What Is Laparoscopic Surgery Equipment

Laparoscopic Bipolar Surgical Equipment Manufacturers :

This device is an electrosurgical instrument used in laparoscopic surgery. More particularly, it is used in grasping vessels and vascular tissues with sufficient force between two bipolar jaws to seal the vessel or vascular tissues.

The device consists of a handle having an elongated tube. The tube consists of first and second jaw members having electrically conductive sealing surfaces attached to the distal end which are movable from a first position for approximating tissue to a second position for grasping tissue there between. The handle may include a fixed handle and a movable handle in some types of bipolar devices.

The laparoscopic instruments are inserted into the patient through cannula, or a port, that has been made with a trocar. The sizes of the cannulas range from 3mm to 12mm. Since smaller slits are preferred, the manufactures are confronted with a difficult challenge in designing instruments. Certain surgical procedures require cutting blood vessels or vascular tissues. This is a problem faced by the surgeons because it is difficult to seal blood vessels.

It is possible to seal blood vessels using appropriate electrosurgical power curve, coupled with an instrument capable of applying a large closure force to the vessel walls. Vessel sealing is defined as the process of liquefying the collagen in the tissue so that it cross-links and reforms into a fused mass.

It would be desirable to have a surgical tool capable of applying electrosurgical energy, capable of applying a large closure force to the walls and also capable of fitting through the cannula. A large closure force between the jaws typically requires a large moment about the pivot of each jaw. This is a problem as the first and second pins have a small moment arm with respect to the pivot of each jaw.

Different types of laparoscopic bipolar devices are available in the market. Among which are tong type, rippled bar, X-handle, U-handle, modular handle, ruby forceps etc. Bipolar- rippled bar consists of electrode bars attached to the forceps. In modular handle, electrodes are easily fixed and can be rotated 360 degrees for accurate jaw orientation. The bipolar- X handle is used in pinhole surgery, band aid surgery, invasive surgery etc. These devices are designed by making use of superior quality raw materials, obtained from the well-known retailers of the industry. Along with latest technology, these products enable accurate grasping of the tissue.

Features of the bipolar devices are:

  • Tough construction
  • Ergonomic designs
  • Sterilized
  • Resistance against oxidization
  • Easy maintenance
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