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Rampant telemarketing scams are on the loose. Senior citizens are being targeted every single day. Call center agents are posing as friends and relatives to ask for financial details. Some BPO agents are also trying to pass themselves off a tech support people. They want you to share the access to your computer so that it can be fixed remotely. On granting them the access, the call center services technicians infiltrate your internet files and steal data that you may have stored during your sessions in internet banking. When you divulge details like your credit card numbers, you are done for! I have come up with this list of items that should warn you about a scam masquerading as telemarketing services. If you come across any, be warned!

First, trust your gut sense. If the call center agent on the other end of the phone comes across as up to some mischief, then it might actually be so. Sometimes the conscious mind cannot register the threat that the unconscious mind can. So if you find something wrong with the telemarketing call, better disconnect immediately. Also, inform the authorities about the BPO call you received. You may have averted the threat but some other person may fall for it!

Second, do not part with your financial details unless you are more than sure that it is not a telemarketing scam. The outbound call center agent who calls you during the process of a scam will try to coax the details out of you. You will find this growing anxiety in the BPO service agent to bag the details. The person may also show signs of anger if you keep holding back the details or refuse the call center services. That's when you become sure it's a scam! Don't try calling the number back: you may find that the number on your caller id shows a digit short.

Third, if the call center agent tells you that a friend is in an accident or something, ask for details that an impersonator would not be able to answer. If you ask the BPO agent when you met the person he/she claims to be, the person on the other end would be stumped, if it's a conman. If the person says it's a friend of someone you know, check up with another relative if the incident actually happened. Whatever you do, don't send across money to the caller without verifying facts. That may well go to the BPO service scam fund.

Fourth, be aware of things around you. Often you will find the conning BPO using the name of a mayor or a sheriff's office. On introspection, you may find that these offices never use inbound call center agents to call people! There are other times when you may be approached for money to aid relief work for earthquakes that didn't happen and hailstorms that never came. Being aware of things around you can help you steer clear of BPO service that cheats. A little awareness will be good for you and your money.

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