nutrients that food contained in the 1940s due to the nutrient depletions in our soil. This fact makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for a mother to fully replenish the nutrient reserves her body donated to make her baby's body solely from the food she eats. Eating highly refined and processed "junk" foods further depletes vital nutrients, which deepens the need to replenish postnatal nutrients even more.

Every physiologic process in the human body depends upon nutrients. The most important time to consciously replenish postpartum nutrient reserves begins immediately after giving birth and extends to 24 months postpartum. The failure to do this often sets the stage for chronic health problems that may last for decades.

There was a time that women throughout the globe would be given their placenta in some edible form to consume directly postpartum, much like dogs and cats do instinctively. The placenta contains highly concentrated amounts of the nutrients that the mother has lost through giving birth. The fact that eating one's placenta is now culturally distasteful further supports the need to make a concerted effort to consume the appropriate nutrients and nourishing foods necessary for rebuilding and replenishing the new mother's donated nutrient reserves. A high potency postnatal nutrient program is now essential to help a postpartum woman replenish her nutrient reserves.

Presently, about 30 million Americans take anti depressant and anti anxiety drugs. The majority of these are postpartum women! Women comprise 79% of U.S. citizens on antidepressant drugs. Many doctors prescribe Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Celexa, and a host of other anti depressant drugs before considering whether the mother's depression, anxiety, fatigue, or lethargy might be caused by postpartum nutrient depletion. All the major brain neurotransmitter chemicals (like serotonin, norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine and GABA) that effect mood, energy, and many other physiological process are formed entirely from nutrients! Postpartum nutritional depletion can cause a physiological depression that is far too often misdiagnosed as a mental disease. This is a medical short sightedness that needs to change. A postnatal nutrient recovery program should be the very first thing a doctor thinks of and prescribes for postpartum women presenting these symptoms; especially with women who have no history of depression, hopelessness, anxiety, insomnia, or fatigue prior to giving birth. Continuing to take a high quality, comprehensive postnatal nutrient program can also help determine if there is truly a need for pharmaceutical antidepressant support or if replenishing nutrients are sufficient.

If one does need and benefits from the assistance of antidepressant drugs, it is still very important to note that these drugs contain no nutrients, so the need to replenish postpartum nutrient reserves still exists and should be addressed. This can also aid and prevent other postpartum health problems. The need for high potency postnatal nutrients is greater now than ever before because the pace of life keeps getting faster, more complex and stressful.

Omega 3 oils are robbed from the mother's body at a very high rate via the placenta to help form her baby's brain, eyes, nerves, and cellular membranes. Breast-feeding robs even more Omega 3 oils from a postpartum woman's body because it is removed from her body to form the milk her body is producing. Many studies show the importance of Omega 3 fish oils to relieve depression, dry skin, thin hair and nails, fatigue and prevent heart disease in postpartum women. Omega 3 oils are an essential ingredient in a good postnatal nutrient program to assist a mother to replenish her nutrient reserves. It is vitally important that the Omega 3 fish oils taken be certified free of heavy metals and PCBs and also contain at least 3 different antioxidants (Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and rosemary oil are best) to prevent these oils from going rancid. Flax oil does not easily convert into DHA and EPA found in fish oils.

All the major nutrients are taken from mother's body to help form baby's body. Alpha Lipoic Acid and Coenzyme Q 10 are essential for the body to make energy. Without enough of these two essential nutrients, the energy producing mitochondria in our cells will often make only 2 units of ATP (cellular energy) instead of 38 units of ATP per cycle. These two deficiencies are major causes of postpartum depression, fatigue and mood swings. These two nutrients along with B vitamins, minerals including calcium and magnesium, and the Omega 3 oils are essential nutrients to help a mother replenish her postpartum nutrient reserves and should be included in a good postnatal nutrient formula. Prenatal vitamins do not adequately supply all of the nutrients that new mothers require after bringing new life into this world.

A high quality postnatal nutrient program should be an integral part of the pregnancy recovery program required for all postpartum women to fully replenish their nutrient reserves. This can assist new mothers to not only regain their health and prevent later health problems, but also to allow her the best chance of happily raising her family and having other healthy pregnancies and healthy children if desired.

Dr. Dean Raffelock is the lead author of A NATURAL GUIDE TO PREGNANCY AND POSTPARTUM HEALTH published by Avery in 2003. He is a holistic doctor who has been in private since 1977 and practices in Boulder, Colorado. He has earned four board certifications including clinical nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic, and applied kinesiology and continues to teach research based clinical nutrition for numerous medical organizations.

Dr. Raffelock is Vice President of Research and Development for the makers of After Baby Boost - the first and only clinically tested comprehensive postnatal nutrient system and Before Baby Boost the first and only comprehensive 3 bottle prenatal nutrient system. He is also President of Sound Formulations, LLC a consulting company that formulates and manufactures premium quality nutritional products for nutriceutical companies. He may be reached at

Dr. Dean Raffelock

President Sound Formulations LLC

Vice President for Research and Development, Sound Formulas LLC

3100 Arapahoe Ave. #202

Boulder, CO 80303

what causes postnatal depression

Ovary Cyst Farrah Fawcett Cancer Update

Update your chipset drivers to ensure greatest efficiency from your motherboard. It is a essential personal computer maintenance activity that need to be carried out a handful of times a month to make positive you pc is working at its full prospective. The purpose s that chipset updates are hardware instruction sets on your motherboard that figure out precisely what the upper limits of the motherboard can do and therefore as laptop or computer engineering evolves and will get far better your devices should also evolve and as a result the important purpose why to regularly update your chipset drivers.

You can effortlessly retain them updated with updater software program. Driver updater application is also referred to as unit update software and its key objective is to not only update chipset drivers but to update all your gadgets at once with out getting you lookup for a single update.

The computer software is straightforward to use and is appropriate for novices to pros. Merely download and install the software onto your personal computer. The moment installed, permit the driver update computer software operate a driver scan to recognize all the lacking and outdated drivers. As soon as complete the unit update software program will instantly find and download the drivers. The last stage is for every driver to be set up individually. The whole process normally requires only minutes to comprehensive and can be utilized at any time, above and above once again to guarantee your drivers remain updated all 12 months long!

Don't forget, your drivers are the communication software among your running method (XP, Vista ect.) and your hardware (motherboard, wireless, printer, USB and many others.). If you have missing or outdated drivers, the two methods can't talk and the hardware will not perform. As a result, the quickest and most productive way to update chipset drivers and any other driver you demand is with driver update software.

ovary cyst farrah fawcett cancer update

Lower Abdominal Pain And Lower Back Pain Medication

Ayurveda is a natural treatment that has been employed for the treating of assorted ailments including back pain for some considerable time now. This holistic therapy has a definite point of view to various infirmities. As per Ayurveda, any health problem is a consequence of disparity between the 5 constituent parts of the body. Here are one or two tips for those who want to use this natural therapy for back trouble relief.

Detoxification is among the key elements of ayurvedic treatment. The care endorses dispelling the toxins from the body to experience back trouble relief. This can be done by taking castor oil three times a week. This helps one get rid of 'apana', a substance in the body which is known to make a contribution to agony. This ayurvedic remedy can be highly beneficial for those who are in the opening stages of sciatica.

Ayurveda suggests several panchkarma treatments, which are effectual in back pain relief. Organic oils are used in these treatments to resolve different anomalies in the sufferer's body. Few of the panchkarma treatments that are used to treat sciatic pain or similar sort of back pains are Dhanwantharam, Asthavargam, Rasnasaptakam, and Maharasnadi.

Another ayurvedic treatment that is nice to treat back ache is enema. This process uses a herbal oil to lubricate the wall of the abdomen. This treatment is excellent to nourish the body and it also pacifies the continuing disturbances in the body. If you have problems in the bowel, Basti is the treatment for you. It is a kind of enema. Basti assists you in getting rid of the feces and the toxins thru the gut. This process helps revive the standard health and also assists in building new tissues which provide pain relief.

You must have heard about aromatherapy? Well! It is also part of Ayurveda. Aromatherapy, a natural treatment of sciatic agony uses different essentials to excite both- mind and the body. For much effective results and pain relief, aromatherapy is done with cinnamon, frangipani, henna and basil. This care has healing effect and can surely treat your back pain.

Yoga is one powerful treatment for your back pain problem. It is focused on your back and makes it stronger. Many yoga poses are of real help in treating back ache. Nonetheless you can kick-start with normal back bends like Catstretch, Locust, and Sunbird. Where at one hand yoga has benefits for treating your pain, alternatively it can offer you flexibility and a strengthened back.

Therefore after reading this write-up, you have to have understood that ayurveda is perhaps the best back stiffness treatment option. Besides, this natural therapy does not possess any side-effects, however it does take a tiny amount of additional time to fix the issue utterly.

lower abdominal pain and lower back pain medication

Ovarian Cyst Removal Castor Oil And Pregnancy Induction

A Furnace is a device used for heating. The term furnace is used exclusively to mean industrial furnaces which are used for many things, such as the extraction of metal from ore (smelting) or in oil refineries and other chemical plants, for example as the heat source for fractional distillation columns.

An Induction Furnace is an electrical furnace in which the heat is applied by induction heating of a conductive medium (usually a metal) in a crucible placed in a water-cooled alternating current solenoid coil. The advantage of the induction furnace is a clean, energy-efficient and well-controllable melting process compared to most other means of metal melting. Most modern foundries use this type of furnace and now also more iron foundries are replacing cupolas with induction furnaces to melt cast iron, as the former emit lots of dust and other pollutants. Induction Furnace capacities range from less than one kilogram to one hundred tonnes capacity, and are used to melt iron and steel, copper, aluminium, and precious metals.

Operating frequencies range from utility frequency (50 or 60 Hz) to 400 kHz or higher, usually depending on the material being melted, the capacity (volume) of the furnace and the melting speed required. Generally the smaller the volume of the melts the higher the frequency of the furnace used; this is due to the skin depth which is a measure of the distance an alternating current can penetrate beneath the surface of a conductor. For the same conductivity the higher frequencies have a shallow skin depth - that is less penetration into the melt. Lower frequencies can generate stirring or turbulence in the metal.

There are two types of induction furnaces. The first is coreless and the second is called channel. The coreless induction furnace has copper coils that are protected by a steel and magnetic shield and kept cool by water circulating from a special cooling tower. A layer of refractory, or difficult to melt material, is placed above the coils and heated to the desired temperature. A crucible, which is a melting pot made of heat resistant material, is above the refractory. The metal to be melted is placed inside the crucible and the heat produced by the electromagnetic charge melts the scrap. The channel induction furnace can also be called a core induction furnace. It functions very similarly to the coreless furnace, except for the addition of a heated core. Channel furnaces were originally used as molten metal holders, but have been found useful in the melting of lower melt temperature metals.

ovarian cyst removal castor oil and pregnancy induction

Symptoms Of Cancer Liver

Although liver cancer is not common in the United States, it is the 6th deadliest cancer in the US with an estimated 19,000 deaths occuring in 2010. Liver cancer patients have a five year survival rate of 13.8 percent from the time they are diagnosed and the long-term trend of liver cancer incidence in the United States is increasing. Awareness of the symptoms can lead to earlier treatment and improved survival rates.

In 2010, an estimated 17,430 men and 6,690 women (24,120) will be diagnosed with liver cancer. Primary liver cancer is cancer that originates in the liver, as opposed to secondary liver cancer in which the tumor develops in an adjacent organ (pancreas, colon, stomach, lungs, breasts), and metastasize (spreads) to the liver. Liver cancer (or any cancer) is always named for the organ in which it originates. In United States, secondary liver cancer is more common than primary liver cancer.

There are two types of liver cancer with hepatocellular carcinoma or hepatoma, the most common type and mostly occurs in men and patients with cirrhosis of the liver. It usually confines itself to the liver and rarely spreads to other organs. The other type develops in the small bile ducts within the liver and is called bile duct cancer or intrahepatic bile duct cancer, and is more common among women.

The symptoms of liver cancer are often asymptomatic in the early stages, meaning they are not noticable. When they do become noticable, the cancer is already in the later stages, unfortunately. In spite of this, more awareness about the symptoms of liver cancer can lead to an early diagnosis and prognosis. The most common liver cancer symptoms include:

. Abdominal pain (most common sign of liver cancer)

. Unexplained weight loss

. Loss of appetite

. Unexplained fever

. Jaundice

. Nausea

. Dark urine

. Excessive skin itching

. Confusion and increased sleepiness

. Weakness and feeling tired

. Unexplained muscle wasting

Treatment methods for liver cancer vary by patient and depend on: tumor size and location, cancer stage, patient's health, and age. The main treatment methods for liver cancer are described below.

Surgery: A partial hepatectomy involves removing a portion of the liver where the tumor is located. A total hepatectomy the complete removal of liver followed by a liver transplant. Two other types of surgery involve killing the tumor without a hepatectomy. Cryosurgery kills the cancerous cells with liquid nitrogen by "freezing" them to death. RadioFrequencyAblation (RFA) does the opposite by "cooking" the cancer cells to death using a radiofrequency current.

Chemotherapy and Radiation: Chemotherapy uses a single drug, or a combination of drugs, is a systemic treatment (delivered throughout the body) that aims to kill cancer cells or stop abnormal growth by halting the cancer cell division process. Radiation Therapy uses high-energy rays or particles to destroy cancerous cells. Both chemotherapy and radiation can be administered and delivered in a variety of ways, best suited to the patient. Both treatments also have notorious side effects including: hair loss (chemo), weight loss, nausea and vomiting, vulnerability to infections, weakness and severe fatigue.

Percutaneous Ethanol Injection uses ethanol to destroy the tumor through dehydration and altering the cellular structure. The ethanol is delivered by a needed directed at the tumor.

Biologic Therapy (also called immunotherapy) uses substances produced in a laboratory that copy those naturally produced by the body to boost, direct, or restore the natural defenses and immune system of the body to fight the cancer, or decrease the side-effects caused by other cancer treatments.

symptoms of cancer liver

Symptoms Of Uterine Fibroids Yahoo Groups

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Seo traffic
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Seo tips
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Seo advertise
Before plunging into a new campaign, whether it is producing a commercializing plan, making a website, or just redoing your store sign, ask yourself "Who do I know that has done this before. To exemplify the point, one famous marketer claims to have done a direct mail campaign that got a 100% response. Cyberspace vendors on the other hand see search engine traffic as just one component of their entire marketing campaign.
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Seo factors
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Just to have things even more complicated the factors vary from search engine to search engine.

symptoms of uterine fibroids yahoo groups

Ovary Cyst Rupture How Long Do Flu Symptoms Last

The number of flu cases are rising rapidly and has already crossed the figure of 7000, four times the previous year.

The areas most affected NSW, Queensland and South Australia with swine flu (H1N1) and influenza experts B. I suspect that many be linked to the floods earlier this year and heavy rains.


Flu viruses are named according to the types of proteins on the outer surface of the virus.

The two major proteins are hemagglutinin (H) and neuraminidase (N). The swine flu outbreak in 2009 is an H1N1 virus. In fact, despite the swine flu term is often used to describe the outbreak, the official term for the H1N1 influenza virus.

It is important to realize that the Australia has been under the spell of the flu epidemic which is said to be four times higher than last year. Each year, influenza kills nearly 2500 people in Australia alone.

flu virus changes (mutates) constantly so that there are many H1N1 strains that differ subtly from each other. Swine influenza is caused by a strain of H1N1, but there are many other varieties. Some strains of H1N1 only infect pigs.

Other infect humans, pigs and poultry. These subtle differences matter, because the human body produces antibodies that are tailored to a single strain of influenza.

If a person recovers from the new H1N1 (swine flu), which should be protected against infection with the strain of swine flu itself, but are not protected against infection by the variations in strain or other strains of influenza .


The first swine flu symptoms are fever (above 100 F or 37.8 C), sore throat, body aches and fatigue. Some patients have also complained about running nose, diarrhea and vomiting.

People who have recently traveled abroad should be careful and seek medical help immediately if you have these symptoms.

However, these symptoms alone do not indicate that a person is infected with swine flu, and that can only be confirmed after testing a sample of breath, is taken from the suspected case within the first four to five days . So it is important to seek medical help if you feel he / she has the flu.

1. Fever, usually high, but unlike seasonal flu, sometimes not
runny or stuffy nose
Sore throat
body aches

fatigue or tiredness, which can be extreme
Diarrhea and vomiting, at times, but most often seen with seasonal flu

Home Remedies

They are the increasing casualties of swine flu that gives the nervousness? Not sure how you can avoid falling prey to the growing epidemic? First, there is absolutely no need to panic.

Watching television to monitor the progress of H1N1, particularly in the areas affected and Pune is good. But do not be anchors hysterical get under the skin and begin to wear a mask every time you step out of the house, unless you are visiting a crowded area. Then too, the mask protects you only for a certain period.

Without falling into the swine flu panic and the creation of a reserve of Tamiflu and N-95 masks in the country and enrich the pharmaceutical companies, a number of other steps you can take to ensure that the virus is unable to obtain regardless of where in the world which in

ovary cyst rupture how long do flu symptoms last

Are Cyst Cancerous Hpv

Whether you are young or old, male or female, the HPV virus can affect your life in many ways. Having a handle on the basic facts will help you stay healthy and protect yourself. HPV has many strains, each behaving differently, some more serious than others to your health.

Most commonly, HPV - the human papillomavirus - causes common warts. Many people, at some time in their lifetime, will suffer from this usually harmless, but sometimes embarrassing skin condition. These warts appear on the hands and feet, generally. The strain of HPV that causes common warts can be spread fairly easily, from shared surfaces in public showers and restrooms. It is wise to take precautions such as wearing sandals in a public shower to avoid contact with the shared floor surfaces. Should you contract a case of common warts, however, your doctor can help you get rid of the infection.
More serious are the strains of HPV that cause genital warts or other conditions. These are referred to collectively as 'Genital HPV' infections. It is believed that currently, about 20 million people in the United States alone carries at least one strain of genital HPV, most without knowing that they are a carrier. These strains, while being silent for years in the human body, can affect you in these ways:

You may develop genital warts from the HPV virus. Although many people do not develop surface warts on the genital area, or never notice it, other people do have embarrassing and uncomfortable lesions. Although there are treatments for these, there is not a cure - this means that these lesions can be very persistent, seeming to go away with medication only to come back again and again.
Because many people are carriers of HPV without knowing it, they can unknowingly pass the HPV infection on to others. In women, contracting HPV can eventually lead to cervical cancer. About 70% of cervical cancers are believed to begin with HPV infection - usually many years earlier! It is important for women to be screened regularly for cervical cancer, during the annual exam with a PAP test. The earlier cervical cancers are caught, the better chance of successful treatment and cure. Two vaccines currently exist on the market for women, which have been shown to prevent several strains of HPV infection that lead to cervical cancer. If you are sexually active, or if you are a parent or guardian of a teen who is sexually active, you may wish to ask your doctor about these vaccines.
If you are a male, you are not immune to the affects of HPV infection! First, you can be a carrier and infect any partner with whom you come into sexual contact. Secondly, it is thought that some forms of penile cancer are related to HPV infection. If you are a gay male, you may also be susceptible to anal cancers related to HPV.
Anyone who engages in oral sexual contact can also acquire HPV. This can in rare instances lead to cancers of the throat, neck, and head. It can also lead to a respiratory infection that can become a very serious condition.
Again, there is no cure for HPV. But you can keep yourself safe by practicing safe sex, being educated with current information on the disease, and having regularly health checkups

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